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Steven Scarborough to Retire; Announces Deal with Hot House, Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios

July 12, 2014 Posted by suefairview

A huge porn merger has happened with Raging Stallion/Falcon buying out Hot House. From the Hot Flash Blog:


After an award-winning 27-year run in the gay adult industry, Steven Scarborough announced today that he is stepping down as President of Hot House Entertainment and retiring. The announcement comes as a result of a deal in which Falcon Raging/Stallion Studios acquires the assets of Hot House Entertainment, the company Scarborough founded in 1993. Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios, along with Naked Sword, make up the gay division of the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (AEBN). The acquisition of Hot House creates for AEBN the largest conglomerate of gay erotic studios in the world.

Scarborough decided to attempt a sale after receiving news that the Hot House San Francisco office/studio building was slated for demolition this fall to make way for a new office complex. Facing the daunting prospect of moving to a new facility in San Francisco where the current tech boom is sending rents skyrocketing, Scarborough thought this was an opportune time to exit the industry and pursue other interests. He reached out to Chris Ward, president of Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios, and fast-tracked a deal that allows Scarborough to exit while Ward seamlessly continues the operations of the Hot House brands in their San Francisco offices, just a few blocks away.

Read the rest here.

I truly hope that this works well for all of the studios involved. Good luck in your retirement Steven!

Just some guys fucking 2…

June 7, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Alexsander Freitas poses for Gazelle simply Paulo NYC

armondgay-porn-fisting-warehouse-fists-Byron-Saint-Armond-Rizzo-schoneseelen-7 armondporn-gay-twink-anal-fisting-handball-Warehouse-Fists-Byron-Saint-Armond-Rizzo-@-Fetish-Force armondrizzo

Armond Rizzo fists Byron Saint at the Fisting Warehouse. Armond also seems to enjoy the silks!

bondage bondage2

Bondage photos from Arnaud Leather Amsterdam.


Go-go boy Chase Hostler can slam dunk!!!!

colby Colby-Keller-Fucks-Dillon-Rossi-CockyBoys-5 colbyLast-Call-Part-2-Colby-Keller-Paul-Wagner

Colby Keller hides in a hole in a tree. Colby fucks Dillon Rossi at CockyBoys and flip fucks with Paul Wagner at


Damien Crosse and Logan Vaughn massage fuck for DominicFord.

datodamiengoran datodiego Dato-Foland-Fucks-Axel-Brooks-3 datogoran datogym

Busy Dato Foland has an onsgtage threesome with Damien and Goran, fucks Wagner Victoria for Stag Homme, fucks Axel Brooks for, gives Goran the rod for, and poses naked.


Topher Dimaggio poses with a snake!


Draven Torres has been competing in bodybuilding and doesn’t he look great!

francois francoispalRetired adult entertainer François Sagat poses by himself and with a friend. Go and vote for your favorite movie of Sagat’s here.


Hans Berlin has been toning up and it shows!

paddy paddygoran paddygoran2 paddygoran3 Paddy-OBrian-Bottoms-For-Alex-Brando-Muscle-Gay-Porn-Stars

Paddy O’Brian as a hot priest, fucking Goran for, and getting fucked by Alex Brando.


Gorgeous stud-muffin Pavel Petel poses naked.

pedro pedro2

Pedro Andreas with his big chest hanging out and in a selfie. Pedro has just opened a new twitter account!

rayhan raysantana

Ray Han is ready for your pleasure and tweeted a photo of himself and porn crush Jessie Santana.

rogan3Hugo-Vergari-Rogan-Richards-Gay-Porn-3 rogan4Hugo-Vergari-Rogan-Richards-Gay-Porn-7 rogandiwali roganleather

Muscle beast Rogan Richards fucks Hugo Vergari for TimTales, wishes a Happy Diwalli to all of his Indian fans, and models in leather for Kevin D Hoover.

samuel samuelass

Woof! It is Samuel Colt! And here Samuel blows Boomer Banks:


sethfornea sethforneafrontal

For all of you ginger lovers, Seth Fornea is now working for Colt Studios.


