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RuPaul and Dave Mason From on WOW Shopping Network

November 19, 2014 Posted by suefairview


RuPaul and Dave Mason talk about the virtues of the Black & Gold Jumpsuit, the all new Atalantis suit, the Vented Leatherette Shorts, the Emporer Tank and the Black SIU cap. All of them are available now at!

Thank you WORLD OF WONDER!!!

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Slick It Up is the sexiest source for HALLOWEEN!

October 13, 2014 Posted by suefairview

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There is not much time left to get your costume ready!


OPEN HOUSE at Slick It Up!

October 9, 2014 Posted by suefairview

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Dave says:

Costume time! This is your opportunity to try stuff on and pick up in person if you happen to be in NYC the 18th. Email for a time to come by. We have to schedule you because otherwise we have a ton of people in the studio at one time and its chaos, so email for a call time.

Or, order your look from Slick It Up!

Slick It Up for HALLOWEEN!!!!

October 6, 2014 Posted by suefairview

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Pavel Petel models costumes incorporating Slick It Up!!!!!

Kevin D. Hoover photography

And now, Slick It Up as used in Kylie Minogue’s new tour!!!!

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All new White and Silver Stroke and Change Sequin Gym Cut Shorts at SIU!!!

September 24, 2014 Posted by suefairview



All new White and Silver Stroke and Change Sequin Gym Cut Shorts available now at Photos by Marco Ovando.