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Just some guys 22…

July 17, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Chase is king of the hill! [In Upstate NY]


Wilfried Knight in his first movie since his MVA.

François Sagat as Madonna in MDNA.

An Akhal-teke, a horse breed from Turkmenistan, known for their metallic, shiny coat. Via Cristiano. My newest horsie crush! I must have one!!!

Angelos Petheryotis. YUM!

Yoikes! Spencer Reed is going to be at Dore Alley! Wish I was!!!

Dunno who this hottie is at the beach, but I like his choice of swim attire!

Digging this photo of Spencer with a chandelier!

Orlando Toro with pals that include Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho.

This coming Friday, July 20, Alexsander Freitas will be LIVE in NYC at EASTERN BLOC [505 East 6th St. between A and B]. Also see my favorite ginger Kennedy Carter there! I’m sure it will be quite a show!

Bryce Star is ready for Spiderman to drop in!

Kennedy Carter and his to die for sexy BF [below] did a porno for CockyBoys earlier this year. See more photos at Kennedy’s blog.

Landon Conrad looking very hot for photographer David Wagner. *swoon*

Large Tony goes “commando in camo”.

The adorable Lucio Saints shows his stuff.

Maikel Cash looks terrific in next to nothing.

Marc Dylan‘s cock.

Nick Moretti‘s new cover photo is incredible! Don’t you think so?

Rogan Richards makes a convincing gladiator in this shoot done by Simon Barnes. He will be in Dublin from July 18-25.

Jesse Santana looks scrumptious in this Cherry Pop ad!

Spencer and Adam Killian swap spit at Hustlaball London. Or it could be piss or water. ???

Spock is a poodle that is hundreds of years old! He is owned by Gus Brocanello.

Steve Cruz looking dapper at an awards show.

Lovers Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder model Timoteo.

Vito Gallo with Brock Roslyn as his puppy dog.

The Metamorphosis of Angelo Peterson

February 21, 2011 Posted by suefairview

I have known about Angelo Peterson since Damien Crosse was dating him at the GayVNs in early 2008:

Angelo & Damien lick Cristiano to taste his sweetness.

But that was really the beginning of the end of that affair. [Long story.]

Really, though, I had noticed him way long before that, when I swiped this photo to use in my Fairview Fantasy series:

Source: Brawny Stud

And named him Chuck. Chuck is a wiry Marine who is looking to tap Dr. Sue Fairview’s ass. But, she holds out for the more brawny Marine, Major Pete. Here is another photo of Angelo with his ex-bf Damien Crosse, taken after the Black Party in 2008 for TÊTU Plage.

So we can see that while muscular and toned, we would hardly call Mr. Peterson beefy.

But what has happened since then? What has turned Angelo from that into this muscle god?

And this:

At least he is willing to share his secret. For a fee, of course. But I hear he is reasonable.

Happy Birthday Damien!

February 10, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Oh Damien, you are a big boy now; well not until next year! LOL! Above he throws his best attitude at me when I photographed him at a party in San Francisco. Look how beefy he is! Lovin’ those guns!

Below, when I first met him in March 2009, we hit it off right away and he kept me laughing. This is the only photo where I have my mouth closed! [He was sitting next to Cristiano, but Cristiano was all over him and Francesco was getting jealous, so they switched seats.]

Today is his Birthday and I hope he is having a great time! I wonder when he was a little boy if he ever imagined what he wanted when he grew up? Now that he has grown up does what he has come close to what he imagined? I would love to know the answers to those questions.

Damien, I hope you are truly happy on this, your special day!

