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Just some guys 49…

September 24, 2014 Posted by suefairview

aaron aaron2 adamchamp alexmarte alexmarte2 bdsm bdsm2 boomer brock brunosteve bulrogludovic colby damany damien diego diesel3 diesel4 dieseljarecwentworth dieselPhouse2 dieselPhouse5 dieselPhouse6 dieselryan dirk1 dirkfolsomberlin dirktiedup dylan1 fabio fran gogo hans harry1 harry2 harry3 harry4 harryspartacus ian jesse jessieleoforte jonnyhazzard laurentteddybeard lee martinvenice pedro sagat sergei sethf stalin steve steve2 steve3 steve4 steve5 tony1 tony2 topher

Notes: Two amazing photos shot and styled by Aaron Cobbett; Adam Champ jerks off for a crowd in Monteray; Alex Marte boobies and feels like he is OLD!!!!!; two shots of BDSM from Arnaud Leather Amsterdam; Boomer Banks poses provocatively; model Brock is too hot for words; Bruno Bond and Steve Cruz in one of their first films; Model Bulrog Ludovic; Colby Keller rimmed by an aligator; damn, Damany is tops!; Damien Crosse poses in front of a cathedral; Diego Lauzen and Wagner Victoria fuck; five shots from Parliment House in Florida feature Diesel Washington, Colby Keller, Jarec Wentworth, Ryan Rose and bf; two photos of Dirk Caber at Folsom Berlin, the last one with Ben Brown; Dirk is tied up at the moment…; a hottie in Ibiza photographed by Dylan Rosser; FABIO in the shower; Francesco D’Macho with a friend; three go-go boys at Revolver; Hans Berlin; five photos of Harry Louis, the last with Spartacus; Ian; Jessie Jackson in hot pink, Jessie with Dirk and Leo Forte; Johnny Hazzard in a selfie; hot bear Laurent Teddybeard; Lee; Martin Mazza in Venice, Italy; Pedro Andreas is getting intense; an extreme close-up of François Sagat; Sergei by Michael Stokes; patriotic Seth Fornea; Pavel Petel with Stalin make-up by Sergey Ostrikov; five photos of hottie Steve Raider; Tony Orion can’t sleep and tries to look cute; Topher Dimaggio chills on the beach.

Hot guys wear Slick It up @PRIDE!!!!

June 14, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Show your PRIDE by getting something from Slick It Up!

Notes: Open House at SIU next weekend, contact to schedule a visit!; jump into the snake shorts!; David Mason Chlopecki models the psychic giraffe swim suit; modeling the psychic giraffe shorts; in some SIU pants; the Titan suit; another happy customer in a body harness; Dirk Caber models the reflective Neptune suit with husband Jessie Jackman; Kenneth D. Hoover has taken 3 photos featuring models with SIU wear with street wear; Pavel Petel wearing hood, guantlets, arm band and the Slick Sling; the Butch Queen t-shirt on a happy customer; the Black and Gold hat; psychic giraffe ass shot; the sport suit mercury; the tailored harness; a closeup of the psychic giraffe ass shot; Cher with her Black & Gold Jumpsuit; François Sagat in the Hunk T, designed by Benoît Prevot; the Marco Ovando suit at the gym; rear view of the snake suit; the psychic giraffe hits the beach; the gold SIU hand-cut sleeveless t; David poses with roses in the classic suit – latex look; another Kevin Hoover photograph; David in the psychic giraffe suit; a model in the psychic giraffe suit; the psychic giraffe shorts on a trip; the net suit is very flattering on this gentleman; Chase Hostler in the candy sling, photo by Aaron Cobbett; the pattern of the snake suit; David poses for Loverboy Magazine in his SIU headquarters; the Maximus Singlet; the SIU muscle t après gym; psychic giraffe shorts are very cute; the Titan Suit; daring Bryan sports a red hood; Pavel in the candy cobra; David in the graphic crocodile suim suit; the Titan Harness looks terrific underneath a muscle shirt!; Diesel Washington wears the SIU Baby Unicorn t with Boomer Banks; and is still wearing it when he runs into Tommy Defendi at the airport; Dominic models the Titan Harness for Kevin Hoover; the Marco Ovando suit in Dubai; two shots of David with Tai Chi Alfonso and Georgi Ballinov playing mermen to Neptune in their SIU shorts in Rome!; David [wearing the psychic giraffe shorts and jacket] and BF [in a Platinum Star Hoodie] attend Ru Paul’s Drag Race; a close up of the couple was featured during the show; the famous swim suit shot by Marco Ovando featuring the psychic giraffe, graphic crocodile, snake and mega leopard print suits.

Hot guys wear Slick It Up

May 3, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Models include: Chase Hostler, Dave Mason Chlopecki, Diesel Washington, François Sagat, Helman Matthieu and Pavel Petel.

Photographers include: Exterface, Kevin D Hoover, Larry Geller, Marco Ovando and Philip Riches.

Get all of these looks at Slick It Up.