Steve Cruz stars in Focus/Refocus and in one of the best of all time orgies with Francesco D’Macho, Damien Crosse, Wilfriedn Knight and Angelo Marconi. See a great interview of Steve at the Falcon Studio’s blog.


One of my all-time favorite Tom of Finland drawings!

Some photos are from Queer Me Now.

2014 Grabby Award Nominees ILLUSTRATED!!!

March 11, 2014 Posted by suefairview



• Scotty B – So You Think You Can Fuck 3 – Dominic Ford
• Andy Dick – Kings of New York Season 1 – Lucas Entertainment
• Candice Cayne – Kings of New York Season 2 – Lucas Entertainment
• Derrick Hanson – Golden Gate 5 – Nakedsword
• Victor Hoff – Helix Academy – Helix Studios
• Rhea Litre – America’s Next Hot Bottom – Jet Set Men
• Mitch Vaughn – Jasper Robinson’s Day Off – Boycrush

My pick for best non-sexual is Nakedsword’s Derrick Hanson. v297294_boxcover_full_635108653052174222


Boomer Banks, Blue Bailey, Johnny Blum, Joey Cooper, Donnie Dean, Mike DiMarco, Colton Grey, Levi Karter, Conner Kline, Kevin Lee, Jessie Montgomery, Hunter Page, Nick Prescott, Adam Ramzi, Armand Rizzo, Billy Santoro, Damien Taylor, Tyson Tyler, Austin Wolfe, and Shawn Wolfe

My pick for the best newcomer is Boomer Banks! boomer

• Jessy Ares – Original Sinners- Lucas Entertainment
• Dale Cooper – Golden Gate 5 – Nakedsword
• Christopher Daniels – Teddy Bear – Channel 1 Releasing
• Trenton Ducati – Silence of >the Cams 1 & 2 – Dominic Ford Studio
• Jimmy Durano – My Doctor Sucks – Hot House Entertainment
• Jesse Jackman – Dick Danger – Titan Men
• Hunter Marx – Shag – Titan Men
• Jessie Montgomery – Helix Academy – Helix Studios
• Hunter Page – Frat House Cream – Nakedsword
• Ricky Roman – The Haunting – Cockyboys
• Tate Ryder – Silence of the Cams 2 – Dominic Ford Studio
• Brett Summers – America’s Next Hot Bottom – Jet Set Men
• Shawn Wolfe – Timberwolves – Raging Stallion Studios

My pick is Shawn Wolfe in Timberwolves. RSS113_pcc

• America’s Next Hot Bottom – Jet Set Men
• Dick Danger – Titan Men
• Frat House Cream – Nakedsword
• Golden Gate 5 – Nakedsword
• Helix Academy – Helix Studios<
• Manly Seduction – Kristen Bjorn
• My Doctor Sucks – Hot House Entertainment
• Original Sinners – Lucas Entertainment
• Silence of the Cams 1 & 2 – Dominic Ford
• The Boy who cried D.I.L.F. – Channel 1 Releasing
• The Haunting – Cockyboys
• Timberwolves – Raging Stallion Studios

My pick for best screenplay is Timberwolves because it is nuanced and leaves one guessing.

Jake Bass
Landon Conrad
Dale Cooper
Christopher Daniels
Tommy Defendi
Trenton Ducati
Jake Genesis
Diesel O’Green
Adam Killian
Conner Kline
Ryan Rose
Christian Wilde
Shawn Wolfe

My pick for most versatile performer is Ryan Rose.


Gabriel Clark
Dale Cooper
Tommy Defendi
Topher Dimaggio
Trenton Ducati
Jimmy Durano
Kris Evans
Conner Maguire
Hunter Marx
Angel Rock
Johnny Ryder
Sean Xavier
Christian Wilde

My pick for hottest top is Topher Dimaggio. 983_0770_toptobottom2-682x1024

Riley Banks
Duncan Black
Joey Cooper
Christopher Daniels
Seven Dixon
Dario Dolce
Darius Ferdynand
Alexander Gustavo
Jesse Jackman
Levi Karter
Conner Kline
Lance Luciano
Jessie Montgomery
Diesel O’Green
Dominic Pacifico
Adam Ramzi
Max Ryder
Damien Taylor
Shawn Wolfe

