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The stunning and photogenic Logan McCree:

10815691_10204839194957090_851660150_n 10805038_10204839194597081_795936938_n 10801979_759922854061476_6829183011695426659_n 10799852_10204839194717084_1460683087_n 10665196_10204840600952239_3830428564519174881_n 10647102_759920584061703_9129578069415140532_n 10625108_788087691249403_2479590740237087699_n 10471089_761728567214238_7610220892534147627_n 10171127_735397926515271_3656687395877331022_n 10156101_10152041050208443_652571969_n 10150794_10154644683830431_2798398525711102597_n 1610104_582593101824609_666425928_n 1459891_472683619515345_498753444_n 1390474_10201280077976286_1180693196_n 1013882_473580702731001_678620315_n 974436_10204839195157095_1518547990_n 581961_559838574069053_1476258961_n 376179_464992166887881_1771647750_n 169076_173177419391280_5940687_n 168983_173190592723296_6076641_n 168869_173177429391279_4235619_n 167353_173176829391339_3510593_n 166620_173177242724631_1882171_n 166187_173172276058461_7448185_n 165596_173176812724674_5173351_n 165392_173177026057986_5673964_n 165326_173176869391335_4073412_n 165102_173177462724609_8313476_n 164819_173177286057960_4987346_n 164354_173176972724658_1439583_n 163748_173190736056615_5575483_n 163721_173188972723458_4673380_n 163429_173177329391289_7577339_n 163206_173177116057977_427872_n

Notes: first 6 photos are of Logan – one is with his dog; Logan performs at Mucassassina in Rome; under toile; with Rich Bear; as Mr. Leather Germany; in a pub in Scotland with Rich Bear; 4 photos of Logan; Logan cleans up nicely; my favorite photo of Logan; remaining photos are of Logan’s fire act.

Check out Logan McCree TV and the fan page!


Rogan Richards UPDATE!!!!

December 8, 2014 Posted by suefairview

ALL NEW PHOTOS  of Rogan Richards:

1798517_661087027343928_4579002206493756519_n 1975138_789423727791647_8659417374163170811_n 10342417_637527223033242_2748753460420747196_n 10404453_659132927539338_5345318413321480986_n 10422393_667200636732567_3355387781674611617_n 10532384_10152550101190586_3787096588087802619_n 10609534_666669873452310_5460485866486345020_n 10690156_660156907436940_6144876510836245712_n 10710877_639413409511290_8071157019794248142_n 10730957_669666059819358_2830229852496238881_n 10805776_667584663360831_6128606232483097717_n 10850107_668820463237251_421513125347781654_n

Notes: close-up of a damn sexy pit; Rogan hangs with Dirk Caber; Rogan licks DJ Lucas Flamefly; Rogan with a reptile friend; making house calls; the sexy bf; Rogan goes red; licking Mousey Lo Ham; looking cool in a selfie; blasé in the washroom; post workout – I think I can smell him from here; with Jon Cena.

For those of you with questions about what supplements Rogan uses:

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Genevieve RIP

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IMG_0990 IMG_0993

Our beautiful German Shepherd/Belgian Mallinois mix, Genevieve, has passed on this last Friday at 13 years and 5 months old. We will miss you, “love junkie”.

Jon Stewart’s ROSEWATER

November 30, 2014 Posted by suefairview

I hope this movie comes here soon, so that I can see it. I adore Gael Garcia Bernal and Jon Stewart!