Stag Homme Studio’s ROMAN RAGAZZI & DAMIEN CROSSE Reviewed

February 7, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Superstars Damien Crosse and Roman Ragazzi, Raging Stallion Man of the Year 2008, then do the impossible: de-flowering Damien for the first time on screen. The dining room table serves as the platform after much mutual oral action, Damien obviously delighting in Roman’s monster cock. Both men are dark and hairy, Roman much larger than neat Damien, and it is Roman that takes control as the action develops, spreading Damien’s ass to reveal his inner pinkness while rimming him and prepping him for the onslaught about to come. Bending Damien over the table he then proceeds to open him up. Roman’s cock is huge and he commands Damien to take it, calling him a good boy. As the onslaught continues in multiple positions, Damien gives up the ultimate, begging his daddy to fuck him over and over between his uncontrollable groans and spreading his legs as far as possible to accommodate the monster cock. After a thorough pounding that stretches Damien’s hole to new dimensions Damien shoots his load, followed by stud-man Roman.


It has been about 2 years since Dror Barak’s tragic suicide apparently stemming from sexual abuse when he was a child. He was nominated and awarded for his achievements in pornography in 2007 – 2009. But he also worked at the Israeli consulate for the United Nations until the New York Post outed him as a porn actor in 2007. In his early adulthood, he was in the Israeli Army. He lived in Chelsea with his boyfriend Sam and was devoted to his career as a trainer. Reportedly he was a sweet, intelligent and honorable man.

In 2009, he did this photo shoot for Slick It Up [the photographer was Aaron Cobbett]:

ragazzi9185 SIU ragazzi9194 SIU ragazzi9214 SIU ragazzi9375SIU

Now that is a gorgeous hunk of man! What a shame he is gone! RIP Dror.

What I liked best about the clip was that even in 2008, Damien’s blow job was already terrific. Yeah, I don’t think he had much to learn from the 30 Loads of Facials series that was yet in to come in his future. LOL! Roman really opened Damien’s ass up wide for the world to see, and there is even a photo that shows that! Yikes! Then we get to see Damien lose his ‘virginity’ onscreen. I adored the dirty talk! Damien says “Yeah! Fuck me daddy!” To which Roman says “Good boy!” and slaps Damien’s ass. Roman fucks the cum right out of Damien before he pulls out and cums himself. This was a hot and sweaty coupling between two hairy, muscley studs. Is it wrong to get turned on when one of the guys is dead???? I hope not! Here are the photos:

RSS043_SE_029PR RSS043_SE_084PR RSS043_SE_111 RSS043_SE_130PR RSS043_SE_194PR RSS043_SE_213PR

See the free XXX preview here.


Hot guys wear Slick It Up…

September 11, 2013 Posted by suefairview


“Give yourself permission to be fabulous!”

Notes: Its SHOWTIME! in the new Slick Tuxedo; on the street in the new limited edition “Marco Ovando” suit; someone tell Kelly that the suit is not to be worn around his neck; the Platinum Star Hoodie makes any occasion special; even the country fair!; out walking the dog in your SIU; Slick It Up Instanbul!; Dave modeling the Executive Realness tank; the “Cakes” tee shirt; Dave out getting sun in Mykonos in the Python shorts; François Sagat doing a promo for the movie “You’re Next” in the Slick Tuxedo; more Platinum Star Hoodie!; a dash of SIU makes you date ready in an instant!; Platinum Star Hoodie makes this pool party!; Sagat models the Vented Leatherette Shorts; Dave models the Yellow Neon Meat Hat; the Gold King Hoodie making a special evening; the all new Macho Hoodie is modeled by Sagat; the Neon Blue Meat Hat is modeled by Dave; Chase wears an Athletic Mesh Hood; these old SIU ads were shot by Aaron Cobbet with a willing and photogenic snake; Dave in the Yellow Neon Meat Hat, b/w photo; a guy in an SIU harness; Dave modeling the Vented Leatherette Jacket; another Aaron Cobbett shot of the friendly snake on Dave’s Leather-Look Spandex hooded head; two shots of Bulrog, who wears his SIU and Trophy Pony proudly and well; two shots of a drag show that uses SIU for costumes; a hottie from Fire Island who pairs SIU Gladiator Pants and Guantlets with his own lace top for a very sexy combo; same hottie in the Viper Suit [get a load of that bubble butt!]; in the next three photos, Dave poses in a costume of his own design for The Hunger Games, Catching Fire promos, photographed by Tim Palen [these ads were run nationwide on billboards to promote the movies]; the rear view of the Macho Hoodie; a SIU enthusiast in the Meat Shirt, back and; front; a closer shot of Sagat modeling the Vented Leatherette Shorts; SIU made the villian in this skit and the next two shots; yes, that is Tate Ryder being naughty at an Airport by unzipping his SIU pants; the Hardbody tee looks sweet on this guy; the Scorpio Suit [YIKES!]; the Gel Jacket in blue with the Mirror Swim Suit; Dave at a party stuns in a custom designed outfit; the Electric Leopard Shorts; two shots of the limited edition “Marco Ovando” swimsuit; two shots of Dave wearing a Neon Blue tank; the “Butch Queen” tee; and the “This is what I look like…” tee; SIU Neon Hats ad.

Get all of these looks at Slick It Up or Trophy Pony.