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2014 Grabby Award Nominees ILLUSTRATED!!!

March 11, 2014 Posted by suefairview



• Scotty B – So You Think You Can Fuck 3 – Dominic Ford
• Andy Dick – Kings of New York Season 1 – Lucas Entertainment
• Candice Cayne – Kings of New York Season 2 – Lucas Entertainment
• Derrick Hanson – Golden Gate 5 – Nakedsword
• Victor Hoff – Helix Academy – Helix Studios
• Rhea Litre – America’s Next Hot Bottom – Jet Set Men
• Mitch Vaughn – Jasper Robinson’s Day Off – Boycrush

My pick for best non-sexual is Nakedsword’s Derrick Hanson. v297294_boxcover_full_635108653052174222


Boomer Banks, Blue Bailey, Johnny Blum, Joey Cooper, Donnie Dean, Mike DiMarco, Colton Grey, Levi Karter, Conner Kline, Kevin Lee, Jessie Montgomery, Hunter Page, Nick Prescott, Adam Ramzi, Armand Rizzo, Billy Santoro, Damien Taylor, Tyson Tyler, Austin Wolfe, and Shawn Wolfe

My pick for the best newcomer is Boomer Banks! boomer

• Jessy Ares – Original Sinners- Lucas Entertainment
• Dale Cooper – Golden Gate 5 – Nakedsword
• Christopher Daniels – Teddy Bear – Channel 1 Releasing
• Trenton Ducati – Silence of >the Cams 1 & 2 – Dominic Ford Studio
• Jimmy Durano – My Doctor Sucks – Hot House Entertainment
• Jesse Jackman – Dick Danger – Titan Men
• Hunter Marx – Shag – Titan Men
• Jessie Montgomery – Helix Academy – Helix Studios
• Hunter Page – Frat House Cream – Nakedsword
• Ricky Roman – The Haunting – Cockyboys
• Tate Ryder – Silence of the Cams 2 – Dominic Ford Studio
• Brett Summers – America’s Next Hot Bottom – Jet Set Men
• Shawn Wolfe – Timberwolves – Raging Stallion Studios

My pick is Shawn Wolfe in Timberwolves. RSS113_pcc

• America’s Next Hot Bottom – Jet Set Men
• Dick Danger – Titan Men
• Frat House Cream – Nakedsword
• Golden Gate 5 – Nakedsword
• Helix Academy – Helix Studios<
• Manly Seduction – Kristen Bjorn
• My Doctor Sucks – Hot House Entertainment
• Original Sinners – Lucas Entertainment
• Silence of the Cams 1 & 2 – Dominic Ford
• The Boy who cried D.I.L.F. – Channel 1 Releasing
• The Haunting – Cockyboys
• Timberwolves – Raging Stallion Studios

My pick for best screenplay is Timberwolves because it is nuanced and leaves one guessing.

Jake Bass
Landon Conrad
Dale Cooper
Christopher Daniels
Tommy Defendi
Trenton Ducati
Jake Genesis
Diesel O’Green
Adam Killian
Conner Kline
Ryan Rose
Christian Wilde
Shawn Wolfe

My pick for most versatile performer is Ryan Rose.


Gabriel Clark
Dale Cooper
Tommy Defendi
Topher Dimaggio
Trenton Ducati
Jimmy Durano
Kris Evans
Conner Maguire
Hunter Marx
Angel Rock
Johnny Ryder
Sean Xavier
Christian Wilde

My pick for hottest top is Topher Dimaggio. 983_0770_toptobottom2-682x1024

Riley Banks
Duncan Black
Joey Cooper
Christopher Daniels
Seven Dixon
Dario Dolce
Darius Ferdynand
Alexander Gustavo
Jesse Jackman
Levi Karter
Conner Kline
Lance Luciano
Jessie Montgomery
Diesel O’Green
Dominic Pacifico
Adam Ramzi
Max Ryder
Damien Taylor
Shawn Wolfe

My pick for hottest bottom is Adam Ramzi. RSS113_SB_122


Doug Acre
Boomer Banks
Jace Chambers
Topher Dimaggio
Dmetry Dickov
Kris Evans
Darius Ferdynand
Alexander Garret
Diesel O’Green
Conner Kline
Lance Luciano
Evan Parker
Billy Ramos
Hayden Richards
Angel Rock
James Ryder
Christian Wilde
Sean Xavier

My pick for hottest cock is Boomer Banks. 5110_MBV041_pcc


• Behind the Big Top – Raging Stallion Studios
• Cocktease – Raging Stallion Studios
• Dick Danger – Titan Men
• First Time 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn
• Helix Academy – Helix Studios
• Into the Wilde – Nakedsword
• Off the Hook – Buckshot
• Original Sinners – Lucas Entertainment
• Out of Control – Bel Ami
• Silence of the Cams 1 & 2 – Dominic Ford Studio
•The Boy who cried D.I.L.F. – Channel 1 Releasing
• The Haunting – Cockyboys

MBV036_dvdFNTMy pick for best videography is Cocktease, Raging Stallion Studios which was a brave and new experimentation by Adam Killian.


• Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark, Dale Cooper – A thing of Beauty – Cockyboys
• Alex Rhodes, Robbie Callahan, Christen Chase – Boys Just Wanna Fuck – Citi boyz
• Abel Pozar, Diesel O’Green, Lucian Saints, Milos Zambo – First Time Part 1 – Kristen Bjorn
• Hunter Page, Conner Maguire, Ray Han – Frat House Cream – Nakedsword
• Christopher Daniels, Caleb Colton, Collin Stone – Grind – Titan Men
• Anderson Lovell, Evan Parker, Luke Allen, Chase Young, Jessie Montgomery – Helix Academy – Helix Studios
• Brandon Jones, Angel Rock, Lance Luciano – My Doctor Sucks – Hot House Entertainment
• Marcus Isaacs, James Ryder, Aleks Buldocek – Open Road 1 – Falcon Studios
• Adam Killian, Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria – Original Sinners – Lucas Entertainment
• Dolph Lambert, Phillip Gaudin, Florian Nemec – Out Of Control – Bel Ami
• Darius Ferdynand, Conner Maguire, Lance Luciano, Ryan Rose – Plays Together – Falcon Studios
• Trenton Ducati, Angel Rock, Damian Taylor – The Boy Who Cried D.I.L.F. – Channel 1 Releasing
• Trenton Ducati, J.R. Bronson, Rod Daily – The Sub – Hot House Entertainment
• Zachary Perry, Seth Knight, Joey Hard, Jack King, Jake GenesWaxed – JetSetMen

My pick for best group scene is Open Road 1 featuring Marcus Isaacs, James Ryder and Aleks Buldocek.


• Dominic Pacifico & Sean Xavier – Deep Dicking – Lucas Entertainment

• Diesel O’Green & Abel Pozar – First Time Part 1 – Kristen Bjorn

• Shawn Wolfe & Hunter Page – Frat House Cream – Nakedsword

• Austin Wilde & Christian Wilde – Golden Gate 5 The Cover Up – Nakedsword

• Trenton Ducati & Shawn Wolfe – Hung Americans Part 1 – Raging Stallion Studios

• Trenton Ducati & Landon Conrad – My Doctor Sucks – Hot House Entertainment

• Lucas Knight & Hunter Page – Off the Hook – Buckshot

• Jessie Santana & Jake Genesis – Original Sinners – Lucas Entertainment

• Jesse Montgomery & Chase Young – Out in the Open – Helix Studios

• Harris Hilton & Mick Lovell – Perfect Match – Bel Ami

• Bryce Evans & Topher Dimaggio – Silence of the Cams – Dominic Ford Studios

• Christopher Daniels & C.J.Madison – Teddy Bear – Channel 1 Releasing

• Christian Wilde & Max Ryder – The Haunting – Cockyboys

• Tommy Defendi & Adam Ramzi – Timberwolves – Raging Stallion Studios

My pick for best duo is Tommy Defendi & Adam Ramzi in Timberwolves.


• Behind the Big Top – Raging Stallion Studios

• Cocktease – Raging Stallion Studios

• Dick Danger – Titan Men

• Dream Team – Nakedsword

• First Time 1 & 2 – KristenBjorn

• Power Stroke – Titan Men
• Out of Control – Bel Ami

• The Boy Who Cried D.I.L.F. – Channel 1 Releasing

• The Sub – Hot House Entertainment

• Tools of the Trade – Hot House Entertainment

Again, here I like Cocktease for the win! It was an incredible film!


• Dale Cooper – The Haunting – Cockyboys

• Alessandro Del Toro – Tristian’s Wicked Solos – Tee Tee Entertainment

• Brayden Forrester – Colt Minute Man Solo – Colt

• Christopher Daniels – Teddy< Bear – Channel 1 Releasing

• Lance Luciano – Plays Together – Falcon Studios

• Tristan Matthews – Tristan’s Wicked Solo’s – Tee Tee Entertainment

• Jessie Montgomery – Helix Academy – Helix Studios

• Evan Parker – Out in the Open – Helix Studios

• Ryan Rose – He’s Got The Moves – Raging Stallion Studios

• Angel Rock – Water Logged – Channel 1 Releasing

• Tom Wolfe – Colt Minute Man Solo – Colt

Tom Wolfe carries the day here! WOOF!


Boomer Banks
J.R. Bronson
Alexsander Freitas
James Jamesson
Colby Keller
Hunter Marx
Conner Maguire
Diesel O’Green
Angel Rock
Billy Santoro
Nicholas Taxman
Christian Wilde
Austin Wolfe

I think that Alexsander Freitas should get this award.


Jessy Ares
Boomer Banks
J.R. Bronson
Jesse Colter
Dale Cooper
Christopher Daniels
Tommy Defendi
Trenton Ducati
Jimmy Durano
Jimmy Fanz
Brandon Jones
Levi Karter
Colby Keller
Conner Maguire
Johnny Rapid
Angel Rock
Ricky Roman
Ryan Rose
Kevin Warhol
Shawn Wolfe
Christian Wilde

Ryan Rose is the performer of the year – he is a breath of fresh air in the industry.