My pick for hottest bottom is Adam Ramzi. RSS113_SB_122


Doug Acre
Boomer Banks
Jace Chambers
Topher Dimaggio
Dmetry Dickov
Kris Evans
Darius Ferdynand
Alexander Garret
Diesel O’Green
Conner Kline
Lance Luciano
Evan Parker
Billy Ramos
Hayden Richards
Angel Rock
James Ryder
Christian Wilde
Sean Xavier

My pick for hottest cock is Boomer Banks. 5110_MBV041_pcc


• Behind the Big Top – Raging Stallion Studios
• Cocktease – Raging Stallion Studios
• Dick Danger – Titan Men
• First Time 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn
• Helix Academy – Helix Studios
• Into the Wilde – Nakedsword
• Off the Hook – Buckshot
• Original Sinners – Lucas Entertainment
• Out of Control – Bel Ami
• Silence of the Cams 1 & 2 – Dominic Ford Studio
•The Boy who cried D.I.L.F. – Channel 1 Releasing
• The Haunting – Cockyboys

MBV036_dvdFNTMy pick for best videography is Cocktease, Raging Stallion Studios which was a brave and new experimentation by Adam Killian.


• Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark, Dale Cooper – A thing of Beauty – Cockyboys
• Alex Rhodes, Robbie Callahan, Christen Chase – Boys Just Wanna Fuck – Citi boyz
• Abel Pozar, Diesel O’Green, Lucian Saints, Milos Zambo – First Time Part 1 – Kristen Bjorn
• Hunter Page, Conner Maguire, Ray Han – Frat House Cream – Nakedsword
• Christopher Daniels, Caleb Colton, Collin Stone – Grind – Titan Men
• Anderson Lovell, Evan Parker, Luke Allen, Chase Young, Jessie Montgomery – Helix Academy – Helix Studios
• Brandon Jones, Angel Rock, Lance Luciano – My Doctor Sucks – Hot House Entertainment
• Marcus Isaacs, James Ryder, Aleks Buldocek – Open Road 1 – Falcon Studios
• Adam Killian, Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria – Original Sinners – Lucas Entertainment
• Dolph Lambert, Phillip Gaudin, Florian Nemec – Out Of Control – Bel Ami
• Darius Ferdynand, Conner Maguire, Lance Luciano, Ryan Rose – Plays Together – Falcon Studios
• Trenton Ducati, Angel Rock, Damian Taylor – The Boy Who Cried D.I.L.F. – Channel 1 Releasing
• Trenton Ducati, J.R. Bronson, Rod Daily – The Sub – Hot House Entertainment
• Zachary Perry, Seth Knight, Joey Hard, Jack King, Jake GenesWaxed – JetSetMen

My pick for best group scene is Open Road 1 featuring Marcus Isaacs, James Ryder and Aleks Buldocek.


• Dominic Pacifico & Sean Xavier – Deep Dicking – Lucas Entertainment

• Diesel O’Green & Abel Pozar – First Time Part 1 – Kristen Bjorn

• Shawn Wolfe & Hunter Page – Frat House Cream – Nakedsword

• Austin Wilde & Christian Wilde – Golden Gate 5 The Cover Up – Nakedsword

• Trenton Ducati & Shawn Wolfe – Hung Americans Part 1 – Raging Stallion Studios

• Trenton Ducati & Landon Conrad – My Doctor Sucks – Hot House Entertainment

• Lucas Knight & Hunter Page – Off the Hook – Buckshot

• Jessie Santana & Jake Genesis – Original Sinners – Lucas Entertainment

• Jesse Montgomery & Chase Young – Out in the Open – Helix Studios

• Harris Hilton & Mick Lovell – Perfect Match – Bel Ami

• Bryce Evans & Topher Dimaggio – Silence of the Cams – Dominic Ford Studios

• Christopher Daniels & C.J.Madison – Teddy Bear – Channel 1 Releasing

• Christian Wilde & Max Ryder – The Haunting – Cockyboys

• Tommy Defendi & Adam Ramzi – Timberwolves – Raging Stallion Studios

My pick for best duo is Tommy Defendi & Adam Ramzi in Timberwolves.


