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Stag Homme Studio’s THE MATH TUTOR Reviewed

April 12, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Lovers of story-line porn will instantly fall in love with “The Math Tutor”. Stag Homme Discovery Manuel Lopez can’t manage to study…and things get worse when his ridiculously hot tutor, Stag Homme Discovery Goran, shows up to give him his private lessons. Goran keeps talking math but all Manuel can think about is getting his tutor undressed. What unfolds is a beautiful suck and fuck sequence with true chemistry and passion which is rare to find. And yes…there tons of gorgeous and sloppy kissing as well as alarmingly explosive cumshots!!

The Math Tutor stars Manuel Lopez & Goran.

Directed by Francesco D’Macho.


There were plenty of things to love about THE MATH TUTOR. Firstly, I adore Goran! He can tutor me in Math anytime! Goran was well paired with Manuel Lopez here, as the couple do have chemistry and created heat together. I especially liked when Manuel held Goran from behind and Goran stretched his beautiful neck back over Manuel’s shoulder. I can easily imagine how Goran’s butt felt rubbing up against Manuel’s hardon as I have been there before myself, so many times. I also appreciated when Goran rubbed his incomparable bare ass against Manuel’s jean covered crotch. Yikes! I have skipped over the best part! The initial romance between Manuel and Goran. It is the typical thing, boy notices boy in class; fun ensues!

There was fun aplenty indeed. I feasted my eyes on Manuel and Goran as they expertly moved through their sexual romance; Goran looking fabulous with every shot. Manuel’s desire for Goran was apparent, especially after his fantasy kiss with Goran out on the rooftops. But now, his fantasy is reality and he makes good on it. First by rimming Goran’s lucious ass, then allowing Goran to blow him, next fucking Goran doggy style, and finally in the missionary position out on the balcony. After Goran’s explosive cum shot, Goran grabs a red marker and writes “A+” on Manuel’s pec. Hiliarious! Manuel goes inside and jerks off a copious load onto the math study notes.

Highly recommended.

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Stag Homme Studio’s MY STRAIGHT ROOMMATE Episode 3 Reviewed

March 3, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Stag Homme presents Nicolas Taximan as Goran’s straight roommate in the the third installment of the series. Goran arrives home to find Nicolas jerking off in the kitchen. He then takes out his dick and starts jerking off to his straight roommate without him noticing. What unravels is that not only does Goran get to suck Nicolas’ big fat Brazilian meat but also gets a pounding he’ll never forget.


Goran. Goran. Goran. Goran. Goran. Goran. Goran. Goran. Goran. Goran. Yikes!

Has there ever been a more gorgeous man than Goran? OMG! The man is solid muscle. Who can blame his straight roommate Nicolas for allowing Goran to blow him? Few people on the planet will do a better job anyhow. Nicolas cannot help but cum when he is inside Goran fucking him; Goran is in such great shape with every muscle tight as a drum. But there is more because Goran has still to cum. Every minute of this episode was a delight to watch.

What a great episode MY STRAIGHT ROOMMATE Episode 3 is. Stag Homme always finds and casts the most handsome and sexy men from all over the planet. Goran is just one in the Stag Homme stable. Another highlight was that this episode includes a bit of voyeurism when Goran spies on Nicolas wanking plus a view from outside a window of the apartment. Little details like that indicate the intelligence behind the production. The music really added to this one also. Add in the perfection of the direction, camera work and editing, and you have the quality work that typifies a Stag Homme film and makes me look forward to watching each one. This one gave me a special little thrill throughout because Goran was in it and I loved the concept which was carried out perfectly. Sometimes I am in awe of the Stag Homme team. This is one of those times.

Highly, highly recommended.

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Just some guys 43…

January 29, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Notes:  Adam Champ with his soft, furry chest showing; would you give this guy a ride?; Carlo Masi springs out of Adam’s cake last year; my dear friend Alexsander Freitas; Angel Rock getting a smooch and some roses from Boomer Banks; Colby Keller with a full beard and looking out a hotel window; Damien Crosse and Dato Foland during their whirlwind tour of Miami; David Mason Chlopecki on Fire Island this past Summer; Derek Parker is king of ‘fill in the blank’; a lovely portrait of Diesel Washington and Chris Harder from CockyBoys’ THE HEALER; Dionisio on horseback; Jonathan Agassi flirts with Draven Torres on set; François Sagat has incredibly suckable lips; Stag Homme Studios executives Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse in Paris – Today is Francesco’s birthday!; Hans Berlin doing his thing; the yowza of Goran; Congratulations to Jessy Ares for winning best porn star at the XBiz Awards [and for his engagement]!; Jessy singing one of his songs with Jesse Jackman in the background; couple of the moment Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber; Johnny Hazzard and an equine friend; where is Kurt Rogers – he is so missed in the porn world!; Marcus Ruhl plays the middleman for Landon Conrad and Jimmy Durano; Liam Magnusson in his birthday suit; Logan McCree is a bit tied up right now, but his new episode features Sami; Lucio Saints looking fine in a selfie; Paddy O’Brian is all set to go on a hike in the woods; Pavel Petel looking bronze and muscular; beauty thou art Pedro Andreas; Angel Rock fools around with Ray Han in a pool; Ray go-go dancing; Ray naked; Ray cuffed to a small table; Rogan Richards during his live flex show that went out on Skype; Ryan Rose snorkeling and posing for what he wants; Samuel Colt in an award nominated photo by Matt Spike; Tom Wolfe with a furry pillow; Marc Dylan and Topher Dimaggio; Hot couple Damien Crosse & Dato Foland  pose with hot couple Diego Lauzen & Wagner Victorio.

Stag Homme Studio’s LOVE CRASH Reviewed

October 6, 2013 Posted by suefairview



Maykel Cash has just moved to Madrid from Caracas [Venezuela] because his company had a position available for him in the Spanish capital. He´s in a rush on his way home one day when he crashes into Bulgarian stud Goran. The incident sends his mail flying everywhere. Goran helps him pick up his letters but Maykel has left one behind. When Goran notices it Maykel has already dashed away. But since Maykel is one hot fucker with a killer smile Goran decides to read the address on the letter and turn it into him. Maykel is very grateful to Goran and also notices that this Bulgarian has a body to die for. What follows is an oral, rimming, and fucking sequence in ultra-high intensity and chemistry that aint nothing to fuck with. Stag Homme brings you these masterpiece of men together for the first time in one of the hottest scenes you´ve ever seen.

Starring Maykel Cash and Goran.

Directed by Francesco D’Macho.

Photography by Damien Crosse.


I really liked the set up idea for LOVE CRASH! “Oh, you forgot this piece of mail when we bumped into each other in the street. And by the way, how would you like to see some brochures for my gym?” That was all the pretense that was needed for Maykel Cash and Goran to full out begin an extremely hot sexual escapade.

I LOVED watching Goran, who at this point is SOLID MUSCLE, getting fucked by Maykel while grimmacing the entire time. I loved every moment of watching the pair swap expert blow jobs and seeing Goran’s hairy crack getting rimmed. I absolutely loved the frottage, kissing and caressing. SO FUCKING HOT! To me, this is what porn is all about. Goran is so fucking hot and has all of this raw animal magnetism! I can’t blame Maykel for being so into Goran. Who wouldn’t be? Direction and camera work were terrific.

Highly, highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

Enjoy the photos:


September 6, 2013 Posted by suefairview

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You MUST see the free XXX preview! All of this hot action occurs while Dato and Goran are waiting to be interviewed by Francesco. He finishes with his first interview and comes down the stairs to find them. The look on Francesco’s face is incredible! See the free preview only at