• Behind the Big Top – Raging Stallion Studios

• Cocktease – Raging Stallion Studios

• First Time Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn

• Frat House Cream – Nakedsword

• Helix Academy – Helix Studios

• King of New York Season 1 – Lucas Entertainment

• Off the Hook – Buckshot

• My Doctor Sucks – Hot House Entertainment

• The Haunting – Cockyboys

• Water Logged – Channel 1 Releasing

• Waxed – Jet Set Men

The best art direction was certainly in Cocktease. The lighting was exquisite. Adam Killian has a natural eye for aesthetics and can take junk and make it look terrific. Look at the lighting in the shot below:



• Kristen Bjorn – First Time Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn Video

• Steve Cruz -Timberwolves – Raging Stallion Studios

• Tony DiMarco – Behind the Big Top – Raging Stallion Studios

• Dominic Ford – Silence of the Cams 1 & 2 – Dominic Ford Studios

• Luke Hamill – Perfect Match – Bel Ami

• Jake Jaxson – The Haunting< – Cockyboys

• Chi Chi LaRue – The Boy Who Cried D.I.L.F – Channel 1 Releasing

• Marc MacNamara/Adam Killian – Original Sinners -< Lucas Entertainment

•Jasun Mark – Dick Danger – Titan Men

• Christian Owen – My Doctors Sucks – Hot House Entertainment

• Mr. Pam – Frat House Cream – Nakedsword

• Max Phillips – Off The Hook – Buckshot

• Alex Roman – Helix Academy – Helix Studios

• Christopher Steele – America’s Next Hot Bottom – Jet Set Men

Steve Cruz wins hands down as best director with Timberwolves. This was the perfect movie: the plot, the sets, the acting, the sex, the fur!


Ted Buel
Dominic Ford
Mick Hicks
Kyle Kamzot
Greg Lenzmen
Jasun Mark
Sean Michaels
Blake Morris
Joe Orso
Mr. Pam
R.J. Sebastian
Steve Shay
Marty Stevens
Kent Taylor

I have long thought that Mr. Pam is the best still photographer on the planet as she brings her subjects to life.



America’s Next Hot Bottom – Jet Set Men

Behind the Big Top – Ragin Stallion Studios

Dick Danger – Titan Men

First Time Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn Video

Frat House Cream – Nakedsword

Helix Academy – Helix Studios

My Doctor Sucks – Ho House Entertainment

Original Sinners – Lucas Entertainment

Out of Control – Bel Ami

Silence of the Cams 1 & 2 – Dominic Ford Studios

The Boy Who Cried D.I.L.F – Channel 1 Releasing

The Haunting – Cockyboys

Timberwolves- Raging Stallion Studios

Timberwolves is the best movie this year.




Raging Stallion Studio’s OPEN ROAD Part 2 Reviewed

January 6, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Take an uninhibited journey with Raging Stallion on the back roads of America. Sexy, rough and rugged men let loose and ride free on the Open Road, experiencing intense sexual encounters and hooking up whenever and wherever it happens. Hookups are on the horizon, and directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond drive the wild and unruly action in Open Road, Part 2. A thumb and a highway are all it takes to experience intense, in-the-moment sexual encounters. Mike Dozer cruises back roads in his van, looking for guys like Boomer Banks, who will exchange a sexual ride for a ride on down the road. Christian Wilde’s is frustrated while he is fixing his broken down muscle car, but he takes his mind off it by stroking his hot meat. Then, he finds unsuspecting Jimmy Fanz and takes out his frustrations on Jimmy’s ass. Tommy Defendi makes a pit stop at a public restroom that escalates into sex with plumber Mike Dozer. Mike loves getting his deep hole snaked by Tommy’s massive tool. The Open Road ends in a vineyard, where Donnie Dean helps lost Esteban Del Toro find his way in exchange for an intense tailgate fuck on Donnie’s truck. Even though Esteban was lost on this back road, he sure know his way around Donnie’s willing body and ends his journey deep in Donnie’s hole. Once you’re on the Open Road anything can happen, and in Part 2, it takes these studs to some of the most aggressive, exhilarating encounters that you’ve ever seen.


A hot and fun scene from Boomer Banks and Mike Dozer opened this DVD. Mike picks up hitchhiker Boomer in his plumbing van and says “I’ll take you where ever you need to go.” At an abandoned metal building, Mike blows Boomer and is able to throat ALL of Boomer’s monster cock. Yikes! Boomer rewards this with a bit of face fucking. Mike says “Big ol’ fucking dick!” Boomer returns the favor with a blow job and a rim job. But then in a surprise move, fucks Mike’s hole with a wrench. Boomer than fucks Mike doggy style, to which Mike says “Oh fuck that’s deep! Fuck that hole big boy! Fuck that’s a big cock!” The pair then fucked in the cowboy position, which was cool, because when Mike moved, the whole van moved! But Boomer did most of the moving and even did some quick fucking. There was an impressive oral cum shot at the end that must be seen. Mike then dumps all of Boomer’s stuff out of the van’s window as he drives off and leaves Boomer standing in the dust . “Thanks for the ride!” he calls out the window. Great work guys! A lovely scene that was fun to watch.

5131_RSS114_SG_692 5131_RSS114_SG_788 5131_RSS114_SG_821 5131_RSS114_SG_875 5131_RSS114_SG_929

Christian Wilde drives his silver Camarro into a wooden garage, where it will not restart. He decides to jerk off. While he is doing that, Esteban Del Toro watches Chris’ purple headed stiffie from the open doorway and then chooses to move on. But, an oblivious Jimmy Fanz walks right into the situation and Chris wastes no time grabbing him and tearing a hole in the ass of his blue coveralls, to take advantage of him! Chris pushes Jimmy over the open driver’s door and slams his erection into Jimmy’s hole! Jimmy cries out; pleasure or pain? We know not! LOL! Chris then fucks Jimmy sideways cowboy saying “Sit on this dick!” They take turns moving. Then later Chris fucks Jimmy missionary on the hood of the car. Jimmy cums with Chris’ dick up his ass, then Chris pulls out and cums; the first spurt going way up in the air. Chris leans forward and says “Did you like that?” Jimmy nods that he did and adds “The hot rods too!” Nice team work and nice little scene guys! Good job. As usual Jimmy’s facial expressions seal the deal.

