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paris1 paris2

The PARIS tee with design by Benoît Prévot is a lovely lavendar! Titans demolish Paris! Oh mon dieu!

Remember, SIU is your source for the BLACK PARTY!


Woo hoo!

And now, more views of the Kitty [read: pussy!] swim suit, designed by ArnO:

pussy pussy2 pussyback

Too die for hot, non?

As always, hot guys wear Slick It Up!

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Models: Dave Mason, JP Richards, Pavel Petel, Morgan Black and more!!!!

Photographers: Marco Ovando and Aaron Cobbett

Designers: Benoît Prévot and Arn0

Rogan Richards in TOUCH ME

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SIRCUIT was the first venue, in Australia, that allowed me to get up on their bar and flop it out while wearing a wig and baby oil. During one of my first performances I went a little over board with the oil, face planting on the bar but I picked myself up and kept going and continued to splash what ever the barman was spraying me with, Coyote Ugly style, all over the place and flung my sunglasses off my head into a patrons face! Since, SIRCUIT has allowed me to do the craziest shows I could think off and make a bigger FKIN Mess with each and every one.

They asked me to perform for their Birthday last year. This is what I did for them…


SIRCUIT – For allowing me to continue entering your venue when you know what happens when I do!

SKIPPY BAXTER – my partner in crime, thanks for blowing wind up my ass!

DAMIEN HINDS – for letting me drag you to these train wrecks and make you film them!

POLLY FILLA – for making this beast look like a beauty with your wig and dress!

ALSO THANK YOU – to the two guys who helped me light those FKIN stubborn sparklers on the cake. I didn’t get a chance to see you afterwards and thank you myself!

There is nothing that I do not love about this!!!! Enjoy!

THE SWIMSUIT OF 2015 only at SIU!!!!

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I’m pretty sure this is the swimsuit of 2015. Painted by Arn0 of Paris for Slick It Up. Available exclusively at Made in NYC, shipped globally. ‪#‎slickitup‬ ‪#‎swimsuits‬ ‪#‎mensbathingsuits‬ ‪#‎kitty‬ ‪#‎kitten‬ Photo by @marco_ovando

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Quentin Elias: Always the Last to Say Goodbye

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Source: Francesco D’Macho

YOU WANT IT? [Rogan’s stinky cap]

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