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Just some guys 45…

July 29, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Mr. LA Leather 2014, Eric Paul Leue.


Alexsander Freitas


Harry Louis

Black is beautiful!

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Harry Louis and BF.


Colby Keller pre-shave.


A bar stool for kilts.


Just hangin’ with Dato Foland [website will open in 2days!]


Alex Marte


Colby Keller concentrates on spanking.


A yummy Francisco


UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury shows his support for gays. Source: Aussielicious


Christopher Meloni’s dog is where we would like to be.


Topher Dimaggio hangs out. Source: OOZE


Dato Foland and Paul Walker in Gay of Thrones part 2.


Russo Madrid.


Samuel Colt


Spencer Reed lets it all hang out at the pool.


Tommy Defendi’s tool.

unk unki

Two more unknown but hot guys!


Vitaly SMK


Will Helm


Damien Crosse photographed by Tarik

Just some guys 39…

August 20, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: [links are in the sidebar] [Click on photos twice to see original size] ORIGINAL SINNERS starring Adam Killian, Diego Lauzen & Wganer Vittoria; a buff looking Alex Marte; Angel Rock for Bound Jocks; next 2 photos are Mr. Samuel Colt having live sex on Cam4 evey Monday night at 11 PM EDT, just check his blog; Adam Champ and Carlo Masi steal a kiss; next 3 photos we can see that Colby Keller has been working on his body, catch up with him on Big Shoe Diaries; Damien Crosse & Francesco D’Macho catch up with each other on the beach; wasn’t Damien the most adorable child; the next 3 photos are from the Barcelona WE Circuit party and include Dato Foland; Dave Mason went blond again this summer and is vacationing in Istanbul; Diesel Washington loves to cook; Dylan Roberts has been working out and it is looking good; Hans Berlin in his typical go-go boy look; Hans with Johnny Hazzard; Jessy Ares invokes Michael Jackson; Jimmy Durano shows his famous ass and holds his breath; JR Bronson strikes a pose for Mark Henderson; wish I knew where Kurt Rogers is and what he is doing; Lucio Saints posing for Gigilo with and without Jean Franko; Marcus Ruhl watches Angel Rock shower; MLH13 is adorned with shed snake skin, while the snake “Rogan” watches intently; Ollie enjoys Gay & Bisexual WaterGardens; hubba, hubba Topher Dimaggio; Paddy O’Brian in 2 photos; Pavel Pétel in side-by-side photos, makeup by Sergei Ostrikov in the one on the right; Pedro Andreas’ chest, legs and shaving; Logan McCree’s morning wood; Ray Han rides Tom Wolfe while kissing him; Ray Han coming out of the water; Tom Wolfe, Ray Han & Hunter Marx; Rogan Richards with his bits showing; Ex-Marine Ryan Rose showing his assetts and what he most likes to do after working out; François Sagat poses in César Vàzquez Pantalon; Sagat wearing a goat’s head; Steve Cruz’s profile superimposed on the image of Ganesh; Tate Ryder in the gym and open for business; a Tom Wolfe selfie; Trenton Ducati crowned at last; Trenton is getting huge; Trenton performed with his ex, Tate on August 17th; Trenton poses with Paddy O’Brian, Landon Conrad and another guy; Alexander Skarsgård’s character on True Blood, Eric, goes up in flames on the final show of the season and goes full frontal [click on photo twice to get it to work]; an unknown hottie hangs by his wrists, waiting to be debauched.

Raging Stallion Studio’s HERETIC Reviewed

July 17, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Directed by Bruno Bond

He is a Heretic. He takes what he wants. He thumbs his nose at convention. He gives the finger to anyone who would tell him how to act. There are legions who would put their mouths, cocks, holes and bodies at his service in this steamy sex club. Director Bruno Bond has created a brooding, hedonistic, underworld of rampant carnality whose inhabitants need to satisfy their rut lust. Master cocksman Jesse Ares works bodybuilder Alex Marte like sexual putty. Resistance is futile when the domineering gaze of super-endowed Tommy Defendi bends sweet punk James Ryder to his will. Jimmy Fanz’s has a tight and furry frame, a hole that needs to be filled and a hungry mouth. Alexander Garrett feeds him cock at both ends. An aggressive meeting of the lips leads to a meeting of the loins as the awesomely buffed Ty Roderick sets the sexual stage for rocking Tyler Wolf’s sexual world. Heretic means never a weak moment and never a soft cock.


Jessy Ares demonstrates that he is a ballsy top in his scene with Alex Marte. The Italian bodybuilder has no problem with giving a near perfect blow job to Jessy, even allowing Jessy to rub his cock all over Alex’s beard. When it was Jessy’s turn, the oral sex was a mix of cock, ball, taint and/or asshole worship as dictated by Alex’s position; whether the big man had his legs up or not. Sometimes, Jessy would do both, by rimming and jerking off Alex simultaneoulsy. Very hot and impressive! Jessy fucked Alex in two positions, missionary and doggy style. Jessy had terrific motion in both positions. The reason I say he is ballsy though, is because all through it, Alex was repeatedly demanding “Scopami!”. Which means “Fuck me!” in Italian while slamming his fist or head on the boltser of the couch. Fortunatley, Jessy complied and I guess to Alex’s satisfaction, since Alex’s face was bright pink. Jessy even spanked Alex a few times. Jessy maintained his dominance throughout the scene and it was a wonder to see. Great job guys!