5131_RSS114_SI_301 5131_RSS114_SI_338 5131_RSS114_SI_384 5131_RSS114_SI_411 5131_RSS114_SI_441

Tommy Defendi and Mike Dozer’s scene was impressive! First of all, Mike was able to throat Tommy’s cock at will, which made Tommy moan really loudly. Tommy reciprocated with a fine blow job of his own. After a nice rimming by Tommy though, the fun really began to start. There was such intensity built up when Tommy fucked Mike in the doggy style that it was just amazing! Penetration was shown and both men moaned so loudly during it, I have never seen such a thing in porn. It was as if these guys were made for each other; they moved as one. Both men worked up a sweat and Mike was trembling and his ass was bright red from where Tommy was slapping him. Tommy seemed extremely motivated by this fuck. They then reversed and faced the opposite way; Mike saying “Fuck! That’s so deep!” Tommy then leaned back onto the urinal and stall wall and Mike rode him reverse cowboy. Very pretty! Later, Mike came and the camera showed it on the mat on the floor. Tommy had an oral cum shot that was so huge, it went all over Mike’s face. Nice! What a great job by both of these men! Congratulations on this tremendously hot scene. Mike Dozer is now one of the hottest bottoms in porn.

5131_RSS114_SJ_151 5131_RSS114_SJ_165 5131_RSS114_SJ_214 5131_RSS114_SJ_226 5131_RSS114_SJ_244

Donnie Dean and Esteban Del Toro were featured in the final scene of this DVD. Donnie gives a tutorial on how to do a perfect blow job. Yay Donnie! Esteban then gives Donnie a very nice rim job, in that he even inserts a couple of fingers! While fucking Donnie doggy style on the tail gate of the truck, Esteban says “Delicious!” I loved to watch the way these guys move and they sure did look fine up there together. The pair seemed to have a fun and jokey rapore that one doesn’t get to see much with models these days. It was very nice to see that. In the missionary position, Esteban said “Are you okay now?” Donnie nodded yes. Then Esteban rammed his cock into Donnie and said “And now?’ It was too funny. Both men had great cum shots. Though these guys are kind of twinkish for me, and a bit less furry than I prefer, this was still a pleasant way to end this DVD. Both of the men took themselves seriously and did a great job. Very nice!

5131_RSS114_SF_406 5131_RSS114_SF_458 5131_RSS114_SF_473 5131_RSS114_SF_539 5131_RSS114_SF_569

Buy OPEN ROAD Part 2 because amateur hour is over and this is the real deal! Some of the best tops in the business,  hung studs like Boomer Banks, Tommy Defendi, Christian Wilde and Esteban Del Toro, fuck the best bottoms, like Mike Dozer, Jimmy Fanz and Donnie Dean. The action is not to be missed! Some of these scenes might even be nominated for awards. Camera work was excellent! I loved all of the little pans to side action such as showing how the stall door was moving while Mike Dozer was being fucked by Tommy Defendi. Way cool! Direction and editing was terrific! Sets and locations were perfect. Casting was perfect. Music was even good. One thing to note, however, is that the sexual choreography was a bit stale. but otherwise, this was a very hot and enjoyable film.

Highly, highly recommended.

See the free XXX preview here.

Raging Stallion Studio’s OPEN ROAD Part 1 Reviewed

January 5, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Take an uninhibited journey with Raging Stallion on the back roads of America. Sexy, rough and rugged men let loose and ride free on the Open Road, experiencing intense sexual encounters and hooking up whenever and wherever it happens. A thumb and a highway are all it takes, and when you arrive you know you’re gonna get some. Open Road, Part 1, directed by dynamic duo Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, offers triple-X American man sex featuring blue collar studs doing it dirty. Lots of liquids have been spilled on Aleks Buldocek’s bar, but none like the spills coming from the guys who work behind the counter. Employees James Ryder and Marcus Isaacs dress to reveal — one, a smooth ass; the other, hairy pecs — because it gets more tips. They wind up their sexual tension before the bar opens. Aleks hears the noise and joins them. Aleks is alone later, when drifter Adam Ramzi steps off the Open Road to wet his whistle. Adam’s holes need to be filled and Aleks is the big, burly man for the job. Adam’s back on the road, and he hitches a ride from Seven Dixon, a studly man with 7′s tattooed on his neck and biceps like bowling balls driving a car that has as much muscle as he has. Adam feels the need to top this time, and delivers on all cylinders. Boomer Banks is exhausted from lugging around his big sack on the road. He is carrying an endowment that makes you doubt your eyes. While taking a load off and napping in a barn, Boomer is discovered by farmer Tony Orion, who wants to touch, suck and then offer his ass to experience Boomer’s horse-hung power. Once you’re on the Open Road anything can happen, and in Part 1, the road takes these studs to some of the most aggressive, exhilarating encounters that you’ve ever seen.


