About Me

I am a 58 year old happily married straight woman who paints, writes, travels, walks, bicycles, swims, and tries to live life to the fullest even though I am disabled. In 1999 I had a brain aneurysm hemorrhage and had some brain surgery that I don’t remember too well, about 6 months off from work, and then returned to work for 4 years. But, I just didn’t have the stamina and collapsed with physical exhaustion. I claimed full-time disability and after paying doctors and lawyers large amounts of funds, I got it and my salary was cut by 40%. Hooray! Several years later I was granted Social Security.

I used to work for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company as a protocol manager in oncology and AIDS. I had dedicated my life to finding the cure to these deadly diseases. I saw my job as saving lives, as each drug that I worked to get approved actually did save lives. So, it was very difficult to set the job aside. Also, I missed my gay male and female friends.

While I was working, actually in 1989, I visited my first AIDS clinic which was in the Castro district of San Francisco. There was a bulletin board with beefcake photos on it and I paused to peruse the content. Then it hit me; I was the only female in the office. It turned my world upside down and was a revelation. I had something in common with gay men: COCK. We all adored cock.

Will be continued when I have the energy.