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Naked Sword Originals FUCK & CUM

October 18, 2013 Posted by suefairview

51 Guys! 32 Scenes! 65 Cumshots! One hot fucking movie! In this unprecedented three-hour collection, director mr. Pam has cut together the very best sex from the NakedSword Originals productions — and puts you in the center of the action! No stories. No acting. No scenic shots. With Fuck & Cum it’s just wham, bam…thank you, mr. Pam! And with big-name stars like Christian Wilde, Rafael Alencar, Tommy Defendi, Leo Forte and Trenton Ducati, it’s not only enough sex to last you a lifetime, it may be the best sex of your life! “Fuck & Cum” includes scenes from NakedSword Original Productions: Wilde Road, Grindhouse, Hooker Stories, Stalker, Hooker Stories 2, Boyfriends, Private Party, Undiscovered, Into the Wilde, Golden Gate 5: The Cover Up, and Truck.
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Raging Stallion Studio’s MILITIA Reviewed

June 6, 2013 Posted by suefairview




Directed by Bruno Bond

In this Militia, the sexual mercenaries will fuck their way through any terrain and every situation. Director Bruno Bond‘s gritty and rugged all-sex feature delivers studs in camouflage and gear who pass the time in their secret camp pleasuring their carnal comrades. Jessy Ares and Angelo Marconi go mano-a-mano in a wild coupling that proves that the men who fight together fuck together. Landon Conrad and Alex Marte intensely tear into each other. Defying their difference in body mass, Landon uses his pumped musculature and his perfect cock to declare anal domination, only to have the tables turned before their seed is spilled in this front-line flip flop. Shawn Wolfe pits his lean and hairy physique against the more massive, furry Heath Jordan. The duties of this Militia have Shawn’s cock focused on the target of Heath’s hot hole. Race Cooper and Marcus Ruhl are fired up and they need to shoot, but it’s not their guns that need unloading. Race takes Marcus’ big shooter down his bottomless throat, until the fever in Marcus’ cock lights a fire in his ass that demands filling. The AK47 in the shadows of this mysterious hideout is a reminder that these soldiers serve a higher power. In this Militia, they honor each other sexually to keep morale high.


Angelo Marconi looked extremely buff in his scene with Jessy Ares. They had at each other fiercely, Angelo delivering an expert blow job to Jessy and Jessy reciprocating with a rim job that included fingering and licking off his fingers as well as Angelo’s so that one would think that Angelo had honey up his ass. Well, it was Angelo’s hole, so it just might be! Jessy rubs his head all over Angelo’s ass. Angelo moans “Feels so good! Fuck that hole! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Jessy pounds Angelo’s ass doggy style while growling and then in the missionary position and slaps Angelo’s ass. Both men shot copious loads. During the scene there was great teamwork, skill, communication, chemistry, hotness and passion. However, the sexual choreography was predictable. Good job guys!

RSS109_SA_639 RSS109_SA_662 RSS109_SA_734 RSS109_SA_756

The next scene was a flip fuck with Landon Conrad and Alex Marte. I really liked the combative feel in the beginning of the scene and the tattered, distressed tanks the men were wearing. This scene was visually hot because of the hairiness of the heavily muscled men and the pube sniffing by Landon was also quite hot. Although Alex is a bigger man and quite handsome, Landon was a standout with his skillful moving during fucking, and moving while bottoming in the missionary position, which is nearly impossible. But, Landon did it as if it were nothing and made it look easy. Both men are at the top of their careers and what a stunning scene they had together! I really enjoyed watching it! Great job guys!

RSS109_SC_650 RSS109_SC_736 RSS109_SC_782 RSS109_SC_812

I had never seen Shawn Wolfe perform before and this buff stud was a pleasant surprise. I loved when he ripped off Heath Jordan’s shirt, punched Heath’s pecs, grabbed Heath’s ass cheek and slapped his ass! So fucking hot! After Heath did a super blow job on Shawn, Shawn reciprocated with a rimming and Shawn showed his undulating moves in the doggy style fucking Heath. In a nice pattern break, Shawn rimmed Heath again. There was a wonderful camera shot of Shawn’s furry ass. Shawn also had some very intense eye contact with Heath that replaced verbal communication throughout the scene until the very end. In the final missionary position, Heath jerked out a copious load while being fucked and that is always welcome. Shawn quickly sprinted to Heath’s head to shoot a facial load and then put his dick into Heath’s mouth. Nice teamwork and great pairing. I hope to see more of Shawn.

RSS109_SB_458 RSS109_SB_536 RSS109_SB_571 RSS109_SB_601

The final scene was spectacular as far as I am concerned. Race Cooper and Marcus Ruhl did a fabulous job of maintaining the combatitive intensity throuhgout the scene right from the begining and through the part where Marcus blows Race and sucks on his dick with eye contact, then “Pow!”, punches Race in the gut. In-fucking-credible! I’ve never seen anything like it! All during the missionary fucking, Marcus was punching Race while Race was saying “Give me that fucking hole!” and the pair continued to trade punches in the doggy style position as well. All I can say is “WOW!” What a great job Marcus and Race have done together! It could only have been better if it was a flip fuck. Hang on, the photos show that it was!!! Now I feel ripped off! Bruno – wtf!

RSS109_SD_839 RSS109_SD_857 RSS109_SD_915 RSS109_SD_949

Bruno Bond prooves that one can take the industry’s top models and squeeze great performances out of them even in a tired theme, such as we have here, and still make a terrific movie. One does not have to bring the models to an exotic local, or write a wonderful story, though it helps. Just some hard work directing, plus motivation, a little artisitic sensibility and great camera work gets the job done. MILITIA is just that – a terrific movie that features great performances from all of its stars. Superb pairing is also evident in this film. Congratualtions Bruno – this one is a hit.

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Just some guys 36…

April 21, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: François Sagat is posing again; Pedro Andreas’ puppy is growing up; Rogan Richards and his life-mate Tommy did Room Service in London when they were there; Dirk Caber, bf to Jessie Jackman; Nick Moretti and his dog Cynder; Zeb Atlas and his ugly beard [what was he thinking???]; style icon Dave Mason with sweet treats; Pedro Andreas as Tarzan; Benji, Francesco’s puppy; ginger Seth Fornea has a blog; Francesco & Damien; Adam Killian posing for Fahrenheit; Diesel Wasington cookin’ up somethin’; a meal with Damien can turn into this; Angelo Marconi shows his assets; Paddy O’Brian fucks Donato Reyes; Jake Genesis with Brazilian buddies; Marcus Ruhl in front of a mirror; see Tom Wolfe and Draven Torres LIVE next weekend in Cleveland [I guess Tom is retiring?]; Lucio Saints has his cock out in the snow; Jus who is Jake Genesis fucking?; Colton Ford looks pretty damn good for a man in his fifties; Samuel Colt and fiancée Chris Porter were in Germany where they met up with the director Strongboli [Love Addiction] and his husband; Jimmy Durano shows his other assets; Leo Domenico and Tomas Brand go-go dance; Marcus is all tied up; an extremely furry Bruno Bond is all ready for us; a lovely photo of Jay Roberts; Junior Stellano parts his cheeks; Adam Killian rims a costar in “Hole”; Paddy gives us a glimpse of his tool; Alexsander Freitas in his younger days; Jimmy Durano’s puppy Ollie has captured my heart; Trenton Ducati warms up the stripper pole; Race Cooper poses for Kevin Hoover; Spencer Reed finds a chair that suits him on his honeymoon in Dubai; Alexsander is in Brazil with good friend Gazelle Paulo, who is wearing one of Alex’s shirts; Marcus in the Caribbean sun; Vito Gallo looking fine; Ollie begging for ice cream [I would give him some]; Diesel working hard on Hard Wire; Trey Turner naked; Tate Ryder taking a fist for the first time; Angelo Pethyrotis and Colton kissing; Bruno Kinght zipping off to his bf’s house; Bryan Cole reading the emergency instructions at his hotel; Diesel gets into character; Diesel with Leo Forte as they work the scene in Naked Swords’ Hooker Stories film; Dirk recently landed a gig with Mr. S Leather; D.O. modeling; Draven posing in all of his extreme cuteness and hotness; Samuel’s puppies Bacon & Eggs; Goran treats with a coati mundi in Iguacu; Colby Keller is all restrained and ready for you to do with whatever you want; this is exactly what I want Trenton to do to me!; Diego Vena and D.O. at Cocktails with the Stars [photo by Tball]; Diego [photo by Tball]; Jessy Ares poses for Sold Out Clothing; Junior Stellano’s new puppy; Ollie using Landon Conrad as a chair; Diesel manhandles Pierre Fitch; Robin Sanchez has packed on the muscle; Rogan and Angelo in Colton’s “Let me live again” video; Jesse Santana at Playtime; Angelo naked; Steve Cruz as a cub in 1994; an awesome photo of Trenton; Trey screwing around; a close-up of Trey’s cock; hot as fuck and still in Russia – it is Pavel Petel!

