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DEAN MONROE’S WORLD is finally here April 21

April 7, 2012 Posted by suefairview

FELIXITATIONS by Roger Kean Reviewed

April 6, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Amazon Book Description

Publication Date: March 30, 2012

One Being – Millennia – Destinies Changed

Facilitator and felicitator, to have winsome young Felix step into a man’s life is a transforming event: the course of destiny is altered. Emotions are unlocked, hidden longings are revealed, luck changes for the better… and sometimes for the worse. When Felix appears pleasurable fun and deserved pure, dreamed-of felicity or punishment ensue.

Over a span of thousands of years this enigmatic being’s random odyssey affects the lives of men attracted to his mesmerizing persona… yet Felix bears no hidden agenda, does not choose when or where he materializes – all happens by felicitous chance… or does it?

Embark on an erotic journey through time. From Ancient Summer, Egypt and Rome through Renaissance Italy, modern Europe, Africa, and the Americas to the future above Earth, witness a kaleidoscope of human lives felixitated by this most enchanting being, named Felix.


What a lovely book Roger Kean has written! I was going to race through it and write my review, but the text caused me to savor it slowly; it was that enjoyable.

The enigmatic and ephemeral Felix, perpetually young, blond haired and blue eyed, pops up repeatedly through times in history and locales as well as in the future in this well written novel. Kean’s impeccable knowledge of history makes this novel exquisitely fun to read as does the fact that he is obviously well traveled. Each vignette puts the reader in the time and place with the detailed descriptions. The characters are also well described and some of them are also repeated through time.  Thankfully, Kean is a romantic and I just love romance in a story! Though not all of the story is romance; some is quite tragic. Then of course there is the sex, and that too is well depicted to the point of eroticism. I got the feeling that Mr. Kean’s life experiences were poured into this book and fortunately, the benefactors are the reader.

There are many young men who discover their true gay nature as a result of a visit by Felix. So this novel is recommended for anyone coming to grips with their sexual identity. I am highly recommending it in general – it was a very enjoyable read worth savoring at the beside nightly!

***** 5 stars

THE WOLF GIFT – by Anne Rice: Reviewed

March 17, 2012 Posted by suefairview

A daring new departure from the inspired creator of The Vampire Chronicles (“unrelentingly erotic . . . unforgettable”—The Washington Post), Lives of the Mayfair Witches (“Anne Rice will live on through the ages of literature”—San Francisco Chronicle), and the angels of The Songs of the Seraphim (“remarkable”—Associated Press). A whole new world—modern, sleek, high-tech—and at its center, a story as old and compelling as history: the making of a werewolf, reimagined and reinvented as only Anne Rice, teller of mesmerizing tales, conjurer extraordinaire of other realms, could create.

The time is the present.

The place, the rugged coast of Northern California. A bluff high above the Pacific. A grand mansion full of beauty and tantalizing history set against a towering redwood forest.

A young reporter on assignment from the San Francisco Observer . . . An older woman welcoming him into her magnificent family home that he has been sent to write about and that she must sell with some urgency . . . A chance encounter between two unlikely people . . . An idyllic night—shattered by horrific unimaginable violence, the young man inexplicably attacked—bitten—by a beast he cannot see in the rural darkness . . . A violent episode that sets in motion a terrifying yet seductive transformation, as the young man, caught between ecstasy and horror, between embracing who he is evolving into and fearing what he will become, soon experiences the thrill of the wolf gift.

As he resists the paradoxical pleasure and enthrallment of his wolfen savagery and delights in the power and (surprising) capacity for good, he is caught up in a strange and dangerous rescue and is desperately hunted as “the Man Wolf” by authorities, the media, and scientists (evidence of DNA threatens to reveal his dual existence) . . . As a new and profound love enfolds him, questions emerge that propel him deeper into his mysterious new world: questions of why and how he has been given this gift; of its true nature and the curious but satisfying pull towards goodness; of the profound realization that there may be others like him who are watching—guardian creatures who have existed throughout time who possess ancient secrets and alchemical knowledge. And throughout it all, the search for salvation for a soul tormented by a new realm of temptations, and the fraught, exhilarating journey, still to come, of being and becoming, fully, both wolf and man.


Thank goodness that Anne Rice has stopped writing about religion and returned to Gothic horror! I really enjoyed this book!

The protagonist, Reuben, is only 23, just out of college and all of his friends and relatives don’t consider him an adult yet as we can see by the boyish nicknames used for him and they way they treat him. He even has trouble seeing himself as one. His first foray into the adult work world is as an journalist. Although he is wonderful at this occupation, he does not see it.

Interestingly, he falls for a woman who is 15 years senior to him when he goes to write an exposé on a house up in Mendocino. After he is bitten, he grows in bulk and stature and it seems as if he awakens to the world as he has never been before. His senses become alive and becomes aware in many ways he wasn’t previously. For example, he begins to think about good and evil, since the fatal attack on the home’s owner. The former part of this is surely because he is becoming wolfenkind as well as because he is a victim of a crime.

This “awakening” is a crucial epiphany in his being as it leads him to become an entirely new and adult person. One that none of his relatives or friends will ever recognize again. They feel distant from him immediately and show appropriate concern – his surgeon mother running all kinds of tests and contacting specialists from around the world.

Of course, he understands none of it. The book is really about his search to understand and accept what is happening to him. He finds that in his wolfen state he can detect evil and is drawn to destroy it. But he must do this without being found or captured. He also realizes that if he accidentally bites anyone, he can pass on the wolf gift.

What a wonderful book from Anne Rice! I heartily recommend it to all lovers of the horror genre!


