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Just some guys 38 [the skin edition]…

July 27, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: All links in the right column to the right; Adam Champ’s birthmark and Adam being cute; Angel Rock getting head from Tate Ryder & topping same; Benjamin Godfre; Liam Magnusson; an unknown hottie; Dato Foland naked; Dave Mason posing in one of his creations and taking part in a show that he costumed; Diesel Washingon; D.O.; Dontato Reyes; Dylan Roberts; Jesse Jackman takes a bath and tops Dirk Caber on stage; Jimmy Durano shows his assetts and looks happy pointing to the limits his career can go to; Landon Conrad tops Trey Turner; Large Tony; Leo Forte; Logan McCree; Lucio Saints front, side, and with Diesel O’Green; Marc Dylan gets a shower of cum; Jimmy blows Marc; Marcus Ruhl masters the wrestling match; Paddy O’Brian shows his now not so virgin ass and fucks a boy; Pavel Petel poses for us; Pedro Andreas poses in two arty photos; Ray Han’s booty in three photos!; Robin Sanchez with the discus; Rogan Richards eats cake in color and B&W; Ryan Rose gets throated and loves to be rimmed; François Sagat; Samuel Colt front and back; Spencer Reed fucks a boy; Topher Dimaggio and BF Anthony Romero; Topher rims and fucks Tate Ryder; Trey turner’s asshole and two photos of his cock; famous glazed donut photo of Francesco D’Macho from Verboten; Vito Gallo in Unzipped.

I got your Easter Basket right here!

March 31, 2013 Posted by suefairview

All new photos of Rogan Richards!

March 19, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: Rogan Richards is collecting X Files comic books; Rogan poses with C3PO; Rogan posing; Rogan flexing; Michael Stokes photo of Rogan with hotdogs; Rogan taunting KMan; Rogan going for seductive; Rogan in the shower with garden gnome; Rogan posing in red briefs; 4 Michael Stokes photos of Rogan with Benjamin Godfre as police officers; Rogan posing naked; the new box cover of Rogan’s soon to be released Hard Friction movie POWERLOAD where he does a scene with Trenton Ducati that is supposed to be scorching hot; Rogan clowns around with JA Diesel and KMan in the shower; same thing; legs day; nude photo; ass photo in a jock; smiling in jeans; and finally smiling in a jock.

We miss you so much Rogan!  Visit us again soon!

I miss Rogan Richards!

February 27, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Yes, I do! I miss Rogan very much! I think I can sense that he is very far away on the other side of the world!

Some of these photos are Rogan with other adult entertainers such as Jesse Jackman, Dirk Caber, Junior Stellano and Benjamin Godfre. Still others include Rogan’s sidekick Mousey Lo Ham 2013. One is of Rogan’s man, Tommy. Some are by noted photographers including:

One photo is of Rogan with his childhood dog, whose tag he still wears around his neck.

The photos of Rogan in chaps are in preparation for a porn movie being shot in Australia. [!]

There is one last photo of Rogan Jr.:

Just some guys 33…

February 23, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Angel Rock is a bit wet, D.O. posing, twice, Dave Mason opens for RoomService NYC and shows that SIU can be worn on the outside, WTF? with Steve Cruz and Sister Roma, Rogan Richards and Dirk Caber have fun in a sling, Pedro Andreas in a hoodie, Spencer Reed spreads someone’s ass, Adam Killian fucks Vito Gallo, Paddy chats with Benjamin Godre, Angelo Petheryotis in a mirror shot, Ty Roderick gives it to somebody up the ass, Marc Dylan blows Tommy Defendi, a final group shot in Costa Rica, Junior Stellano rides a bike, Spencer Reed models, see Damien Crosse and Lucio Saints LIVE!, Landon Conrad with a very short haircut!, Pavel Petel rules in PINK!, Jessy Ares models, Vito in his altogether, Alex Marte is Cupid, Lucio and David Avila, Jake Genesis and bf Seth Knight in bed, BTS with Dean Monroe, Marcus Ruhl and Race Cooper, Marcus, Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse with Lucio’s cum on their faces, Martin Mazza, Jake Genesis, Ty Roderick, Jesse Jackman, Vito, Adam and Adam’s bf, Alex Marte and Jessy Ares working their corner, Zeb Atlas posing, Martin Mazza with Lucio Saints and David Avila, Paddy works with the heavy bag, a close-up of Paddy, Mark Dylan with antlers, sexy Leo Forte wows in a kilt, Jake Genesis in a Hello Kitty tank, Alex Marte and Jessy Ares, Rogan Richards off to a gay wedding, BTS at the cover shoot for ADDICTED with Damien and Goran and Donato Reyes, b&w of Benjamin, Cristobal from Hard Wire by Diesel Washington, Donny Wright has been in the news lately, Darve Torres has a new cut for a new movie, Carlo Masi and Adam Champ, Colby Keller have volunteered to give Donny a hand with his recent troubles, Landon’s shoe closet, Liam Magnusson as the Arrow, Liam in a tanning booth, an older photo of Pedro naked, Dave Mason wearing a hat he made for himself for a friend’s wedding, still hot as fuck and still in Russia, Samuel Colt, Topher Dimaggio looking fine, is Bryce Star bottoming or topping for Hot House???