Marcus Isaacs and James Ryder set some very solid ground work in their scene that impressed me. What I liked most about it was their intensity burnished with eye contact and dirty talking, a knowing rim job by James on Marcus, a thorough blow job by Marcus who got quite close on throating James, then a very nice flip-fuck by the pair; during which Marcus moved quite adeptly in the doggy style. Alone this would have been a stellar scene! But there was more! Aleks Buldocek enters and there is a 3-way [god I love 3-ways!] where Aleks and James shared Marcus’ sweet hole, while Marcus blew the available man. The cum shots were divine! After all of the action, Aleks says “Back to work guys!” LOL! What a nice, nice scene, featuring great work by the guys. Truly enjoyed watching it!

5130_RSS114_SA_148 5130_RSS114_SA_172 5130_RSS114_SA_228 5130_RSS114_SA_266 5130_RSS114_SA_331

The scene with Adam Ramzi and Aleks Buldocek was interesting because the intensity started off strong and then dwindled, then picked up again in an unusual way. I absolutely loved the blow job that Adam gave to Aleks and I am sure that Aleks did too! Adam did everything right, note his strong eye contact, ease of throating, being beat in the face and tongue, spitting, and ball licking. This was a high point of intensity for the scene. This intensity was rapidly lost during Aleks’ rim job on Adam. Aleks had a nice start, by spitting on Adam’s hole and grabbing Adam’s balls and dick, but in my opinion, he should have gone further. Adam is a handsome, horny stud. I would have pushed a finger or more into his hole. He wants it. He needs it! He deserves it! He would die for it! Then, I would have pulled back his dick and balls and sucked on those babies! Yum! So you didn’t get to give him a blow job, now is your chance! I’m sure he won’t complain! Those kind of moves would certainly build the intensity here. Next, Aleks fucked Adam doggy style and Adam was able to move at will, since he is a terrific bottom. But the entire mood of the scene really changed when the pair stood up and Adam began to muscle worship Aleks. It was like a breath of fresh air. In the missionary position, Aleks got physical and began to punch Adam in the pecs. Adam spit at Aleks and Aleks slapped him back. Hello! The intensity was back! The cum shots at the end were worth the wait. I hate to say it, but this scene had the same-old, same-old sexual choreography of blow-rim-sex in 2 positions-cum shots. A real mixed bag here; some good work and some weak work in this scene. Adam Ramzi was fabulous, Aleks Buldocek has a bit of learning to do, but that can fixed with some experience. All-in-all, a nice scene.

5130_RSS114_SB_064 5130_RSS114_SB_127 5130_RSS114_SB_160 5130_RSS114_SB_233 5130_RSS114_SB_267

Seven Dixon makes his debut in this scene with Adam Ramzi. Driving up in a cherry-red remake of the Plymouth Barracuda, Seven says “Get in!” When they get to the isolated barn, Seven aggressively pushes Adam into the front passenger bucket seat and blows him expertly. The blow job continues with Adam standing leaning against the passenger door. Adam rims Seven against the same passenger door, unfortunately with only the same expertise as Aleks Buldocek had in the previous scene. Please refer to my comments in that scene for the blow job. Plus all of the intensity from Seven’s aggression and blow job was lost. Adam then fucks Seven doggy style leaning on the same door, which seems to be gettting tons of action. Seven moved very well and said “Come on fuck me!” The pair looked quite hot from the above camera view.  The pair then had sex in the missionary position on a blanket. The cum shots were entertaining, as Adam had an oral cum shot. Nice debut for Seven; great work! Adam obviously needs way more practice as a top. He might want to watch D.O. or Logan McCree for inspiration and to get his head in the game.  Again, this scene was typical sexual choreography. Nice scene, no brass ring.

5130_RSS114_SC_337 5130_RSS114_SC_391 5130_RSS114_SC_436 5130_RSS114_SC_447 5130_RSS114_SC_505

Horse hung Boomer Banks finds a barn in which to rest his weary head. But, skulking within is cutie pie Tony Orion, who just has a devil of a time resisting Boomer’s buldge. Tony is able to give an enviable blow job to Boomer, throating a good three-quarters of Boomer’s heady length. Yowza! Boomer is so impressed that he face-fucks Tony. Boomer demonstrates how a rim job should be done on Tony as he rims, spits, long licks, sucks on balls and cock, and does some foreskin play for good measure. Camera work here was marvelous and there was terrific natural sunlight in the barn. Boomer pile drives into Tony and there was a camera shot that was in between the two men and gave a real feeling of the chemistry and intensity of the fuck. Incredible shot – I felt like I was there! During the missionary position, Tony exclaims “Oh yeah, fuck my hole!” The cum shots were worth the wait. This was a truly incredible scene that had chemistry and intensity throughout. Fine work was put in by both gentlemen. Great job! [Boomer, dude you really need to speak some time!]

5130_RSS114_SE_161 5130_RSS114_SE_203 5130_RSS114_SE_228 5130_RSS114_SE_309 5130_RSS114_SE_312

Buy OPEN ROAD Part 1 to see the incredible intensity of the first and last scenes featuring Boomer Banks & Tony Orion, and Marcus Isaacs, James Ryder & Aleks Buldocek in their fine 3-way. Also, Seven Dixon’s debut with Adam Ramzi is very worth seeing as I am sure that Seven will go on to bigger and better things. There is also a very interesting scene with Adam Ramzi and Aleks Buldocek that is worth a look. My problem with this DVD is that other than the first scene, all of them are the stale sexual choreography. However, the camera work was outstanding with one incredible shot in the Boomer Banks / Tony Orion scene that brought the viewer right into the action. The remaining camera work was also just really great. The sets and locations were very fine and well done. Casting was very good. Direction and editing were excellent. I even loved the musical interludes; one that used guitar was particularly pleasing. In all, this DVD brought me back to my days on the road, when I was so much younger and that made the ride so much more fun! I’m not giving this DVD a top rating for reasons stated in my review, but get it and you won’t regret it.

Highly recommended.

See the free XXX preview here.


October 12, 2013 Posted by suefairview



Directors: Tony Dimarco & Bruno Bond

Bucks County is in the rural back roads of America and home of young, all-American guys. Athletic and virile, they work hard. They play hard, too, sharing energetic, intimate moments with each other. Their spontaneous, carefree sexual attitude is a testament to their simple surroundings and their need for release. Rural innocence and lusty desire create a brotherhood of hyper sexual studs who exchange intense pleasures. In Bucks County 2: Road to Temptation, award-winning directors Tony Dimarco and Bruno Bond film these stunning hometown men in playful, lusty and romantic action that will send your fantasies ablaze. Bucks County 2: Road to Temptation includes five pairs of men who share each other and fulfill desires. Ryan Rose and Liam Magnuson connect in an erotically charged fuck in the corral by the barn. Ryan repeats with versatile hottie Vance Crawford for an oral interlude between the fence posts that makes the earth shake. Vance returns with knockout Jack King for naked wrestling on the lawn, followed by a sunset tryst in the barn. Statuesque Kip Johnson, with his long blond hair and foxy scene partner Woody Fox find inventive uses for an old wooden ladder for their sexual exchange. Collegiate jocks Jason Goodman and Joey Cooper drape themselves across a tractor tire in every way imaginable only enhancing the provocative attractions of their youthful bodies. No one in Bucks County is in a hurry for the good times to end, and this group of young studs take care of each other sexually with total abandon.


Yowza! I wouldn’t like to have to follow this scene with Ryan Rose and Liam Magnuson. It was a stunner! The scene had a rather slow start with a very quiet but competently done blow and rim job by Liam on Ryan. But once Liam got down to fucking Ryan doggy style it was as if someone lit the set on fire! Holy cow! This pair were lost in lust for each other as their muscular bodies were limned in sunlight glistening on their sweat. They fucked in a frenzied manner, Ryan backing into Liam for all he was worth and Liam pushing Ryan forward with his erect cock. “Feel it in there?” demanded Liam with each powerful thrust. To which Ryan uttered “OH! OH!” as each Liam’s cock hit home each time. Liam summed it by when he said “This is amazing!” It surely was. There was a nice pattern break, where Ryan blew Liam handily, and we got to see why Liam is the big star he is when he reached for Ryan’s ass. The final position was missionary and I wondered if they would recapture the intensity they had in the doggy style. They sure did! Before long they were hugging and kissing while copulating and trading punches [hot]. Ryan got a grip on the upturned trough he was lying on and Liam said “Yeah, hang on!” to which Ryan said “Take me for a fucking ride!” Phew! What a pairing! What chemistry! What a scene! Terrific job guys! Camera work was also notable with great shots of both mens’ butts.

FVP235_GG_SD_888 FVP235_SD_067 FVP235_SD_107 FVP235_SD_157 FVP235_SD_189 FVP235_SD_242 FVP235_SDBR_715 FVP235_SDBR_723 FVP235_SDBR_729

The next scene featured Woody Fox and Kip Johnson. Their scene was not bad, but needs a bit of work. When Kip blew Woody, he had great eye contact, but never seemed to sync his head movements with Woody’s hips. It would have been really cool if he had! I suggest that Kip add the following to his oral sex repertoire: ball licking/sucking, long licks up the shaft of the penis and including the testicles. spitting and throating. Woody’s blow job was much better, and during it, Kip seemed to try to move his hips, and that needs some work. Woody’s rim j0b had tons of promise, but was way too short. I really liked the doggy style fucking, especially when Kip was able to bend over almost double!!! But I really dig guys with long hair! Kip looks great with his long blond locks. Next up was my favorite position, reverse cowboy. Kip revealed his prowess as a bottom here moving both up and down as well as all around. Toward the end, Woody jerked Kip off while fucking him and that was very hot! Kip resumed the motion so that Woody could cum. All in all, the scene was a bit too quiet. There was some talking in the middle but there needs to be way more. Kip, I love your look. With your long hair and natural body hair you have the total surfer dude look captured. There are not too many young men who have that look right now. I can see that you have some natural talent as a bottom, but there are some areas that need work, such as your blow job and speaking up during your scenes. But fix those, and the sky is the limit for your career. So, even though the sexual pattern was tired, a respectable scene resulted. Good work guys.

FVP235_GG_SH_624 FVP235_SH_591 FVP235_SH_603 FVP235_SH_614 FVP235_SH_740

Vance Crawford and Ryan Rose swap blow jobs in the next scene. Vance’s blow job technique has improved since Bucks County 1, but he is still not able to throat and gagged, but only twice. Ryan was a trooper and said “Amazing!” and moved his hips, which was very entertaining to see. Ryan blew Vance and did his usual superb job of it. Vance seemed to hang on to the fence rail for his life, he even managed to support his weight on his hands and move his hips. He was trembling toward the end, and without him speaking up, it was difficult for me [as a female] to tell how he felt. It sure would have been nice if he said something before he said “I’m gonna cum!” and all became clear. D’oh.

FVP235_SB_413 FVP235_SB_422 FVP235_SB_530

A delictable duo of twinks, Jason Goodman and Joey Cooper, are in the next scene. Jason is quite impressive in this scene as he was very verbal and gave a splendid blow job. Joey was also gifted in the oral sex arena, and just as I was thinking it, Jason grabbed Joey’s head to face fuck him a bit. While Jason was rimming Joey, he ran his finger around Joey’s hole and said “Oh yeah! Look at that!” I was wondering why he didn’t just finger that hole? I loved the choreography with the tractor. For example, when Jason laid down over the tractor tire while he was being blown and when Joey climbed up onto the tractor to change from being blown to a rim job. Very clever! Both men moved in perfect rhythm the doggy style, as if it were easy as pie. Jason evidenced a very nice motion while fucking Joey doggy style. Jason had Joey spread his own cheeks so that he could plunge fuck him. In the missionary position, not only did Jason jerk off Joey, but he also blew him for a little while. Both men had very nice cum shots. Jason, you did very well in this scene. Here is my advice to improve: let your pubes grow out. You have a fabulous little muscle body going and a handsome face, but reviewers and fans like to see some fur down there. See how nice Joey’s little pubes look? Aren’t they cute? You are so far ahead of the game in the other areas, you just need to study the masters a bit more to progress. Great job here boys; especially for novices!

FVP235_SJ_131 FVP235_SJ_141 FVP235_SJ_211 FVP235_SJ_234 FVP235_SJ_354PR

The final scene featured Vance Crawford and Jack King. Vance blew Jack never taking more than half of Jack’s cock in his mouth, sucking on Jack’s balls and giving Jack a hearty taint rub. Egad! Jack then fucked Vance in three positions: missionary, cowboy and doggy style. In the missionary position, Jack lifted Vance’s ass in the air, which is something I have always enjoyed having done to me. I don’t know why more guys don’t do it in porn. In the cowboy position, Jack slapped Vance’s ass. In the doggy style, Vance said “Oh fuck me!” four times. The cum shots were very nice, with Jack’s spraying Vance’s chest and Vance having two gigantic spurts and two dollops. The sun set while all of this was happening. I did like when Jack lifted Vance’s ass in the air; that was a good dominating effort. But Jack, you have such a manly look, you just must work on your repertoire to include more moves suited to it! Please be more aggressive and dominant. Plus, speak up! We all want to know what you are feeling. Vance – What is up with that blow job? Or was that one filmed first? This was not  a bad effort for novices, but watch the scene that Ryan Rose had with Liam Magnuson in this very dvd to learn how speaking up can make a scene so much hotter! They came down to punching each other to edge up the masculine tension. This is my advise to promote your careers.

FVP235_SG_436 FVP235_SG_476 FVP235_SG_517 FVP235_SGBR_151 FVP235_SGBR_156 FVP235_SGBR_202 FVP235_SGBR_269

Buy BUCKS COUNTY 2: ROAD TO TEMPTATION to see some hot, but tame, man sex that takes place in bucolic locations. There is a steamer of a scene starring Ryan Rose and Liam Magnuson on the DVD that is not to be missed. The remainder of models did a respectable job, though they are all novices: Woody Fox, Jason Goodman, Vance Crawford,Kip Johnson, and Joey Cooper. Viewers may like the sex on this disc more than I did, because I review so much porn and demand excellence, don’t really care for twinks, and prefer nastier sex than this [oink!]. The location was terrific and was exploited to the maximum with gorgeous outtakes a plenty! Camera work was great! Direction was very good! Use of props was also very good.

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

Falcon Studio’s BUCKS COUNTY 1: INTO THE WILD Reviewed

October 8, 2013 Posted by suefairview



Directed by: Tony DiMarco & Bruno Bond

Bucks County is in the rural back roads of America and home of young, all-American guys. Athletic and virile, they work hard. They play hard, too, sharing energetic, intimate moments with each other. Their spontaneous, carefree sexual attitude is a testament to their simple surroundings and their need for release. Rural innocence and lusty desire create a brotherhood of sexually liberated studs who frolic naked in the sun, exchanging intense pleasures. In Bucks County 1 — Into the Wild, the imaginations of award-winning directors Tony Dimarco and Bruno Bond brilliantly capture the relentless sexual appetites of these sexy men and serve up the perfect combination of muscle, sweat and cock. Bucks County 1 — Into the Wild, includes five pairs of hometown studs. Vance Crawford and Lance Luciano combine sultriness and playfulness as they put their SUV to work as a love nest. The wood of long-haired Woody Fox is in high demand. First, hunky Donnie Dean finagles him into a tryst by the barn, then Connor Maguire spirits Woody away from the BBQ for mutual blowjobs. Seconds are served up for Connor and Donnie later, when an unplanned meeting in the barn leads to an outdoor fuck. Tanned and chiseled Ryan Rose is inspired to use a knot hole in the barn door as a glory hole, and Connor Kline is the fly caught in Ryan’s web of sexual intrigue. Travel to Bucks County, and you’ll find a place rich with Americana, charged with youthful energy and punctuated with the erotic shenanigans of hung, horny and handsome men!


Scene 1 has Vance Crawford and Lance Luciano driving up to the bucolic farm in their Rover. Opening the tailgate, Vance notes that they are the first to arrive. After some kissing and caressing, Lance blows Vance. Lance’s oral skills are quite advanced and he seems to know all the tricks. He can only improve his performance by fingering his partner’s ass or grabing his partner’s ass. Vance, on the other hand, unfortunately has a very active gag response. But he deals with it correctly by trying all of the other blow job techniques and just putting up with it. Vance needs tons more practice and I am sure he will get it. Lance was a good partner and moaned as if he was really enjoying the less than ideal blow job. Vance fucked Lance doggy style and then in the missionary position, and sometimes he varied his pace and force which was impressive. Lance kept up a patter of statements such as “Feels so good!” and “Oh fuck me!” Lance held his back in a hunched position that looked uncomfortable. Other than that, the scene could have been improved if Vance had been more vocal and if the pair had interacted more with each other. For example, Vance could have jerked off Lance. In the bigger pickture, this was again the same old stale sexual choreography. These guys are a bit twinkish for me, but if you are into that, you like this scene just fine. Lance is very experienced as he shows us in his work here and is ready for bigger things.

FVP235_SA_505 FVP235_SA_573 FVP235_SA_647 FVP235_SA_673 FVP235_SABR_811

I was bit more pleased with scene 2, featuring Donnie Dean and Woody Fox. What I liked about it was when Donnie was expertly blowing Woody [which was a treat to see] Woody took advantage of the situation to reach down and grab some Donnie ass and finger some hairy Donnie crack. Woody said “Oh my god! Oh yeah!” The pair then performed a sitxy-nine where Donnie was blowing Woody and Woody was rimming Donnie [points for creativity] who moved his ass and hips à la Adam Killian. Camera work was notably terrific here. The next sexual position was one of my favorites, reverse cowboy. I was again mesmerized by watching Donnie’s junk move up and down. During this, Woody jerked off Donnie, and just love to see the helping out by partners. The final position was doggy style and in this position Donnie shows just what a terrific bottom he is. He moves at will, or can respond to Woody’s lead and bounce back to meet him in time. Or, be a completely stable base. Whatever is required of him, Donnie is all over it. The cum shots were great; an oral for Woody and a nice load shot by Donnie. The scene would have been hugely improved if Donnie had been more vocal. He did smile a few times, but I really wanted to hear about how great he felt. Otherwise, this was a great effort by this pair. Good job guys!

FVP235_SC_133 FVP235_SC_142 FVP235_SC_204 FVP235_SC_244 FVP235_SC_309

In the next scene, fairly respectable blow jobs are swapped between Connor Maguire and Woody Fox.

FVP235_SE_035PR FVP235_SE_432 FVP235_SE_471 FVP235_SE_492

I was all set to love the next scene with Ryan Rose and Connor Kline, but unfortunately, they did the same old tired sexual choreography of blow; rim; sex in 2 positions; cum shots. Still, the scene had the fabulous Ryan Rose in it and he did his best to save it, which was pretty impressive. Here are the high points. Ryan did lots of talking and sometimes he even drew Connor into it, which was terrific. Ryan did a superior blow job as is usual for him. Connor was no slouch, letting Ryan fuck his throat until he gagged. During the rimming, Connor held a cheek back and Ryan jerked Connor’s dick and did a long lick; all of these are expert moves to mix in with rimming. Ryan almost fingered Connor’s hole; why didn’t he go for it? Ryan used some impressive powerfucking in both the doggy and missionary positions. These seemed natural as if he was out of control from lust for Connor and that was hot to see! Ryan held one of Connor’s arms behind his back and any move of this type is unexpected and creative. Of course Ryan was glistening with sweat and growling like an animal. Ryan said things like “Oh that hole; fuck it!”, which made the scene even hotter. So stale choreography and I know that Ryan can do so much better, but good job guys!

FVP235_SI_154 FVP235_SI_201 FVP235_SI_259 FVP235_SI_335 FVP235_SI_404

OMG! Another scene with the same stale sexual choreography! This time it is with Connor Maguire and Donnie Dean. Donnie does his usual good blow job, but on Connor’s I noticed that he kept his hands to himself, while most men would at least use one hand to jerk the cock they are sucking or fondle the balls. Perhaps he could improve his blow job by being more forthcoming with his hands. The rim job was pretty typical except for the fact that Donnie was somehow able to move! Incredible! Connor said “I wanna fuck your ass!”, which he then did in both doggy and missionary styles. Again we got to see what a terrific bottom Donnie is as he moved well in the doggy style. Connor did the topping like a machine, which is both good and bad. You will enjoy this scene if you are a fan of Connor. But I found it to be a snooze.

FVP235_SF_164 FVP235_SF_210 FVP235_SF_297 FVP235_SF_305 FVP235_SF_367

Buy BUCKS COUNTY 1: INTO THE WILD if you are looking for mostly vanila sex performed by all-American guys in a bucolic setting. You will not be disappointed. In my opinion, the best scene was the one with Woody Fox and Donnie Dean because the sexual choreography was the most creative, and the pairing and performances were the best on this dvd. But there are also strong performances by Ryan Rose and Connor Kline. Lance Luciano is worth a look and he performs with Vance Crawford. Connor Maguire fans will get to see him perform with Donnie Dean. Direction was good and camera work was also good.

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.