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Just some guys 46…

August 19, 2014 Posted by suefairview


To kick off this “Just some guys”, I thought we would start with a tied up man…

adamchamp adamchamp2

What do you think of Adam Champ‘s new beard???? Where did his birthmark go????


The one and only Adam Killian.

alex1 alexm alexmarteass

Isn’t Alex Marte adorable???

armond armond2

Armond Rizzo sunning is a pretty picture!


Diego Lauzen and Wagner Victoria kiss in the shower


Boomer Banks lets it all hang out!


Bulrog is so sexy!!!!


Christian Wilde shows us his FRUIT OF THE LOOMS.

colby colby2

Two shots of the ever adorable Colby Keller

datocolby datopaddy datotcolby2

Dato Foland gets it on with Colby Keller for Men [see the free preview here] and poses with Paddy O’Brian.


Damien Crosse, Robin Sanchez and David Avila

diesel1 diesel2 dieselcakes

Diesel Washington has skillz!


Dirk Caber‘s ass.

dominic dominik

Dominik is looking good!


Francesco D’Macho poses with Dato Foland.


Hans Berlin just celebrated a birthday!


Harry Louis looking fit and trim!

jessedirk1 jessedirk2

Jessie Jackman and Dirk Caber on the beach at PTown. They just returned from Key West!


Leo Forte tortures hottie Draven Torres. Leo just turned 30! Congrats Leo!


Logan McCree in a thoughtful moment.


Micah Brandt looks to die for in the pool.


Nick Moretti is a really fucking hot daddy!

paddy paddy1

Paddy O’Brian is a very, very handsome man.


Pavel Petel and a rescue kitty.


Pedro Andreas in what I like to call his big boobies photo. Catch up with Pedro at XCams.


Ray Han is taking a break from porn to work and return to school. Best of luck Ray!


Hop in, the water is great [with Damien Crosse and Rick York]


François Sagat – he looks great in everything, but best in nothing at all!


San Miguel, where have you been all my life!


Seth Fornea poses with Jessie and Dirk!


Steve is a hunk!


Topher Dimaggio is super nice and quite easy on the eyes.

tumblr_n8i7kwm6RR1r7llzeo2_500 tumblr_n750ufDaO01r7llzeo1_500

And finally, we have Zeb Atlas with and without fur. I truly wish someone would hide the razors from Zeb.

Stag Homme Studio’s MORNING GLORY Reviewed

August 7, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Damien Crosse goes to take a piss in the bathroom while Gabriel Vanderloo is showering. Damien catches Gabriel stealing looks at him while stroking his cock but Damien pretends he didn’t see anything. After he pisses he starts to stroke his cock too while looking at Gabriel. Vanderloo comes out of the shower and all hell breaks loose with oral, rimming and versatile fuck positions that are all too impressive. Damien busts his load while getting fucked by Vanderloo who then takes Damien’s load to shove it in his hole as lubrication to then keep fucking Crosse and then busts his load in his throat. Crosse loves it so much he gives us a second cumshot!!


MORNING GLORY is rich with chemistry between Damien Crosse and Gabriel Vanderloo. This flip fuck is quite worth seeing because of its intensity and heat, as you will see from my screenshots. There are two fresh sexual positions, one being up against the wall and the other being a reverse doggy style. MORNING GLORY destroys the typical sexual choreography with four flip fuck positions, broken up by blow jobs and rimming. Also notable are the mirror shots. Fabulous work from the actors, director, camera man and studio! Kudos Stag Homme!

Highly, highly recommended.

See the free XXX preview here.

glory1a glory2 glory3 glory4 glory5 glory6 glory7 glory8 glory9 glory10 glory11 glory12 glory13 glory14 glory16

Stag Homme Studio’s CHERNOBYL Reviewed

August 6, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Chernobyl stars David Avila & Damien Crosse.


CHERNOBYL was shot at Sant Adrià de Besòs power plant in Barcelona [built in the 70's and shut down in 2007] which is right on the water. The three central smokestacks of the plant rise to 200 m [ 656 ft], taller than the towers of la Sagrada Famíla; so the plant is quite visible in Barcelona. The three smokestacks are to be kept, but opponents of keeping the plant call the nearby beach “Playa Tchernobyl”.

The area of the shoot is public and passers-by were very evident in the film. Thus both Damien Crosse and David Avila evinced the desperation and urgency of public sex, which voyeurs will find to be very hot. The plant itself is covered with colorful and artisitic graffiti the like of which can be seen around Barcelona. The sound of waves pounding the beach was ever present. What a great and creative location for a porno!

The sex was well accomplished, hot and there were two oral cum shots. We expect no less from Damien Crosse and David Avila. Early in the film, there was a terrific camera shot of Damien jerking off on the beach shot from between David’s kicks in the foreground. CHERNOBYL is another clever and solid effort from Stag Homme Studios. Kudos guys!

Highly recommended.

See the free XXX preview here.

chernobyl_2242 chernobyl_2246 chernobyl_2258 chernobyl_2267 chernobyl_2278 chernobyl_2290 chernobyl_2297 chernobyl_2303 chernobyl_2306

Alexsander Freitas, Francesco D’Macho, Logan McCree, Damien Crosse and MORE!

July 14, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Alexsander Freitas is still hot as ever! Here he sweats after a workout.


Brenton Parry shot this photo of Mike.

Francesco D’Macho‘s puppy, Benji, looks adoringly up at him. Or, is it more about the burger?

benji1 benji2

Photos of hot go-go boy Chase Hostler at work, astride a huge machine, and on the beach with bf Ross.

chase chase1 chaseross

Damien Crosse enjoying Madrid Pride with Goran, Jota Jota, Biagio Galotti and Zach Saevich. Bottom photo by Tarek PuntoCom.

damien2 damientariq

Damien and Francesco together.


Logan McCree and Arnaud Leather Amsterdam at Berlin Folsom 2011.


Orgullo Gay Madrid 2014 & Slick It Up!

July 8, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Damien Crosse in the SIU Gold Star Shorts attended by a bevy of guapos!


Damien with Francesco D’Macho and Alejandro Beltrans.

Damien with Francesco and Biagio Galotti and Zak Oliver.


Damien with Goran, Jota Jota, Biagio Galotti and Zach Saevich.



A hot dancer in the candy sling! Woof!

bulrogwe Madridpride

Bulrog working the psychic giraffe shorts.

In the video below, a person is wearing the tailored harness:


Get all of these looks at Slick It Up!