Hot guys wear Slick It Up

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David Mason Chlopecki: Get all these looks at SLICK IT UP

Slick It Up Baby Unicorn tee design by Gus Brocanello


Viking Rhine Cruise: Black Forest Tour

April 19, 2015 Posted by suefairview

April 4 – Black Forest Tour

Notes: Okay the weather sucked. The first photo is of an old style farmhouse with thatched roofing. The animals lived on the ground floor, the people on the second floor and storage was on the third floor; another typical little town with a church steeple; the black forest; more black forest; another thatched roofed farm house; a little town with snow; another little town with half-timbered houses; a snowy hill in the black forest; Black forest cuckoo clocks [2 photos]; me in the arms of a bear; the cuckoo clock place was very touristy as you can tell; the edge of the black forest; black forest cake demonstration [it had a crust! the cherry kirsch was only put on the first layer! The rest was made with whipped cream. But the guy was an artist. It was very impressive how easily he cut the sponge into 3 pieces. We were never offered a free taste – 2 photos]; 2 photos of the restaurant there; an aqueduct-type bridge; a stream through the black forest; a cute wooden door; a last shot going back to the Mani through a cute town.

Subscribe to Rogan Richard’s YouTube Channel!

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Rogan Richards is a very talented entertainer and this fact is most evident in his numerous videos. All you need to do is subscribe to his YouTube Channel and you can see for yourself! Here is a quick sample of his stunning videos:

Here is my all-time fav video:


He also has bodybuilding training videos:

Besides, he’s hot as fuck! And here are more PHOTOS!!!!



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Stag Homme presents Pedro Andreas and Mark Sanz.

DSC_0009 DSC_0035 DSC_0051 DSC_0068 DSC_0084 DSC_0108

A very hot pairing! See the XXX free preview here.

Viking Rhine Cruise: Basel, Switzerland

April 15, 2015 Posted by suefairview

We met our ship, the Viking Mani in Basel, Switzerland on April 3rd for our Rhine Getaway Cruise. Here are the photos from our walking tour:

Notes: A map of Basel; Novartis was everywhere [3 images]; the view from the Mani shows an industrialized town with a mix of old and new buildings [2 images]; picturesque buildings [2 images]; a church that was not explained but might be the Basel Cathedral at Münster-platz; musical notes on a building; the Tingeuly fountain [3 images]; the Elisabethen Church; a typical square; the Church St. Martin was built of red sandstone [5 images]; Markt Platz; overlooking the Mittlere Brüch; quaint building on the opposite side of the Rhine; two very old buildings [2 images]; McDonalds seems quite out of place here; the Rathaus Basel [3 images]; inside the Rathaus there is a statue of statue of Lucius Munatius Plancus, the founder of Basel; the bust of the so-called Lällekönig (“tongue king“), at the Grossbasel end of one of the Rhine bridges, who sticks his tongue out at the right bank [which is not nice]; an interesting building; a detail of a metal shutter; interesting flowers; a “fully loaded” emergency response ship on the Rhine; a well-trained Jack Russell Terrier; the Viking Mani.