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MUSCLE BEAST states that he will become MASSIVE!

June 3, 2015 Posted by suefairview

Of course the muscle beast is ROGAN RICHARDS!!!

Rogan says:

“#‎TRUTH‬ here we go again guys – started my new cycle, you all know what my goal is – let’s see if I can finally turn my words into actions! 100kilos+ here I come. THANKU for all the muscle feeders who contribute to my journey so generously! U know who U are! U guys FKIN ROCK! image @shotsbygun ‪#‎roganrichardswearseagleleather‬ @eagle_leather (see Twitter for uncensored version)”

But we have that version right here!!!!


I’m luvin’ it!

Here is more of of the very photogenic Rogan:

19614_744219415697355_6975672311269427844_n 1513696_744219429030687_5917852991244767293_n 1554448_751965524922744_6355982259022061969_n 1554510_748277695291527_2825090426607002223_n 10245588_747500325369264_5132078304320227462_n 10408832_757603214358975_2860011717460146878_n 10410097_755980731187890_4856420168328953380_n 10632837_749449891840974_8854594855060521529_n 10923442_742501459202484_7164975641145032818_n 10929982_755409937911636_3950255440787083834_n 10995572_754252844694012_8476239217521053987_n 11026030_744219425697354_5494578233406513734_n 11037470_746030565516240_6037431270564976781_n 11038112_744020772383886_6916410400125725889_n 11054303_760025367450093_5634248339588029182_n 11150725_758357110950252_8848884111966642717_n 11156362_742534762532487_2472538903876888003_n 11167672_746295732156390_8514979062815061630_n 11178335_745006795618617_3790014662493622006_n 11182092_748596461926317_3367038905901167038_n 11193248_748073498645280_1163065819096256826_n 11193371_747628888689741_2351795401783558399_n 11201887_751474841638479_7104847237419273210_n 11209665_749908171795146_6059912396053445058_n 11215887_758298057622824_4171968122245958014_n 11244902_752982178154412_4180111486348506445_n 11263156_753833341402629_1959891675420502814_n 11264445_754252868027343_4931493492858720604_n 11295632_943174282408095_4950161285241929785_n 11350401_757863160999647_6798658536010157508_n 11377203_760013254117971_7513760337669407174_n 11391328_762939170492046_683946443626766665_n 11392854_761714830614480_4419131584437845741_n CF72XVBUsAEgtet.jpg large tumblr_inline_np9ac46j9s1r82gin_500


Subscribe to Rogan Richard’s YouTube Channel!

April 16, 2015 Posted by suefairview

Rogan Richards is a very talented entertainer and this fact is most evident in his numerous videos. All you need to do is subscribe to his YouTube Channel and you can see for yourself! Here is a quick sample of his stunning videos:

Here is my all-time fav video:


He also has bodybuilding training videos:

Besides, he’s hot as fuck! And here are more PHOTOS!!!!


À bientôt, Bis bald, Zie je snel

March 31, 2015 Posted by suefairview

Going on another VIKING cruise: Rhine Getaway. I expect to be back blogging by April 14th. Meanwhile, please enjoy some photos of Just Some Guys:

Rogan Richards on Chest workout Cable Flys

March 9, 2015 Posted by suefairview

Rogan says:

Taken from the #PECPUPPIES at AOSIS FITNESS CENTRE video, here I demonstrate how to perform a seated cable chest fly, or at least a version of one. As I have said before there are no rules in the gym, some fundamental basics you should adhere too, but how I do Cable Chest Press may differ to another bodybuilder. It’s finding what works for you – meaning what way activates the most muscle growth.

Now go get ‘em kids!



Alexsander Freitas at the FIT EXPO!!!

February 16, 2015 Posted by suefairview

As a former competitive bodybuilder and trainer, Alexsander Freitas attended THE FIT EXPO [a bodybuilding convention] in LA recently. Here are some photos from there:


On the way to the Expo!

10983388_1404013196568859_3388925045084880548_n alexronniecoleman

Alex got to meet his bodybuilding idol, Ronnie Coleman and got an autographed card!

Here is Alex with the Kali Muscle guys:


Amazing how when you meet Alex, he is big. But these guys are ENORMOUS!

Some of the women at the Expo:

10427361_1403881296582049_3003371841631279356_n 10959676_1403940976576081_6480039106504876732_n 10989207_1403903213246524_8068623389426397457_n

The first woman is as big as Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Here are some photos of Alex when he was younger:

10260020_1404192619884250_2688621683457262138_n alex

Alex was pretty back then, but I prefer him bearded and hairy like he is now. Woof!