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Golden Gate Season 5: The Cover Up Episode 4 (Preview)

April 25, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Golden Gate Season 5: The Cover Up Episode 4


There are finales and then there are finales. The final episode of Golden Gate 5 is one of the latter, with blackmail, blockbusters — and an earth-shattering bottoming! Christian Wilde who, as the boyfriend of anti-sex Supervisor Scott Cox, is confronted by an old flame (Austin Wilde) who threatens to expose everything if he can’t tap Christian’s virgin ass. You won’t believe the heart-stopping, prostate-pounding, unbelievable finish to the hottest series in all of gay porn! (Golden Gate 5: Episode 4 written by The Sword’s Zach Sire)

Once again, a gorgeous photo gallery, so I just included them all.

See the free XXX preview here

Vote in the 4th Annual TLA Gay Awards!

March 6, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Among the serious categories are:

tla1 tla2 tla3 tla4Notice how Trenton Ducati was chosen for both FAVORITE NEWCOMER and PERFORMER OF THE YEAR. Interesting!

I have to admit that I voted for Incubus for MUST-OWN MOVIE, because it is simply ground breaking; there has never been an adult entertainment film like it.


Vote for your TLA Gay Awards here.

Barebacking vs. Safe Sex

February 11, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Here are the issues as I see them:

There is a workplace safety issue for the models. Models are able to choose whether they wish to work with condoms or not. Condoms have been shown to provide a large risk reduction of infection for HIV during anal intercourse.

Since we live in a free society, there will always be a demand for bb, which is alright for consenting adults who are in mongamous relationships or who are already HIV+. However, younger people and teens will want it to see bb and use it irresponsibly and that is a problem.

Models may choose to work on bb films, but have to live with the fact that they will influence or are even responisble for young people to have sex without condoms and become HIV+. Same for directors and studios of bb films.

It will be incredibly difficult to rid the system of bb films.

Fair View is a safe sex blog, and no bb films will ever be promoted here.

Safe sex is hot sex!


June 6, 2012 Posted by suefairview

So, here is the fourth installment of 2012 GRABBY AWARDS photos. There are 19 in this set:

1) Hayden Richards and Topher DiMaggio get up to speak. Don’t remember about what.

2) Everybody looking at stage left, but I don’t recall why. L to R: we see Logan Vaughn, Tyler Sweet, Hayden, Topher, Diego Vena and Unknown hottie. Maybe it is Spencer Reed arriving late to receive his Best Performer Grabby.

3) Spencer Reed arrives and seems to have his award in hand. With him is Trenton Ducati, also seen is Christopher Daniels. Topher is stage left of them.

4) Spencer still joking around. Now we see Tristan Jaxx to his left.

5) The microphone is handed to Christopher Daniels.

6) Adam Killian shows up wearing a white towel on his shoulders!!!! Brain blows a fuse as camera shutter clicks convulsively!

7) Click

8) Click

9) Click

10) Click

11) Tom Wolfe and Austin Andrews come up from behind Adam and surprise him. See, now I would never have caught that on camera if I had not been just motor-driving the camera shutter while Adam was on stage! LOL!

12) Back to business; as much as one can with three shirtless menz.

13) Lex Sabre and and Unknown man present the Grabby for Best Solo.

14) The Grabby goes to Austin Wilde in Bad Boys Get Spanked and Then Fucked by C1R!

15) Look how stoked Austin is!

16) Austin in the spotlight! Hotness!

17) The Grabby for BEST ALL SEX was awarded to The Other Side of Aspen 6, Falcon Studios. Accepting this award we see L to R: Steve Cruz, Tony Buff, Landon Conrad, Adam Robinson, Bruno Bond, and an Unknown person, perhaps a Falcon executive.

18) Another shot of the TOSOA 6 BEST ALL SEX Grabby winners. [Tony still has the red rope hanging off of his belt!]

29) Parker Perry addresses the audience as Christopher Daniels, Diego, Cavin Knight and the unknown hottie look on.


2012 Grabby Awards Red Carpet part 2

June 3, 2012 Posted by suefairview

I took TONS of photos of the Red Carpet at the 2012 Grabby Awards, to which I had FREE access thanks to my press pass! YAY! So here is the second batch of 20:

1) In our last photo of Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero, they were not mobbed by their fans yet. But now we see the fans in the picture!

2) Another with Austin and Anthony’s fans – how cute are their fans? Brandon Lewis tries to sneak around the outside of the commotion in the purple shirt.

3) A dapper Rod Daily takes his turn in front of my camera.

4) Rickky Zanabria from the Slick It Up Fan Group on Facebook attended the GRABBYS!

5) Sister Roma and Eddie Stone interview BeBe Sweetbriar on the Red Carpet.

6) Derek Da Silva attended the GRABBYS.

7) Rafael Alencar and Mr. Pam represented Lucas Entertainment at the GRABBYS. What a terrific job they did, as you shall see!

8) FabScout Howard looking spiffy in his embroidered jacket.

9) Mr. Pam and Rafael spot Howard and begin their shenanigans.

10) A light and active moment!

11) Don’t know who this woman is that they are molesting, but she seems to have no complaints! LOL!

12) BeBe demurely exposes one of her long stemmed gams to my camera. What a looker!

13) Then she just goes for it and shows off both! Woohoo!

14) Mr. Pam and Tim from the Tim & Roma Show.

15) Honey West is wearing a fabulous jacket! I just love it!

16) How about this – 6 stunning men, and I don’t know who any of them are!!!! IMPOSSIBLE! But true!

17) Landon Conrad with his BF talks to Mark Nagel. Check out Landon’s hot leopard treads!!! Landon won for Performer of the Year. CONGRATULATIONS LANDON!!!

18) Landon poses with his bf. Another photographer’s flash must have gone off simultaneously with mine, making this photo so overexposed. Sorry about that.

19) Landon kisses his sexy bf [How many of us would pay to see them have sex? Never mind.].

20) Ryan Raz, pretty in pink!


Much more to come!