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Hot guys wear Slick It up @PRIDE!!!!

June 14, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Show your PRIDE by getting something from Slick It Up!

Notes: Open House at SIU next weekend, contact to schedule a visit!; jump into the snake shorts!; David Mason Chlopecki models the psychic giraffe swim suit; modeling the psychic giraffe shorts; in some SIU pants; the Titan suit; another happy customer in a body harness; Dirk Caber models the reflective Neptune suit with husband Jessie Jackman; Kenneth D. Hoover has taken 3 photos featuring models with SIU wear with street wear; Pavel Petel wearing hood, guantlets, arm band and the Slick Sling; the Butch Queen t-shirt on a happy customer; the Black and Gold hat; psychic giraffe ass shot; the sport suit mercury; the tailored harness; a closeup of the psychic giraffe ass shot; Cher with her Black & Gold Jumpsuit; François Sagat in the Hunk T, designed by Benoît Prevot; the Marco Ovando suit at the gym; rear view of the snake suit; the psychic giraffe hits the beach; the gold SIU hand-cut sleeveless t; David poses with roses in the classic suit – latex look; another Kevin Hoover photograph; David in the psychic giraffe suit; a model in the psychic giraffe suit; the psychic giraffe shorts on a trip; the net suit is very flattering on this gentleman; Chase Hostler in the candy sling, photo by Aaron Cobbett; the pattern of the snake suit; David poses for Loverboy Magazine in his SIU headquarters; the Maximus Singlet; the SIU muscle t après gym; psychic giraffe shorts are very cute; the Titan Suit; daring Bryan sports a red hood; Pavel in the candy cobra; David in the graphic crocodile suim suit; the Titan Harness looks terrific underneath a muscle shirt!; Diesel Washington wears the SIU Baby Unicorn t with Boomer Banks; and is still wearing it when he runs into Tommy Defendi at the airport; Dominic models the Titan Harness for Kevin Hoover; the Marco Ovando suit in Dubai; two shots of David with Tai Chi Alfonso and Georgi Ballinov playing mermen to Neptune in their SIU shorts in Rome!; David [wearing the psychic giraffe shorts and jacket] and BF [in a Platinum Star Hoodie] attend Ru Paul’s Drag Race; a close up of the couple was featured during the show; the famous swim suit shot by Marco Ovando featuring the psychic giraffe, graphic crocodile, snake and mega leopard print suits.

Hot guys wear Slick It Up

May 4, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: The Titan Harness; the Gold Star Hoodie; the “Hunk” Tank was designed by Benoit Prevot and is modeled by Francois Sagat; Vasa models a new Trophy Pony tank; Dave Mason models a v-taper suit; the new Gel jacket worn with the Pure Hologram swimsuit; gauntlets add to a bartender’s look; the gel jacket with Titan Harness and All Star shorts create a look for this clown and Marco Ovando; the final group photo for the wedding; Rogan Richards‘ muscle ass in a SIU Python swim suit; Pavel Petel has always worn his SIU well; Sagat with another SIU tee; this guy has a real python in his Python shorts!; Dave makes some final touches on Sagat’s wedding outift; the next 10 photos were done by Fierce Finder Studios and use SIU clothing, notably the Platinum Star Hoodie and Neon Galaxy shorts; the next two photos are of Sagat posing in SIU gear; the next two photos are of Sagat modeling the all new King Star Hoodie and shorts!; the front of the Titan harness; and the final photo is of Vasa modeling a pink harness, pink gauntlets, pink jock and pink sexecutioner hood all from the PINK collection at Trophy Pony.


Get all of these looks from Slick It Up and Trophy Pony!

Happy 2012!

December 30, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Benoît Prévot

Bonnes fêtes à tous

December 18, 2011 Posted by suefairview

de Benoȋt Prévot

Angelface by Benoît Prévot

November 29, 2011 Posted by suefairview

In the US, two of three Angelface installments are available and let me tell you, they are a super cheap way to own the wonderful art of Benoȋt Prévot! At only about 4 bucks apiece it is a super deal! If more are ordered, the concluding third installment may yet be published here in the US; it is already available in France.

Find out more here:

And buy the comics here: