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Just some guys 43…

January 29, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Notes:  Adam Champ with his soft, furry chest showing; would you give this guy a ride?; Carlo Masi springs out of Adam’s cake last year; my dear friend Alexsander Freitas; Angel Rock getting a smooch and some roses from Boomer Banks; Colby Keller with a full beard and looking out a hotel window; Damien Crosse and Dato Foland during their whirlwind tour of Miami; David Mason Chlopecki on Fire Island this past Summer; Derek Parker is king of ‘fill in the blank’; a lovely portrait of Diesel Washington and Chris Harder from CockyBoys’ THE HEALER; Dionisio on horseback; Jonathan Agassi flirts with Draven Torres on set; François Sagat has incredibly suckable lips; Stag Homme Studios executives Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse in Paris – Today is Francesco’s birthday!; Hans Berlin doing his thing; the yowza of Goran; Congratulations to Jessy Ares for winning best porn star at the XBiz Awards [and for his engagement]!; Jessy singing one of his songs with Jesse Jackman in the background; couple of the moment Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber; Johnny Hazzard and an equine friend; where is Kurt Rogers – he is so missed in the porn world!; Marcus Ruhl plays the middleman for Landon Conrad and Jimmy Durano; Liam Magnusson in his birthday suit; Logan McCree is a bit tied up right now, but his new episode features Sami; Lucio Saints looking fine in a selfie; Paddy O’Brian is all set to go on a hike in the woods; Pavel Petel looking bronze and muscular; beauty thou art Pedro Andreas; Angel Rock fools around with Ray Han in a pool; Ray go-go dancing; Ray naked; Ray cuffed to a small table; Rogan Richards during his live flex show that went out on Skype; Ryan Rose snorkeling and posing for what he wants; Samuel Colt in an award nominated photo by Matt Spike; Tom Wolfe with a furry pillow; Marc Dylan and Topher Dimaggio; Hot couple Damien Crosse & Dato Foland  pose with hot couple Diego Lauzen & Wagner Victorio.

The incredible JOE OPPEDISANO

January 18, 2014 Posted by suefairview

I have long admired the photographic art of Joe Oppedisano. He is a master photographer. I always find myself wondering how he maanged to get the lighting just so, or get that special effect and mostly how he managed to come up with the the many imaginative poses that his models take. How he fills the frames of his exposures is beyond understanding and yet fabulous!

Recently, Channing Tatum has posted these images that Joe took when Channing was only 18 years old.

tumblr_mfzelmKK331r5xfaro1_1280 tumblr_mfzelmKK331r5xfaro2_1280 tumblr_mfzelmKK331r5xfaro3_1280

Joe reminisces about the shoot in the post.

Below are some new and some older photos by Joe that I just adore:

Models include: Chase Hostler, Chris Porter, Derek Parker, Draven Torres, Marcus Isaacs, and Samuel Colt.

Just some guys 40…

September 12, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: Adam Champ in a harness; a blue-point Siamese on Adam Killian’s lap; Benji! with his bunny; black sand on an adorable butt; Aussielicious blogger Brenton swims nude; Carlos Gustavo for the WE Banana Party; Colby Keller drinks orange soda; Damien Crosse in front of an exquisite door in Madrid; Dave Mason being fabulous in Greece; David Dieza dick; Diesel Washington booty; Tony Buff with Puppy Draven Torres; Stag Homme Execs Damien & Francesco; Jesse Jackmen works the weight room; Hans Berlin werk; Jimmy Durano recently showed his ass on twitter; Landon Conrad as a cowboy; Leo Forte made up and photographed by Mr. Pam as an alien; Leo in Naked Sword Originals STALKER; Liam Magnusson; Lucio Saints get kissed by Adrian Toledo; Marc Dylan is awake; Marc’s erection; Marcus Ruhl looks hot; Marcus has classical features; as well as a hot body; Ollie looking perky; Ollie shopping at Lowes; Paddy O’Brian; Pavel Petel as Donatella, styled by Sergey Ostrikov; Pedro Andreas in a cowboy hat; Pedro making a silly face; Pedro looking gigantic at the gym; Jessy Ares new album cover PORNPOP; Ray Han displays his wares; Ray is all nice and comfy in his bed; Ray cooking his favorite meal bare-assed; 2 shots of Ray getting his leather on; a client took this shot of Rogan Richards taking a piss; Rogan showing his wares; François Sagat as mime; Samuel Colt with Bacon; Samuel shows his wares; Samuel with Sister Roma at Southern Decadence; Damien and Dato Foland in Catolonia; Seth Fornea; DJ Spencer Reed; Chris Porter with Eegs; fledgling synchronized porn swim team huddles for warmth including Leo, Mr. Pam and Angel Rock; Logan McCree initiates a young man into the wonders of BDSM; Tate Ryder’s cock; Tate’s butt; Tate using a dildo in the shower; Tate is highly flexible; Topher Dimaggio is also a model; Trenton Ducati and Angel Rock in a scene for Dominic Ford; Trenton Trophy Boy; Trenton shows his wares; Trenton’s erection; Ryan Rose’s junk; the smoldering Ty Roderick; Ty’s cock.