Bloody Mary/SIU Halloween Party Debrief, part 2

November 1, 2010 Posted by suefairview


So around 11:35 PM I was standing in front of the Slick It Up area, thinking that I should have brought my SLR camera, and trying to decide whether or not to go upstairs to the less crowded bar to get some more Perrier, when someone taps me on the shoulder and says “Hey Sue!” It was Dave Mason, but I never would have recognized him in his full black SIU suit and hood, though I had already figured that he would be garbed so that I would not recognize him. Then he said “Look it’s François!” And there was François Sagat! I never would have recognized in his winter jacket! [Too many clothes! LOL!] François said “Finally we meet! What has been, 3 years?” I answered that I thought so. They were in a hurry to get ready, but Dave real quick passed me a paper wristband so that I could get into the back dressing area when I wanted to. Then they rushed off. I went upstairs, got my Perrier, and joined them in the dressing area.

Dave was running around like a madman in what one of his models called controlled chaos. François came over and we began to talk. We talked briefly about NYC and I told him that though I am a native it is a nice place to visit, but I preferred the cities in Europe. After a short discussion of European cities, we both agreed the best destination city in the world is Rome because of the architecture, food and art. Then we began to talk about our mutual friend Cristiano and how he was always traveling and too busy to see anymore. François mentioned that he did connect with Cristiano for a few days recently and I said that Cristiano’s passport must be a tome! But fans who wanted a photo with Sagat kept interrupting our conversation and I decided it was better to let him work, so I faded to the background and just took photos. I sure hope I get to see François again when he is not working! I would like to talk about his art and his movie!

My first photo is of one of the SIU models who is wearing Gladiator Pants and of course François is wearing a pink and sparkly Shredder Suit with a matching hood examining a photo they just took.

The next photo is of a young SIU model in his best “wannabe” porn star look. LOL! He is wearing the lederhosen. François assured me that is was the only real porn star there and that all others should be strongly dissuaded.

I just loved this tall, cool gal. Biding her time before the shoot by relaxing in a chair. She looks great!

Before we went out for the first set of poses, Sagat came and stood before me, as if for final instructions. I said to him “Are you focused?” He just looked at me uncomprehendingly. But of course he was. He has done this millions of times! I should have known.

In the first group shot, you can see that there is too much black for my puny camera flash to deal with. Anyhow, I am sure you can pick out Sagat, and to his immediate left, in the fancy headress with his leg in the air is Dave. The guy dressed as a baseball batter is from Bulgaria and came up to me and told me that this is all new to him, since Halloween is not celebrated there. He seemed thrilled to be in America.

In these group shots, François and Dave just moved from pose to pose, and everybody else did whatever. I really suffered having the wrong camera and missed many shots. Actually only two were decent.

Then they broke for refreshments, which I also photographed. Sagat could not wait to get out of the hot Shredder Suit. It only has one zipper that goes the entire length, so it comes off very quickly. One shot is of Sagat bending over to get out of the suit and the other is of him sitting back down. Dave passed around drinks; it was vodka and orange juice. He offered me one, but I said no thanks, I cannot drink alcohol. Boo hoo.

Then, with their drinks, they resumed posing! I like the next shot where Dave has his arm around Sagat and Sagat is reaching to pet the man dressed as a cat.

Then someone told a joke and everybody laughed; that made a great shot too!

The next shot I like because Sagat is making a connection with the tall gal. It lights up the entire shot and makes it into something special.

The next three shots are of Sagat and a man dressed up as a poodle. In the first shot, Sagat fucks the poodle doggy style. In the next he admires it and in the final shot he is kissing the poodle. The poodle was an Asian man and there was stray poodle fur all over the dressing room! Sagat has a poodle obsession.

After everybody left, but Sagat kept on posing. The red mark on his arm is blood. He was scratched during the shoot. Even though he is already a star, he is still hungry. This is only a party for a pal, but he is working HARD. The ultimate professional, who knows his business cold. That is the François Sagat I met. He is also compelling, smart and a real character. I would love to get to know him better.

The models returned to the dressing room and Sagat and Dave returned to Sagat’s room at the hotel to don their next looks. Then the ladies had their turn in the SIU area. I took this picture of one I had been talking to in the dressing area. I joked that wouldn’t be doing much typing with those fingers. But look how fabulous her make-up is! Those were tiny white blobs on her fake eyelashes.