BIG BEN Reviewed

February 2, 2012 Posted by suefairview

From Amazon:

London, England. Ben Barlettano, a successful, highly-sexed yet still wet behind the ears 26-year old New York lawyer lands in the Elephant & Castle. Through a chain of unexpected experiences, Ben discovers his new life: exciting, sometimes harsh, occasionally extreme, but never dull. Ben meets a number of people, each with stories and secrets. There is the respectable senior partner who is addicted to bondage clubs; the serenely efficient office manager who cannot bring herself to tell her boyfriend she, too, used to have a penis; the statuesque gym instructor hiding his emotions under a perennial smile; and of course the woman Ben falls for, almost on day one, who seems afraid of nothing – until she gets scared.

Uncomfortable encounters in Turkish baths, moonlighting as an escort for charity, violent arguments with a neighbour and thoroughly mismanaging a ménage-à-trois are just some of the things that Ben is utterly unprepared for.

Will Ben survive what London throws at him, or will he end up scuttling back to his Italian mamma in New York?


This was a totally fun read; a British version of the beach-book, if you will. I am very glad that Erik tossed it my way. The characters are well developed and the locations are well described. You get that “I could be there” feeling while reading the book. The plot was entirely plausible and holds interest for people who are dealing with sexual identity issues as well as learning about gay lifestyles. Of course if you are already an out and proud gay or bisexual, you will probably enjoy the book too. Even if you are a open-minded heterosexual female, like me, the book will charm you!

[NB: This book was only available on Kindle when I read it. I don't have a Kindle, but I have an iPhone. I downloaded the app for FREE! Now my iPhone is a Kindle! The paperback will be available in March.]

A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE by George RR Martin- BOOKS 1-5: Reviewed

August 25, 2011 Posted by suefairview


First let me say that I am a voracious reader. I stormed through the Hobbit, followed by the Lord of the Rings when I was 13 years old. Imagine my pleasure to discover George RR Martin’s epic series of novels A Song of Ice and Fire! I raced through all five books in virtually no time at all! I found them vastly superior to Tokien’s trilogy in that they contain far more detail of the lands and cultures, as well as far more capriciousness and thus realism in the outcomes of good versus evil. Also, the trilogy is completely sexless; while with Martin’s books this is hardly the case.

At first, I used the Game of Thrones television program to follow who the characters were, since there were so many. The plot unfolds in the land of Westeros, as the ruling king is killed by a boar while hunting drunk, as usual, and all the lords of Westeros vie for the Iron Throne. All this time, we are warned that Winter is coming, this in a land where seasons can last lifetimes and Winters are severe enough to starve entire peoples. The characters are diverse and compelling, as good and pure as can be to as evil and hateful as can be.

One of the leaders from the North, Lord Ned Stark of Winterfell, who is played by Sean Bean on the TV series, was a long supporter of King Robert Baretheon, and figures out that the king’s sons are illegitimate and Queen Cersei Lannister has had them with her adulterous lover, her own twin brother Ser Jamie Lannister [yikes! incest!]. But, the eldest child of this incest, Prince Joffrey Baretheon, rises to power and when Ned is arrested for treason by the queen’s lackey, the prince childishly exclaims “Off with his head!” simply because he can. No one fears to deny him this and Ned is beheaded. End of book 1! Oh my! To make an analogy, this would be like killing off Frodo or Gandalf in book 1 of the trilogy! Who will rise to carry on for the good guys now? [Of course this is a very simplistic view of book 1, since there is so much more going on simultaneously...]

But this is what I love about Martin’s work! It is full of surprises and leaves one guessing at every step! Plus, how realistic is it that the good guys lose? It seems to happen every day in my world. There is a saying: “Only the good die young.” Martin seems to love taking our beloved characters away. He also kills off Khal Drogo, played by Jason Momoa, in the savage Eastern lands, after we have finally fallen in love with him, as had his young female bride, Daenarys Targaryen. But then after he has died, and from his funeral pyre ashes rise three baby dragons; making the books even more alluring.

In the latest book, Daenarys is having trouble controlling the dragons, read: one of them had taken to eating children, and she had kept the two of them she could capture locked up in a palace basement. They escaped, when a rejected suitor tried to steal them. He was “toasted” to death for his troubles. At the end of the fifth book she was riding the “eating children” one [Drogon] and sharing his meals with him as her ancestors did, since she is a dragon-rider. I am so hooked on these books! Plus I really want to know the fate of the current Ned Stark’s bastard at the wall, Jon Snow. Also, I would like to know what is going on with Arya and Sansa Stark who were not updated lately.

Mr. Martin’s tale is so complex now, that he cannot update the entire narrative in one book of over 1,000 pages. Incredible! What an imagination the man must have! I am in awe of his brain and creative powers.

I am also impressed with Martin’s philosophy on life as objectified in these books. It is so complex as to defy description and as such I believe it mirrors true life. If it weren’t for Tyrion Lannister, the dwarf, so well played by Peter Dinklage, I would not see the artist’s hand in this at all. Tyrion survives. Lusty, drunken, scheming, but good hearted underneath it all, Tyrion survives. I think that Martin relates to Tyrion out of the entire cast the most. He is ugly to maidens, but lovable. His entire situation and life is ironic. He is short in stature, but incredibly smart. So many times, Tyrion has escaped the jaws of death so narrowly, it is amazing! He may yet be king! Who knows!

Winter is coming and I cannot wait! I hear book six is expected this fall. I cannot recommend these books strongly enough to any who have not read them. Though I guess I have kind of ruined the plot for you! My bad!