• Behind the Big Top – Raging Stallion Studios

• Cocktease – Raging Stallion Studios

• Dick Danger – Titan Men

• Dream Team – Nakedsword

• First Time 1 & 2 – KristenBjorn

• Power Stroke – Titan Men
• Out of Control – Bel Ami

• The Boy Who Cried D.I.L.F. – Channel 1 Releasing

• The Sub – Hot House Entertainment

• Tools of the Trade – Hot House Entertainment

Again, here I like Cocktease for the win! It was an incredible film!


• Dale Cooper – The Haunting – Cockyboys

• Alessandro Del Toro – Tristian’s Wicked Solos – Tee Tee Entertainment

• Brayden Forrester – Colt Minute Man Solo – Colt

• Christopher Daniels – Teddy< Bear – Channel 1 Releasing

• Lance Luciano – Plays Together – Falcon Studios

• Tristan Matthews – Tristan’s Wicked Solo’s – Tee Tee Entertainment

• Jessie Montgomery – Helix Academy – Helix Studios

• Evan Parker – Out in the Open – Helix Studios

• Ryan Rose – He’s Got The Moves – Raging Stallion Studios

• Angel Rock – Water Logged – Channel 1 Releasing

• Tom Wolfe – Colt Minute Man Solo – Colt

Tom Wolfe carries the day here! WOOF!


Boomer Banks
J.R. Bronson
Alexsander Freitas
James Jamesson
Colby Keller
Hunter Marx
Conner Maguire
Diesel O’Green
Angel Rock
Billy Santoro
Nicholas Taxman
Christian Wilde
Austin Wolfe

I think that Alexsander Freitas should get this award.


Jessy Ares
Boomer Banks
J.R. Bronson
Jesse Colter
Dale Cooper
Christopher Daniels
Tommy Defendi
Trenton Ducati
Jimmy Durano
Jimmy Fanz
Brandon Jones
Levi Karter
Colby Keller
Conner Maguire
Johnny Rapid
Angel Rock
Ricky Roman
Ryan Rose
Kevin Warhol
Shawn Wolfe
Christian Wilde

Ryan Rose is the performer of the year – he is a breath of fresh air in the industry.



• Behind the Big Top – Raging Stallion Studios

• Cocktease – Raging Stallion Studios

• First Time Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn

• Frat House Cream – Nakedsword

• Helix Academy – Helix Studios

• King of New York Season 1 – Lucas Entertainment

• Off the Hook – Buckshot

• My Doctor Sucks – Hot House Entertainment

• The Haunting – Cockyboys

• Water Logged – Channel 1 Releasing

• Waxed – Jet Set Men

The best art direction was certainly in Cocktease. The lighting was exquisite. Adam Killian has a natural eye for aesthetics and can take junk and make it look terrific. Look at the lighting in the shot below:



• Kristen Bjorn – First Time Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn Video

• Steve Cruz -Timberwolves – Raging Stallion Studios

• Tony DiMarco – Behind the Big Top – Raging Stallion Studios

• Dominic Ford – Silence of the Cams 1 & 2 – Dominic Ford Studios

• Luke Hamill – Perfect Match – Bel Ami

• Jake Jaxson – The Haunting< – Cockyboys

• Chi Chi LaRue – The Boy Who Cried D.I.L.F – Channel 1 Releasing

• Marc MacNamara/Adam Killian – Original Sinners -< Lucas Entertainment

•Jasun Mark – Dick Danger – Titan Men

• Christian Owen – My Doctors Sucks – Hot House Entertainment

• Mr. Pam – Frat House Cream – Nakedsword

• Max Phillips – Off The Hook – Buckshot

• Alex Roman – Helix Academy – Helix Studios

• Christopher Steele – America’s Next Hot Bottom – Jet Set Men

Steve Cruz wins hands down as best director with Timberwolves. This was the perfect movie: the plot, the sets, the acting, the sex, the fur!


Ted Buel
Dominic Ford
Mick Hicks
Kyle Kamzot
Greg Lenzmen
Jasun Mark
Sean Michaels
Blake Morris
Joe Orso
Mr. Pam
R.J. Sebastian
Steve Shay
Marty Stevens
Kent Taylor

I have long thought that Mr. Pam is the best still photographer on the planet as she brings her subjects to life.



America’s Next Hot Bottom – Jet Set Men

Behind the Big Top – Ragin Stallion Studios

Dick Danger – Titan Men

First Time Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn Video

Frat House Cream – Nakedsword

Helix Academy – Helix Studios

My Doctor Sucks – Ho House Entertainment

Original Sinners – Lucas Entertainment

Out of Control – Bel Ami

Silence of the Cams 1 & 2 – Dominic Ford Studios

The Boy Who Cried D.I.L.F – Channel 1 Releasing

The Haunting – Cockyboys

Timberwolves- Raging Stallion Studios

Timberwolves is the best movie this year.




Falcon Studio’s CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ 2 Reviewed

February 27, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Steamy fantasies come to life when Tony Dimarco’s vision of California Dreamin’ 2 captures – in classic Falcon fashion – what happens when temperatures soar and stunning studs get rock hard, remove their clothing and turn their poolside sexual desires into reality. Mix equal parts sunshine, swim suits and sunscreen. Add a sparkling pool and eight hard and horny studs, to ratchet up the heat. Blond Landon Conrad is grizzled and packed with muscle; brunet Ryan Rose is smooth and slim. Opposites can’t attract more than this, when Landon becomes an undulating S-curve of powerfucking. Put a hard dick in front of Ray Han and he’ll take it at either end. Splashing in the pool, he makes dreamboat Lance Luciano peer out from behind his shades. The need is instantaneous and their oral session is lip-smacking good, and it ends with underwater cumshots. Ray puts his other end to work for Liam Magnuson in the hot tub. Liam is hot-n-ready to probe Ray’s throbbing ass. Nifty camera work shows part of the action reflected in a pair of Ray-Bans on the ground. Trenton Ducati’s cock is a curved prize. His tongue and fingers stoke a roaring fire in Donnie Dean’s bubble butt that only a rousing fuck can quench. Hand-rubbed meat can’t be beat — a slogan that applies to more than BBQ when Angel Rock rubs one out under the sun. His muscle-packed, furry body is enough to get anyone hard. Most guys would take a number to be crushed between his thighs. California Dreamin’ 2 is a suck, slurp and fuck fest you won’t want to wake up from.


What a spectacular scene sex gods Ryan Rose and Landon Conrad deliver to start off this dvd. Though their scene starts off sleepy [Landon actually crawls out of bed] once the men get animated, it eventually picks up momentum enough to bring down the house. This flip-fuck is a must see. Both men end up sweaty enough after all the hard work to enjoy a well deserved jump in the pool. Great work guys!

FVP238_SA_117 FVP238_SA_124 FVP238_SA_288 FVP238_SA_426 FVP238_SA_484

Ray Han and Lance Luciano give a super fine tutorial on oral sex in the opening of the second scene of California Dreamin’ 2. During that, there was a wonderful camera shot of Ray sucking off Luciano in the reflection of Luciano’s Ray Ban sunglasses.  But there is more! Ray leads Lance back into the pool for underwater swapping of blow jobs and double jerk off sessions. The ‘climax’ was at the pool steps though, where Lance had an oral cum shot and Ray came underwater; something I have never seen on film before. [Though, maybe I saw it in Incubus, but I believe it was a night shot.] In any event, it looked like a huge cum shot and was well worth seeing. Maybe it is just one of my peccadilloes, but I expect a bit of fucking in my porn. But what was in this scene was expertly done and brilliantly filmed.

FVP238_SE_459 FVP238_SE_509 FVP238_SE_565

The next scene featured Trenton Ducati, in his last appeareance before he left to go bareback with Lucas Entertainment,  and Donnie Dean, both of whom did an excellent job with the old standard choreography of blow; rim; fuck in 3 positions; jerk off; cum shots. It had hot moments only because of the supreme skills of the actors. But obviously Trenton at this point in his career can do so much better than this; his fans might be left wanting. For someone who plans all of his scenes well in advance as Trenton is known to do, I have to wonder what he was thinking in planning something so cliché. I found this scene a bit disappointing as I expected so much more.