Then Sagat came out with his next look on and it was the jewel encrusted gold armor thing with spikes on it! They had to walk him from the dressing area to the stage, which was quite a walk through a very dense crowd. I decided to help, as they only had one person to guide him there. So, I followed him behind and pushed people aside when needed. But then I was thinking, why am I taking these spikes in me, when they are made for this??? Once there, I told him what I had done; I think he was grateful. I asked him if his costume was heavy. He said that it was a bit heavy, but not that much for him. Then he got on stage and put his ass right in front of my camera! He did not move it for the longest time and so I took a photo of it! What was I supposed to do? I know it looks really big, but it is not at all big. Actually when I first met him, his back was to me and it looked really small and tight. Two tight little loaves!

Then he turned and his eyes were closed. I don’t know if he was feeling the energy from the crowd and drinking it in, but it was definitely a moment in time to be there. They were announcing his name at the time and he was waiting for it.

In the next shot, he just raised his fist into the air and it was magic! I am so glad I got this shot! The armor is astoundingly beautiful, isn’t it?

This devil lady kept turning too quickly and I couldn’t get a shot of her face. At least I got her wonderful nails. I had to help her fetch her black lipstick out of her bag though, since her nails were just impossible!

I headed back to the dressing room only to hear that the FDNY was shutting the party down because it was too crowded!!! It was only 2 AM! Fuck! I decided to wait for Dave and François to say thanks and goodbye. I peeked outside and the exits were jammed with people leaving. That was a scene I did not want to join. After about 15 minutes, Dave walked in. He told me that François had already gone back up to his room when I told him that I wanted to say goodbye. But I asked for a picture with Dave.

Finally, a shot of me with Dave Mason, whom I cannot thank enough for being such a gracious host even though he was crazy busy. He was always checking to make sure I was okay and had what I needed. So nice! I sure hope I get to see you again Dave when you are not putting on a show or crazy busy with something. I had a super time at the party!!!


Alex Freitas takes a bite of the Big Apple

August 10, 2010 Posted by suefairview

So I planned to take the 1:07 PM train from Old Saybrook to Penn Station arriving at 3:15 so that I would have plenty of time to return my painting of “Cock” [see below] that I had borrowed from Cristiano for my art show. [I had gifted him with it when he let me know that he was born in the year of the rooster!]

Then, I would continue up from Columbus Circle to the Museum of Natural History to see the Silk Road exhibit. I would have plenty of time to head back to Alex Frietas‘  hotel, where we were supposed to meet at 6, so that we could head over to Pier 83 for our Harbor Lights night cruise that was to depart at 7 PM. Upon arriving back, we would walk north on 9th Avenue and find a place to eat. Great plan, huh?

“The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often askew,….”

I guess Alex started it with his flat tire in LA! My Amtrak train was 45 minutes late getting into Penn Station, because of “improvements on the lines”, and arrived at 4 PM. By the time I fought the crowds, bought a metro card and got the subway uptown to Columbus Circle and dropped off the painting, made it back to the circle, it was 5 PM! I only had one hour to get all the way up to the museum and see the exhibit and get back to Alex’s hotel! I was thirsty and hungry. The city was mobbed and there was no air. It was a humid 90° at least and oppressively polluted.

I decided to scrap the museum and got an Italian lemon ice and ate it on my leisurely stroll down Broadway back to Alex’s hotel. I got there shortly before 6 PM and bought a liter of water. At 6:10 there was no sign of Alex, so I called his cell. He said that the shoot was running late and that I should wait for him. So I did. He was a full hour late and strolled in with his scene partner, the stunning Phillip Aubrey at 7:10.

