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Swimwear marked down 50% at SIU!

November 25, 2015 Posted by suefairview


Dave says:

“Im posting this early because I know we’re going to sell out of most.. We have never done a sale and we won’t again until this time next year so don’t get used to it. Our office in Manhattan is teeny and we need the room for our new merchandise…so take advantage of us… We like it;)”

The very next day:

All swimwear marked down over 50% and is now only 40.00$ while supplies last. One week only, then prices go back up. We started the sale yesterday and have already sold through half our stock so act fast because sizing are now limited! Made in New York City, shipped globally.

Here are some more SIU ads plus “Hot guys wear Slick It Up“:

[Artwork for the Beast of a Bottom tee is by Benoît Prévot.]


Halloween from SLICK IT UP!!!

October 12, 2015 Posted by suefairview


Come to our open house this Saturday! You can try stuff on and we will also have some unique pieces for sale we haven’t posted online! Email for a time to stop by our studio! ‪#‎slickitup‬ Photo by @timpalen

I have been terribly delinquent in posting and there are so many new products from SIU and hot guys wearing SIU, that this is a mega posting!!!!! Here you go:


Models include: Alvaro Masa, Boomer Banks, Chase Hostler, Damien Crosse, Dave Mason, Pavel Petel, Steve Cruz, and François Sagat. Find links in the sidebar.


July 16, 2015 Posted by suefairview


Famous popsicles print! Half our customers are from Europe and the other half are from the U.S so Alvaro made this illustration of famous frozen delights from around the world. I demanded Fat Frog and Bomb Pop but you’ll probably find others you appreciate as well. The shorts are available now at Photo by Marco Ovando (OFFICIAL)

— with Alvaro Masa.

11738042_10152919208026976_1643977907624130378_n 11755681_10152919208031976_2278065642153180778_n
PLUS!!!! Next week, the Skeletor doing poppers shirt is out!
Taking a selfie hard when A. Trying to be discreet at the gym so you Taking a selfie hard when A. Trying to be discreet at the gym so you don’t look like a vain twat. B. Trying not to cover the bodacious tatas you’ve worked so hard on. C. Trying not to cover the illustration of Skeletor doing poppers that your trying to hock so you can pay for your glamorous lifestyle. It won’t be shipped till next week but you can preorder now at

America is fierce!

June 29, 2015 Posted by suefairview


America is fierce. Big Star Swim Shorts available now at They are comfortably lined so they can be worn as shorts or a swimsuit and have a back zip pocket! MADE IN NEW YORK CITY, shipped globally! Photo by @marco_ovando


Dave is modelling the Psychedelic Jungle Swimsuit available now at Photo by Marco Ovando (OFFICIAL)

Get all of these looks at!

1982361_10152857708821976_2724509414867108587_n 10252178_10152876700531976_9007300658278510577_n 10277047_10152853498666976_17233199573013978_n 10339673_10152869527946976_3688211847818453306_n 10367791_10152850788381976_7377709086672875695_n

White and silver sequin stroke and change gym cut shorts.


10403723_10152849000556976_1666863540878296615_n 10404854_10152859621001976_4973461836466121140_n 10413337_10152836974181976_7149999863858324817_n 10418963_861691067251415_6115522800990128171_n

Gold star shorts.

10460246_10152876703271976_9012661744072073750_n 10888445_1101468856534089_6676540637003501601_n 10923193_10152856004521976_1132467391323575577_n

Beast tee, artwork by Benoit Prevot.

10952646_10152883015461976_8021943463317987546_n 11059361_10152816876741976_8770932798248498352_n 11143292_10152835236991976_2729538463097448962_n 11220921_10152875303476976_4708293720735060991_n

Reflective Neptune suit.

11247510_10152842809891976_5157193931428394855_n 11258253_10152814036776976_1243331263196588104_n 11329955_10152835398381976_614345383195375331_n

Slick It Up swimsuit.

11350672_10152863495836976_5170745535151963590_n 11351225_10152817547596976_5608375209041636332_n 11377221_10152838450421976_6734745241309926860_n


Jesse Jackman in the Slick It Up tee shirt [with Dirk Caber]



Amanda Lepore swimsuit.


The Paris tee shirt with artwork by Benoit Prevot, and the dino shorts.

11391405_10153137609296713_8893813218419044211_n 11391580_10152838230101976_4352378053780536805_n 11393057_10152849004321976_116182539678456113_n

David and Louis in a shot by Aaron Cobbett for the Cobra.


Dave in the psychedelic Giraffe shorts and another tee shirt designed by Benoit Prevot.


The Vented Leatherette Jacket.

11401194_10152838734811976_6946413353750460116_n 11401349_10152838230096976_8433662513758887778_n 11401401_10152887599336976_776654917440537540_n 11403215_10152841241221976_3685006200477040871_n 11406940_10152866115411976_8626626403127111941_n 11412378_10152844692551976_2026676603451990032_n 11536098_10152866115396976_8162246236583279642_n 11537882_10152875166581976_8052698771301522684_n 11659316_10152882085256976_2342625495577391946_n 11666052_10152887444761976_2888457892906199453_n

Dave and pals in Ibizia. Dave is wearing an out of stock model of Slick It Up.

11666166_865255943561594_6641063883407795087_n 11694061_10152884808041976_2015502717741630855_n giraffehoody

Get all these looks and more at SLICK IT UP!


May 26, 2015 Posted by suefairview


Yipes! Dive into Summer with Slick It Up! That is the bubblebutt of Slick It Up designer David Mason Chlopecki in the Thumper suit. Um, take a number!!!

Have you seen the all new Puppy suit????

puppy puppy2

It follows the ever popular Kitty suit and shorts11120558_10152770833846976_616704194781301913_n:

kitty kitty2

Artist Benoît Prévot has designed two new t-shirts! They are the T-Rex and the Sexecutioner:

sexecutioner sexecutioner2 trex trex2

At the Grabbys recently, Diesel Washington was sporting his SIU with Grabby Winner Steve Cruz and a fetching young man:

11267056_10153252229681291_2234879996192135865_n CF3fBkYUIAAaNpI

Okie dokie guys – here are your HOT GUYS WEAR SLICK IT UP:

22303_10152743539341976_9194092429458139938_n 10389968_10152794090341976_6840324052039785066_n  10858449_10152804907746976_8021153840143857041_n 10949719_10152757043056976_2652869676676436582_n 10982921_10206716959345227_430856417163250439_n 11069628_10152745425616976_5376586403084618141_n 11092125_10152779823596976_6579167421776342263_n 11149325_10152747298371976_8585643234840773168_n 11150709_10152923731822865_3526401326709361860_n 11159543_10152751078571976_5757839875071890847_n 11159961_10152745425551976_7313486534797699970_n 11159997_10152789818911976_1196840347003667911_n 11169887_10152754667696976_4513999017467841941_n 11174990_10152754765611976_6882790852875421783_n 11188238_10152770840386976_3715046464994287554_n 11188270_10152749491706976_743441468248503780_n11263090_10152782976461976_4918292459652555562_n11258066_10152801029986976_245498496453482106_n11246586_10152799561211976_7509088230327036642_n11225168_10152809673396976_3770668228159110146_n11205136_10152803319696976_3800677367284485479_n11204863_841502042603651_3836764259672255392_n11203096_10152775099761976_4009672122960459702_n11188238_10152770840386976_3715046464994287554_n11174990_10152754765611976_6882790852875421783_n11169887_10152754667696976_4513999017467841941_n11159997_10152789818911976_1196840347003667911_n11159961_10152745425551976_7313486534797699970_n11159543_10152751078571976_5757839875071890847_n11150709_10152923731822865_3526401326709361860_n11149325_10152747298371976_8585643234840773168_n11092125_10152779823596976_6579167421776342263_n11069628_10152745425616976_5376586403084618141_n10982921_10206716959345227_430856417163250439_n10949719_10152757043056976_2652869676676436582_n10858449_10152804907746976_8021153840143857041_n10426544_10152792072971976_416217458198195409_n10389968_10152794090341976_6840324052039785066_n 11203096_10152775099761976_4009672122960459702_n 11204863_841502042603651_3836764259672255392_n 11205136_10152803319696976_3800677367284485479_n 11225168_10152809673396976_3770668228159110146_n  11258066_10152801029986976_245498496453482106_n 11269095_10152784361256976_5504862882517236882_n 11351395_10152804419971976_3424133683732116960_nGet all these looks and more at Slick It Up!