FVP238_SJ_767 FVP238_SJ_794 FVP238_SJ_798 FVP238_SJ_915 FVP238_SJ_939

Angel Rock has a solo jerk off in the next scene. Notably, Angel teases his hole with his fingers and does a two handed jerk while moving his hips. If you are into this, it will please you to no end since Angel does look fine.

FVP238_SD_267 FVP238_SD_299 FVP238_SD_328 FVP238_SD_367 FVP238_SD_382

In his final appearance before retirement from adult entertainment, Liam Magnuson was paired with Ray Han. They performed a very sweet scene and here is what I liked about it most. Ray performed the a foot job on Liam! Ray began to blow Liam underwater, but Liam stood and made it an above water blow job. Throughout the scene, Ray gave a tutorial on how to give oral sex, receive a rim job, and how to bottom in the doggy, cowboy and missionary positions. Terrific hip and ass movement and overall great job Ray! Meanwhile, Liam did an excellent job in his final performance as a top and I very much appreciated seeing the pile driver doggy style. The dirty talking was exquisite and I conisder myself a connaisseur of same. The intensity of the scene was thick enough to slice with a knife. The typical choreography was broken when Liam blew Ray. Camera work was very well done, with a special shot of the men in the reflection from the RayBan sunglasses left on the pool deck, in addition to the underwater shots. What a fabulous scene; congratulations to Liam and Ray!

FVP238_SF_716 FVP238_SF_783 FVP238_SF_815 FVP238_SF_825 FVP238_SF_863

Buy CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ 2 to see two scorching hot scenes with Ryan Rose & Landon Conrad and Liam Magnuson & Ray Han. These two scenes are the backbone of the dvd and are not to be missed. Also on the DVD are two very good scenes featuring Ray Han & Lance Luciano and Trenton Ducati & Donnie Dean. A solo scene features Angel Rock. Camera work was exceptional on this DVD. Direction was great as the was the location.

Highly, highly recommended.

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Falcon Studio’s CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ 1 Reviewed

February 12, 2014 Posted by suefairview



Directed by Tony Dimarco

Steamy fantasies come to life when Tony Dimarco’s vision of California Dreamin’ 1 captures – in classic Falcon fashion – what happens when temperatures soar and stunning studs get rock hard, remove their clothing and turn their poolside sexual desires into reality. The eight visions in the sun of California Dreamin’ 1 are tanned and toned; the packages are perfect. Ryan Rose finds tanning impossible when Ray Han flashes his tail that’s never seen sun. Ray opens wide at both ends for a multi-position pounding. The hair on Liam Magnuson’s pumped pecs reflects sunlight like gold. Magnuson appears here in his final scene shot before he retired. Donnie Dean’s touch triggers a sexual chain reaction that doesn’t end until their hard bodies are drenched with sweat and spooge. Adam Wirthmore’s ass gets Angel Rock’s thick member full mast. Hot underwater camerawork captures every detail of their watery suck-n-fuck. Dreamboat Lance Luciano is California Dreamin’ incarnate. Asleep on the lawn, his dreams could never be as hot as Ray Diaz, whose lusty intentions are welcome. Ray is more than turned on by Lance’s finger in his hole, but once Lance’s cock is lodged tightly in Ray’s ass, they go on a fuck journey that leads to a dream ending. You don’t have to dream: Tony Dimarco and the stunning cast of California Dreamin’ 1 deliver chapter and verse in an evocation of primal heat evoked by perfect bodies in the sun. Pass the sun screen and the lube.