Hydrate Party was a blast!

May 30, 2013 Posted by suefairview

My thanks to the Grabbys for allowing me to attend as press! See all this year’s winners here.

Notes: DJ Chi Chi La Rue chats with someone; hot Asian go-go boy cage dances; Christopher Daniels gives me an ass shot; then stands for a body shot; I don’t know who this model is, but he was in fine form; Draven Torres danced really, really well and put everything he had into it; someone at the party said that the only person who moves his ass as well as Adam Killian is Draven; Draven and I pose for the camera, I am wearing the Slick It Up platinum star hoodie and an Alexsander Freitas zombie shirt; Christopher welcomes Draven to the dance stage; they dance; more dancing; Draven gets into it; Austin Wilde, Best Web Performer of the Year; Hans Berlin joins the dancers; Christopher, Draven and Hans in a 3-way; Christopher and Hans service Draven; everybody looks up with funny faces; the 3-way collapses into another fun position; then pose with the porn photographer that they did the show for; next 2 photos are Tom Wolfe and I; he is quite the charismatic and erotic man up close; Tom is sampling some goods; Jimmy Durano [Performer of the Year tie with Trenton Ducati] with Adam Robinson and Jimmy’s agent; Alessandro Del Toro with Topher Dimaggio; Tom is really sampling some goods now; Hans solo go-go dancing; Tommy Defendi, Hottest Cock, and how well deserved is that?; Ryan Rose tried on the SIU platinum star hoodie and I wouldnt’ have thought that this ex-Marine could make it work for him; but he OWNED it!; Doesn’t it look great on him? He wouldn’t wear it on the Red Carpet, because he worried he would ruin it; Topher dancing; Hans poses with Draven.

IML Leather Market was XXX!

May 29, 2013 Posted by suefairview

I would like to thank International Mr. Leather for granting me a press pass to their events this year. Congratulations to Andy Cross, International Mr. Leather 2013, also Mr. San Francisco Leather. My seatmates and I were rooting for you, Andy! See all of the results at International Mr. Leather!

Notes: I met Matt at the bar, as I was getting my camera ready to enter the Leather Market. He was very friendly; and wanted to show me his green lightning bolt wallet that he got on, whodini is the artist; Tom Wolfe joking around with Hunter Marx at the ManHunt booth. ManHunt had a super idea this year – have the models put their jockstraps on the guys; meanwhile, Tom leans back to enjoy Hunter’s strength; a close-up of Tom’s ass; Tom decides to give me a private show and Connor Patrick is there to help; Connor rims Tom; Jay Black gets into the action with a blow job; now that is a pretty picture; Jay in a solo photo; Draven Torres leads the Fort Troff crew in some sit-ups; it was all over very fast, and I couldn’t get good photos, but Draven loves pain and collapses happily and hotly; he adds the goggles for the full effect; what better time for a little beating?; Lawson Kane poses with a fan; Alessio Romero is all tied up on the Bound Jocks booth; Dirk Caber “Trains” a sub; Topher Dimaggio fixed my hair before I took this photo!; classy and fierce shop gurl; had rad Elvish tattoos on her chest – can you read them?; JR Bronson is a customer!; the cobalt blue is perfect on him; JR checks his look in the mirror, giving us a view of his ass; back to the ManHunt booth, where Tom is being manhandled by a colleague; they pose; and again; and kiss. Tom has retired and I think that is great. He intends to go back and finish his doctorate. I just hope that 20 years from now he doesn’t realize what a hot stud he was at 30 and regret that he quit so early. But he can always come back!; Tom bends over backwards; this man is getting a new ManHunt jock. Tom begins by untying the shoes and removing them, then sensually undoing the belt and pant’s opening and lowering the pants. I so wanted to be a gay man!; down come the pants; all the way down; off of each leg; now it is the jock coming off – you can see in the background that Hunter is doing the same process to another individual; what a surprise, the customer is erect! How did that happen?; eye contact from Tom is electric, trust me, the man can turn it on; Fabio Stallone was at the Leather Market; this German puppy was so cute and lovable, I petted him and wanted to take him home; here he is without the mask, isn’t he the cutest?; Ryan Rose; Dirk Caber is ready for his “Training”; a blindfolded Dirk is teased by a mystery tattooed man as Jesse Jackman looks on; Jesse gets his phone ready to film the big event; JR is in the audience; Dirk is blown by his trainer; Dirk sees his trainer; a close-up of the action; Dirk is in ecstasy; very close-up; JR and Jesse make muscles; Raphael Alencar shows me the goods; Alessio Romero and a pal; Chris Porter was solo working at Nasty Pig.