RSS110_SA_213 RSS110_SA_305 RSS110_SA_447 RSS110_SA_464

There were several things I liked about the scene with Tommy Defendi and James Ryder. Tommy seemed very fit and I also liked James’ ripped muscle tank’s safety pins; that was a nice touch! Both men seemed instensly into each other, Tommy voraciously so. It seemed to me that they had a touch of eye-shadow on and that added to the animal insensity of the men. James was not intimidated by the size of Tommy’s penis at all in the blow job, he throated it without much effort, illustrating his impressive expertise in this area. James’ seductive eye contact made this hot as well as watchable. During the doggy style fucking, Tommy proved he has the motion. In a nice pattern break, Tommy rims and sucks James including a finger-fucking and jerk-off session. I don’t know how James resisted cumming during that! The missionary position was fairly standard and both men enjoyed nice cum shots. This was a good pairing that seemed to have lots of chemistry. James could improve his performance by trying to move in the doggy style and/or missionary positions or by improvising some memorable move like fingering his own hole while being fucked, or something like that. Being great at a blow job just doesn’t cut it anymore if one wants to win awards. James has to bring his performance up a notch and perhaps include more talking. Tommy did just great! But he could also improve his performance by improvising during sex. He could use his imagination to include signature moves such as restraining one of James’ arms behind his back while fucking him doggy style or offering James a finger to suck on.

RSS110_SC_593 RSS110_SC_601 RSS110_SC_669 RSS110_SC_709

Alexander Garrett’s new hairstyle gives him an entirely new hot look; it is so flattering to his face! His scene with Jimmy Fanz was enjoyable for me since I like the way Alexander hoisted Jimmy up by his ass in the beginning. Jimmy bit his way down to an expert blow job, during which Alexander beat Jimmy with his meat. I loved seeing Jimmy’s hairy hole getting attention from Alexander. It was super nice to see the finger-fucking, blow job by Alexander and jerking-off by Jimmy all simultaneously. The missionary position was pretty standard. However, in the doggy style, Jimmy moved like a pro. Both men had great cum shots. This is quite a turn-around for Alexander; he is much more agressive and vocal. He tried to be more active in the missionary position by picking up Jimmy’s cock, but Jimmy waved him off. Jimmy was weakest in the missionary position, where he seemed to just enjoy the ride. There are plenty of moves one can do in this position, refer to earlier paragraph. Also, one could say “That feels great!” or “Fuck me harder!”. Either of these would have improved this scene for me. As it was, this was a good scene. Great job guys!

RSS110_SB_136 RSS110_SB_198 RSS110_SB_250 RSS110_SB_281

My favorite parts of Ty Roderick and Tyler Wolfe’s scene when Ty was pushed up against the heavy bag by Tyler [I love when the boys play rough], and Ty’s hairy chest! Yum! Ty moved his hips very well during the blow job by Tyler, but unfortunately, Tyler was unable to take all of Ty’s meat into his mouth. The rim job was even more of a disappointment. Please! But then, in the doggy style, Ty seemed to be punishing Tyler for all of his subpar foreplay by pounding him relentlessly. The pièce de résistance was Ty’s oral/facial cum shot that landed on Tyler’s beard! What a beaut! Maybe it will win an award! Great job Ty! This scene would have been hotter with more talking.

RSS110_SD_449 RSS110_SD_467 RSS110_SD_503

Buy HERETIC to see some damn hot fucking by damn hot porn stars! Fuck yeah! Lead off by Alex Marte and Jesse Ares, the cast also includes Ty Roderick, Tommy Defendi, Jimmy Fanz, James Ryder, Alexander Garrett and Tyler Wolfe. The costuming was very sensitively done and I liked the deconstriveness of the outfits and how they included safety pins. The set was also creative and I liked the smoke effects and the use of duct tape on the heavy bags to reflect the deconstructiveness of the costumes. The models looked fresh and some had very nice make-up on. The sexual pattern was fresh, new and unexpected and this was very welcome [Thanks Bruno!]. Camera work and editing was extremely well done. Direction was also very well done. In all though, the models really need to speak up more.

Higly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

The extended Stag Homme Family

June 17, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Sigh. I collect photos and sometimes they get out of control. For this I apologize. By now I have so many photos of Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse that just slipping them into some “Just some guys…” posts isn’t really dealing with them adequately. So, here is the data dump, if you will, of my cache of the broader “Stag Homme Family” of photos:

One person you might not recognize who hangs out with Damien and Goran, is David Baramiya. Of course the cute little dog is Benji!