The first scene was a scorcher hotter than the sun that Ryan Rose was baking in. Ray Han walks up, strips off his suit and gets into the pool buck naked, doing a lap for good measure. The sight of his glorious ass grabs Ryan’s attention and his cock’s too. I loved seeing all of the underwater filming in this scene. Not only do we get a great view of Ray’s junk as he swims, but we get to see his underwater blow job and Ryan’s sweet rump too. After some expert blow jobs and a rim job where Ray moves his ass as if he has been doing it all his life, Ryan fucks Ray doggie style. At one point, Ryan forces Ray’s arm behind Ray’s back and Ray bites the towel on the extra-sturdy lounge chair. Ryan gives Ray quite a pounding. Yikes! I was impressed by Ray’s ability to move his bottom in different ways during the cowboy position and also by the sturdiness of the lounge chair. There was a very nice pattern break when Ryan rimmed Ray before the next sexual position. But I was more impressed by the sturdiness of the lounge chair in the missionary-pile driver position which was all done on the head portion of the lounger. I figure that it was close to 400 pounds [181 kg] of manflesh on the lounger and for the life of me, I don’t know how this weight was supported! But it was, thank goodness. Both men put all of their weight on the chair’s head and bounced up and down – it was really a sight to be seen! Ray was folded in two and his cum shot just missed his mouth. Ryan’s cum shot covered Ray’s body. This was a terrific opening scene with great tempo and a wonderful job by these two experienced performers. Congratulations!


The next scene features Liam Magnuson and Donnie Dean and the first part was kind of sleepy to me due to a slow tempo. Though the blow jobs and rimming were expertly done, it seemed that the models were just not that into each other yet, so it wasn’t that exciting. Use of the ice cube was innovative, but things really caught fire when Donnie showed that he could move together with Liam in the doggy style and the men discovered that according to Donnie they were “perfect” for each other.  Donnie then showed that he could move all by himself during the doggy style fucking. What a talented bottom! Liam says “You like riding; You want to ride my dick?” So they switch to cowboy and Donnie moves in 4 of the ways possible in cowboy: posting, back and forth, swirling and snake-like. Very impressive! Liam lifts Donnie, without becoming detached, and carries him to the sturdy lounger. There they commence fucking in a missionary position. Donnie’s cum shot was HUGE. So, while not as stunning as the opening scene, this was still a respectable product for the retiring Liam and talented bottom, Donnie. I might add that this was the staid sexual choreography, which is to be avoided. Good job guys!

5167_FVP238_SH_452 5167_FVP238_SH_537

Egad! The third scene was an absolute stunner! Angel Rock and Adam Wirthmore turn in a doozy of a scene that must be viewed to be believed. It was very sexy, romantic and hot, and included underwater sexual activity. Not only that, but it broke the sexual choreography pattern as well. The cum shots could not have been planned any better than they happened in real life. Outstanding work by these two models who obviously are at the epiphany of their careers. Wow!

5167_FVP238_SB_568 5167_FVP238_SB_687 5167_FVP238_SB_763 5167_FVP238_SB_878

The final scene was all about the horizontal roll and practised choreography. Credit goes to Lance Luciano and Ray Diaz for all of the work they put into this scene beforehand to make it work. The pair moved from a sixty-nine where Ray was blowing Lance and Lance was rimming Ray with Ray on top, then they rolled and continued the sixty-nine with Lance on top. Lance did push ups into Ray’s mouth. They rolled again so that Ray was on top. From there, they began a fucking in reverse cowboy where they both took turns moving and moved together. The camera work made it very pretty; though how could it not be with these two guys. Once again they rolled so that Ray was on the bottom prone, with his legs together, and Lance was fucking Ray in a push-up postion. Hot! At which point Lance said “Nice and slow.” And Ray answered “Nice and deep! Give it to me!” I have never seen so much rolling like this in porn before and I compliment the men on this innovative set of moves. Star level effort here!


Rush out and buy CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ 1 because it will blow you away! Top stars such as Angel Rock, Adam Wirthmore, Ryan Rose, Ray Han, Lance Luciano, Ray Diaz , Liam Magnuson, and Donnie Dean perform at their very, very best! Underwater scenes in the pool are absolutely not to be missed! Yet, scenes above water stun as well with  innovation. Fans of Angel Rock, Ryan Rose and Liam Magnuson  – they do not disappoint here. Camera work was wonderful as was direction. The set was marvelous. Is there a part 2???? Please send right away!

Highly, highy recommended.

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