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Classic Dillon Buck

January 30, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Dillon Buck & Ross Hurston

Photo by Joe Oppedisano

Source: Roids N Rants

Visit Dillon’s blog here and Ross’ blog here. Click the photo to visit Joe’s blog.

Dillon Buck in UKNakedMen's Todger

January 1, 2011 Posted by suefairview

On the shoot for Todger underwear, temperatures are rising. We all love to see Dillon Buck in action; this handsome, all-beef Brit can certainly hand out a pounding with his thick, uncut curved cock. Luckily Braxton can handle all that comes at him. The blue-eyed blond American took the full length of Dillon’s dick, feeling it open him all the way up, until Dillon pulled out his cock, leaving a stretched,gaping hole, tingling all over with pleasure. The cum is soon flying and glistening on Braxton’s smooth body as the hairy, muscled Dillon adds his huge load to Braxton’s hot cum.

So how did I miss this??? What planet was I on when this came out? I was thinking that Dillon Buck should be on the list of those I would kiss at midnight, but I didn’t have a recent photo. So I went to UKNakedMen and found this!!! Sheesh! Well, so now he gets a whole post of his own instead of being on a list. That’s better, right Dillon?

Photo from Attempted Entertainment

How could anyone resist kissing that face?

Anyhow, if you want to see the video “Togers” just click on the banner above!

PRIEST is out!

October 29, 2010 Posted by suefairview

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Dillon Buck & Conner Habib

October 24, 2010 Posted by suefairview

From Butch Dixon:

Conner Habib asks Dillon Buck to come over and have a look at his shower, apparently it’s broken. When Dillon turns on the fawcett, he gets drenched – he wasn’t expecting water to pour out of a broken shower head. Soaking wet, Dillon can’t leave, it’s too cold out. He asks Conner if he’s got a dryer, but when Conner reaches out and touches Dillon’s chest and says, “Geez, you really are wet,” Dillon grabs him and says, “Here, why don’t you get wet, too!” The guys lock in a passionate kiss and we’re off. They strip out of their clothes and fall onto the couch naked. Conner’s on the bottom and Dillon crawls on top and they start kissing, grinding their hard dicks together. I love watching men kiss, especially when they’re good at it and hot for one another.

The guys swap blowjobs, and as Conner gets his first taste of Dillon’s cock he says, “Your dick is so fucking big.” Conner eventually gets on his knees so he can deep throat Dillon’s 9.5 inches. After plenty of oral, Conner gets down on all fours and Dillon eats his hairy ass. Then on his back, Conner takes the first few inches of Dillon’s huge cock. “Open my fucking ass all the way up.” Dillon drills him in a number of positions, but my favourite is when Dillon wraps his arms around Conner and falls back on the couch – Dillon’s cock never leaves Conner’s hole. This gave me a chance to get some really hot close-ups of Dillon’s hard cock spearing up into Conner’s welcoming and hungry fuck hole. Dillon literally fucks the cum out of Conner and then dumps a massive load all over Conner’s hairy, cum-soaked belly. You’re going to love this big cock fucking scene.

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Photo source: Attempted Entertainment

Dillon Buck in & out of Todgers

October 19, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Swiped from Toni (See the rest of the set at his blog) where you can also see Dillon Buck‘s cute face [not just his meat and Todgers]!