Raging Stallion Studio’s MILITIA Reviewed

June 6, 2013 Posted by suefairview




Directed by Bruno Bond

In this Militia, the sexual mercenaries will fuck their way through any terrain and every situation. Director Bruno Bond‘s gritty and rugged all-sex feature delivers studs in camouflage and gear who pass the time in their secret camp pleasuring their carnal comrades. Jessy Ares and Angelo Marconi go mano-a-mano in a wild coupling that proves that the men who fight together fuck together. Landon Conrad and Alex Marte intensely tear into each other. Defying their difference in body mass, Landon uses his pumped musculature and his perfect cock to declare anal domination, only to have the tables turned before their seed is spilled in this front-line flip flop. Shawn Wolfe pits his lean and hairy physique against the more massive, furry Heath Jordan. The duties of this Militia have Shawn’s cock focused on the target of Heath’s hot hole. Race Cooper and Marcus Ruhl are fired up and they need to shoot, but it’s not their guns that need unloading. Race takes Marcus’ big shooter down his bottomless throat, until the fever in Marcus’ cock lights a fire in his ass that demands filling. The AK47 in the shadows of this mysterious hideout is a reminder that these soldiers serve a higher power. In this Militia, they honor each other sexually to keep morale high.


Angelo Marconi looked extremely buff in his scene with Jessy Ares. They had at each other fiercely, Angelo delivering an expert blow job to Jessy and Jessy reciprocating with a rim job that included fingering and licking off his fingers as well as Angelo’s so that one would think that Angelo had honey up his ass. Well, it was Angelo’s hole, so it just might be! Jessy rubs his head all over Angelo’s ass. Angelo moans “Feels so good! Fuck that hole! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Jessy pounds Angelo’s ass doggy style while growling and then in the missionary position and slaps Angelo’s ass. Both men shot copious loads. During the scene there was great teamwork, skill, communication, chemistry, hotness and passion. However, the sexual choreography was predictable. Good job guys!

RSS109_SA_639 RSS109_SA_662 RSS109_SA_734 RSS109_SA_756

The next scene was a flip fuck with Landon Conrad and Alex Marte. I really liked the combative feel in the beginning of the scene and the tattered, distressed tanks the men were wearing. This scene was visually hot because of the hairiness of the heavily muscled men and the pube sniffing by Landon was also quite hot. Although Alex is a bigger man and quite handsome, Landon was a standout with his skillful moving during fucking, and moving while bottoming in the missionary position, which is nearly impossible. But, Landon did it as if it were nothing and made it look easy. Both men are at the top of their careers and what a stunning scene they had together! I really enjoyed watching it! Great job guys!

RSS109_SC_650 RSS109_SC_736 RSS109_SC_782 RSS109_SC_812

I had never seen Shawn Wolfe perform before and this buff stud was a pleasant surprise. I loved when he ripped off Heath Jordan’s shirt, punched Heath’s pecs, grabbed Heath’s ass cheek and slapped his ass! So fucking hot! After Heath did a super blow job on Shawn, Shawn reciprocated with a rimming and Shawn showed his undulating moves in the doggy style fucking Heath. In a nice pattern break, Shawn rimmed Heath again. There was a wonderful camera shot of Shawn’s furry ass. Shawn also had some very intense eye contact with Heath that replaced verbal communication throughout the scene until the very end. In the final missionary position, Heath jerked out a copious load while being fucked and that is always welcome. Shawn quickly sprinted to Heath’s head to shoot a facial load and then put his dick into Heath’s mouth. Nice teamwork and great pairing. I hope to see more of Shawn.

RSS109_SB_458 RSS109_SB_536 RSS109_SB_571 RSS109_SB_601

The final scene was spectacular as far as I am concerned. Race Cooper and Marcus Ruhl did a fabulous job of maintaining the combatitive intensity throuhgout the scene right from the begining and through the part where Marcus blows Race and sucks on his dick with eye contact, then “Pow!”, punches Race in the gut. In-fucking-credible! I’ve never seen anything like it! All during the missionary fucking, Marcus was punching Race while Race was saying “Give me that fucking hole!” and the pair continued to trade punches in the doggy style position as well. All I can say is “WOW!” What a great job Marcus and Race have done together! It could only have been better if it was a flip fuck. Hang on, the photos show that it was!!! Now I feel ripped off! Bruno – wtf!

RSS109_SD_839 RSS109_SD_857 RSS109_SD_915 RSS109_SD_949

Bruno Bond prooves that one can take the industry’s top models and squeeze great performances out of them even in a tired theme, such as we have here, and still make a terrific movie. One does not have to bring the models to an exotic local, or write a wonderful story, though it helps. Just some hard work directing, plus motivation, a little artisitic sensibility and great camera work gets the job done. MILITIA is just that – a terrific movie that features great performances from all of its stars. Superb pairing is also evident in this film. Congratualtions Bruno – this one is a hit.

Highly, highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.