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Alexsander Freitas, Francesco D’Macho, Logan McCree, Damien Crosse and MORE!

July 14, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Alexsander Freitas is still hot as ever! Here he sweats after a workout.


Brenton Parry shot this photo of Mike.

Francesco D’Macho‘s puppy, Benji, looks adoringly up at him. Or, is it more about the burger?

benji1 benji2

Photos of hot go-go boy Chase Hostler at work, astride a huge machine, and on the beach with bf Ross.

chase chase1 chaseross

Damien Crosse enjoying Madrid Pride with Goran, Jota Jota, Biagio Galotti and Zach Saevich. Bottom photo by Tarek PuntoCom.

damien2 damientariq

Damien and Francesco together.


Logan McCree and Arnaud Leather Amsterdam at Berlin Folsom 2011.


VOTE on the Portrait Challenge at AUSSIELICIOUS!

July 4, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Brenton says:

aprilmike2Mike by Brenton Parry was featured in DNA magazine.


As usual, when we get to the end of a photography challenge you all need to vote on who you think has sent in the best photograph. Remember you are voting on a portrait this time around so ask yourself if the photographer is giving you an insight into the person in the photo and their life? Also bear in mind whether or not you think that it would appeal to someone who doesn’t know the subject as the winner donates a print as a prize for the next challenge.

Head on over to Aussielicious Challenge Tumblr to view all the entries. Be careful to vote for the right one as THREE different David’s have entered this time. So note the number next to the photo and get voting.

Visit this page at Aussielicious to VOTE. I have an entry in this challenge.

Visit AUSSIELICIOUS; it is a terrific blog!

June 15, 2014 Posted by suefairview


I love AUSSIELICIOUS because of its timely and hot content. Also, I really like Brenton [Brenton's facebook] who is a very interesting guy. He is a photographer of some renown, who has shot covers and now is experimenting with the Tribal theme in his photos.


He also has taken up the silks:


And used to be a Sydney Surf Lifeguard.


Brenton is just a really nice, funny guy and great to be with. His blog reflects his personality and is injected with self depricating humor. I really enjoy his posts on “Etiquette for the modern homosexual”

So visit Aussielicious today!

Which movement is your favourite?

March 9, 2014 Posted by suefairview



Now that all the entries are in and organised, it’s time to vote for your favourite! Remember, you need to vote for the most creative or beautiful shot that fulfills the “MOVEMENT” theme. There are some beautiful entries and some that express movement better than others but I’m glad that everyone took part and hopefully had some fun with the challenge.

Go to Aussielicious to vote! [and see who the leaders are!]

Hot guys wear Slick It Up!

February 16, 2014 Posted by suefairview

171535_10152232559421412_1060889786_n wellington jakeshears felixbarcazippouch BetFvTrCEAAzgxD.jpg large 1888663_10151911760851463_52941217_n 1796429_575697949189772_918421324_n 1689005_10151843278572167_291528444_n 1660475_10152201608929507_417427306_n 1656220_10102792539974408_139963893_n 1622603_10203369350301401_368725217_n 1622222_10152245042843679_1640258743_n 1621958_1406156826302219_237458261_n 1621680_10151894155956976_769745948_n 1620981_10151899709788144_1348931463_n 1545828_10151857734491976_459887747_n 1518897_10151857731856976_2051683279_n 1512717_923531219217_1177313923_n 1509290_679824402076308_1809566332_n 1499657_10151899675483144_111648087_n 999279_583560565055804_1239819765_n

Notes: Pavel Petel with canine friend; via Brando Calrissian from Dirtyponyboy tumblr; Wellington Nascimento having fun in the body harness; Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters in Slick It Up; Felix Barca  – something so fresh could be so hot….. SIU Zip Pouch Jock; Angel Rock and Jimmy Durano wear Slick It Up to an awards show; Blogger Brenton Parry at the Company of Men photography show has painted a model with tribal designs while wearing his New York City SIU T-shirt; Gio in a sexecutioner hood; a selfie of someone in a Slick Tuxedo; Amanda Lepore murders Dave in the SIU commercial; a couple wows in the Slick Tuxedo in RED; the animal shorts worn to work; the camo suit at Ipanema Beach; Leathkiboi Finn in his first SIU suit; the Marco Ovando suit on the beaches of Rio; Travis uses the net suit for his show; 2 photos of an anonymous guy in SIU; Noel reported that his black and gold jumpsuit was the life of the party; Pavel adds wings to his flag thong; Travis again; a customized shredder suit seen in Times Square NYC.

Get all of these looks and more at SLICK IT UP!