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Falcon’s DEEP INSIDE Part 2 Reviewed

October 29, 2012 Posted by suefairview

The hottest studs in the world have been hand-picked and flown in by the Falcon team to star in the studio’s most ambitious project of the year, a two-part scorcher filmed in a beautiful hideaway in sun-drenched northern California. With tongues slithering deep inside each other’s hungry mouths, and digging deep inside juicy assholes, these studs prepare each other to see just how Deep Inside each other they can go.

Deep Inside Part 2 features eight horny and heavy hung fuckers that keep the non-stop sex boiling in four sensational scenes. Director Steve Cruz expertly strips down two Falcon Exclusive stars, five established favorites, and a scorching newcomer in lustful bouts that start out sensual and roar into ball-busting man blasts.

Super-hung Falcon Exclusive Paddy O’Brian takes on the super-open ass of Kyle King, while handsome Dean Monroe and fresh young Jed Athens tag each other’s asses. Green-eyed Tate Ryder throws his stunning, steely cock into Falcon Exclusive Micah Brandt, and knock-out Next Door Studios stud Tyler Torro tears up eternally hard-dicked Bobby Clark. You’ll be sated out of your mind by the time they’re done, after tight holes take Deep Inside poundings from massive cocks.


I found the first scene to be very entertaining as watching an experienced pro like Kyle handle Paddy so effortlessly was fun. Kyle’s manly little growls and moans during the blow job must have felt great on Paddy’s dick and it did look like Paddy was enjoying himself immensely, even getting his hips into it. Kyle totally controlled the fuck in the doggy position by moving with Paddy and arching and straightening his back so that it was as if he was using Paddy like a stud, only backing into him when he so desired. He even gave commands such as “Slow down!” and “Yeah, fuck me!”. The camera angle from Paddy’s shoulder was fabulous. Both men looked great in the missionary position and I loved the little mischievous look from Kyle. Paddy was saying something, but I couldn’t make out what it was. He really needs to speak up. All in all this was a most impressive scene and terrific pairing. I would say on a par with the Angelo Marconi scene or maybe even better.

The next scene with Dean Monroe and Jed Athens was relaxed and romantic and featured Dean Monroe at his best. Dean told me at the Grabbys that he is a tremendous romantic and I can see it here. What a terrific pairing with Jed and watching these two work together, kissing, making eye contact, whispering dirty little nothings to each other [you'll have to turn your sound up if you want to hear it all], and finally a flip fuck, was a wonder to behold. The camera kept up with this pair just fine and the pattern break [from suck, rim, fuck in 2 positions] was more than welcome. A tremendously hot scene from Dean and Jed. Fans of Dean Monroe are going to go wild for this one!

The next scene featured a very successful pairing of Tate Ryder and Micah Brandt. Right off the top, their kissing was extremely sensual and I knew they would be a hit together. High points included the continual dirty sweet little nothings spoken by Tate to Micah, the way Micah moved his ass like Adam Killian, and the way that Tate expertly lent a hand during the fucking. This couple was pure pleasure to watch; both were very attractive and hot. I could watch them fuck all day! Wonderful scene and pairing with nice camera work.

The last scene was a disappointment. The pairing was Tyler Torro and Bobby Clark. Bobby is a terrific bottom and did his best to vocalize and emote, but Tyler just stood there and rigidly fucked him, silent as a statue. Don’t get me wrong, they looked super together, but I need more in my porn! Tyler pounded Bobby’s hole too! But I need to hear my models communicate with each other. Just one talking is not enough! Tyler really dropped the ball here.

Buy DEEP INSIDE Part 2 to see the 3 fabulous scenes starring Paddy O’Brian, Kyle King, Tate Ryder, Micah Brandt, Dean Monroe and Jed Athens. The set was marvelous, as was the camera work and direction. The sound will need to be turned up to hear what some of the models are saying.

Highly, highly recommended. See the free XXX previews here.

Naked Sword’s GRINDHOUSE

October 26, 2012 Posted by suefairview

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