Phillip looks far more gorgeous in real life than he does in the photo above. He did not stick around, they kissed and Phillip vanished to the elevators. I cannot wait to see the result of this shoot! I gave Alex a kiss and a hug, his body felt very warm, as if he had a fever, and he told me that he needed a shower because they didn’t have one at the studio and would I mind very much coming up to his room while he did that. So we went up.

He grabbed the things he needed and headed for the bathroom and I waited in the bedroom. When he came out he was wearing shorts. He asked what I do for work and I told him I am disabled. He just looked stunned. I explained that I had had a brain aneurysm that hemorrhaged in 1999 and he told me that he had lost a female lover to an aneurysm in 1998. She was in a coma for 2 months and then just died suddenly. We talked and bonded about that for a while. Then he went back into the bathroom and got dressed and moisturized and we went out for dinner. It was 8 Pm and we were both starved.

He told me that he had hurt himself during the shoot and didn’t want to walk very far. Actually, he was limping. We walked around for a while and saw the Empire State Building and he said that he would settle for KFC. I said that I thought we could do better than that. I spotted a tiny Indian take out place and we went in there. I got Tandoori chicken, basmati rice, stewed okra and an order of naan with mango lassi, and he ordered a chicken sandwich and bought 2 liters of Gatorade. We headed back to the hotel.

He was now obviously in pain. He said it was his hamstring and the pain was shooting down his thigh to his foot and it felt like he was walking on pins and needles. I felt silly, because I have given massages before and know how to do them a bit. I told him that while I am not a professional masseuse, I can massage it for him and perhaps he will feel better. He replied “Oh! Will you? Really?” We decided to eat first.

My tandoori was less than inspiring, kind of dry and pretty spicy. The mango lassi was watery. The okra and good and spicy. Alex gobbled up his chicken sandwich and tossed what he could not eat. He tried the tandoori chicken and deemed it too spicy for him. The mango lassi was too crappy for me to even let him try it. But he did try the nann.

Then he stripped to his underwear and I began with massaging the back of his right thigh. He groaned with relief as I pressed down on the muscle with the flat of my palm and the lotion and he provided. Before I could say anything, he had stripped his underwear off and I was staring at a naked fanny! But it was a very cute one. I guess it was a message that I was doing a good job and that was my next task. But I know that I carry my tension above my butt, so that is where I headed first, I placed the heel of my hand above his right butt cheek and pressed down in a circular motion. There was a rock hard knot right there! Again he groaned. Then I worked my way down his right leg, I pressed on his calf muscle, rubbed the Achilles tendon on both sides. He showed me how to rub the sole of his foot with my knuckles. Then I went back up to his back. I did his scapula, his shoulders, his neck, both sides of his spine, etc. His whole body was super tight. But, he relaxed and was putty in my hands. All I could think is how jealous Doug would be!

I observed his body closely. His skin is flawless. I only found two small moles on his entire back. His skin is like butter. And the color of it is a beautiful natural brown. The muscle bodies are perfectly balanced and seated. It reminded me of grooming an Arabian Stallion versus an ordinary horse. He was fine of bone and sinew. A thoroughbred, through and through. His hair is shockingly jet black and the cut is a wonderful fade and the beard is a close cut. His tattoos are a fine addition of body art.

So how does he keep up his body? He takes many supplements and drinks protein shakes, eats salmon with rice and vegetables. He eats one normal meal a day in the evening. He only works out 2 hours a day, because he is where he wants to be as far as muscles. Sometimes he will do a “lady workout,” he said. Then he quickly glanced back to see if I thought he was being misogynistic. Not at all Alex! He is way too sweet to mean ill by it.

But then he was so tired! He had not gotten a good night’s sleep because he was on the red-eye flight. With my massage and all the endorphins from that he was ready to pass out. It was now 10:20 and I was tired too.

He got up to hug and kiss me goodbye [nearly crushed me with his hug!] and I caught a cab to Grand Central Terminal and took the 11:22 to New Haven where hubby was waiting with the Jeep to take me home.

Was it all a dream?