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Best thing to do in a blizzard? SHOP AT SIU!!!!!

January 26, 2015 Posted by suefairview

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The new thumper Swimsuit available now at Photo by Marco Ovando.

We just made a bunch of select swimsuits 30% off at the prices are lowered and sizes are limited so act fast if you want a bargain !

PLUS! The all new Beast t-shirt:


AND!!! The White Harness available now at Photo by Marco Ovando (OFFICIAL)




Also featuring photos by Kevin D. Hoover and Tim Palin.

All of these looks are available on

Neon Candy Swim Shorts at SIU

January 14, 2015 Posted by suefairview

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Neon Candy Swim Shorts available only at Made of four way stretch spandex with back zip pocket and gold plated toggles. Made in NYC, shipped globally.
Photo by Marco Ovando


January 10, 2015 Posted by suefairview

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The Dragon Scale Jacket is pure fantasy. It really has the magical brilliance of dragons scales they way it reflects light off the hundreds of thousands of sequins so densely packed it almost has a fur like quality to it. This material is extremely expensive for obvious reasons which is why this is one of our more expensive items but we loved the material so much we had to make it available to our clients. Its our “stroke and change” sequin meaning depending on how you want it the jacket can go from a semi gloss black sequin to a radiant iridescent green sequin with a stroke of your hand. People won’t be able to keep their hands off you and the compliments are non stop we promise!
The jacket has a more fitted athletic cut with contour seaming down the chest and back and features a more structured shoulder. The jacket is lined in black and features a gold plated Slick It Up logo. (Detail shown in photo number 5.) This jacket is SHARP and versatile enough for any season. Available in three sizes small, medium, and large. The jacket shown in the following clip is a size large on a model that is a size medium for a more baggy look. The model in the photos is a size large jacket on a size large model. CLICK HERE to see the jacket in action. Like all of our products this jacket is designed and sewn in Manhattan by Amazons.


January 6, 2015 Posted by suefairview

The new Neon Body Harness Photo by Marco Ovando New THUMPER swimsuit also featured and available online!

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Just some guys; Holiday Edition!

December 27, 2014 Posted by suefairview

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Notes: 3 insanely hot men; Play Santa with Adam Champ; Alexsander Freitas is here to celebrate; as is Alex Marte; Bulrog Ludovic and Gabriel Dahech posed for Exterface; Chase Hostler as a centaur; Colby Keller and Vincent under the tree; Damien Crosse‘s arm pit [yum]; David Mason Chlopecki without a stitch of SIU on!; 3 photos of Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vitoria da Silva, in the last one they are with Flex Extremmo and Tim Kruger; newly engaged Dirk Caber in the holiday spirit in 2 photos and with pals who include Tony Orion “under the covers”; DO wears a crown; Eliad Cohen with pals in 2 photos; turquoise waters and Filipe – a dream come true; Francesco; François Sagat as “ginger” and his newest Kick Sagat creation for the holidays; Francesco & Damien have moved to Barcelona!; Hans Berlin with pals; Jay Roberts working it!; Johnny Hazzard as a Santa’s helper and YIKES!; Lucas DJ Flamefly and Harry Louis; Matt as photographed by Simon Barnes; a peek down Paddy O’Brian’s pants makes me sweaty; 2 photos of Pavel Petel as Santa and yes, I want to sit on his lap; Pedro Andreas with his current bf; 3 photos of Rogan Richards, in the final one he has a helpful elf; Spencer Reed lookin’ good!; a quite dapper Steve Cruz; Tony Orion looking risque; Hans Berlin on crutches because of foot surgeries, wishes us all the best of the season and LOVE; a woofy-looking Tyler; archer Zach Hardt photographed by Michael Stokes; Aaron Cobbett‘s shot of a “bulgy” elf, that we would love to know better!