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Just some guys 45…

July 29, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Mr. LA Leather 2014, Eric Paul Leue.


Alexsander Freitas


Harry Louis

Black is beautiful!

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Harry Louis and BF.


Colby Keller pre-shave.


A bar stool for kilts.


Just hangin’ with Dato Foland [website will open in 2days!]


Alex Marte


Colby Keller concentrates on spanking.


A yummy Francisco


UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury shows his support for gays. Source: Aussielicious


Christopher Meloni’s dog is where we would like to be.


Topher Dimaggio hangs out. Source: OOZE


Dato Foland and Paul Walker in Gay of Thrones part 2.


Russo Madrid.


Samuel Colt


Spencer Reed lets it all hang out at the pool.


Tommy Defendi’s tool.

unk unki

Two more unknown but hot guys!


Vitaly SMK


Will Helm


Damien Crosse photographed by Tarik

Diesel Washington, Dirk Caber, Hans Berlin & Harry Louis Update!

July 15, 2014 Posted by suefairview

diesel dieselboomerangelfanz'

Diesel Washington in his altogether [get a load of the pipe that man is swinging!]. Diesel poses with Angel Rock, Boomer Banks and Jimmy Fanz.

Dirk Caber showing why kilts are useful.


Lucky hairy guy getting so much needed attention.


Hans Berlin has been hanging out at Fire Island this summer. In the bottom photo he is with JR Bronson.

hans hansjr

Harry Louis shows us his ass! Hangs in Brazil; with Fernando Kairon and Rafael Alencar; while visiting Madrid, Harry ran into Eliad Cohen.

harry harry1 harry2 harrylouiseliadcohengrandvia

Just some guys 42…

November 17, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: Harry Louis wasted no time returning to porn after his breakup with Marc Jacobs, here with Ashley Ryder for UKNaked Men; Samuel Colt poses for Matt Spike in London; Marc Dylan looking quite fit; Colby Keller and Will Wikle; Pedro Andreas dyed his hair blue; Johnny Hazzard relaxes in a pool; Steve Cruz gets in touch with his inner gurl; Adam Champ as Little Red Riding Hood, is looking for his Big Bad Wolf; François Sagat modeling; Pavel Petel as the glittery space man; Angel Rock and Ray Han with a friend; Angel and Ray in the hot tub; Angel nude; Angel free-balling at the Miami Airport; Ray at a club; Ben Cohen in his altogether; Jimmy Durano; Fabulous cameraman Leo Forte; Adam Killian on a roof top; Liam Magnusson fucks Ray Han; Rogan Richards kisses Martin Mazza who he has been collaboration with in Madrid; Eggs in a pan; Hans Berlin in Sydney, Australia; Hans fucks someone for UKNaked Men; Hans on a nude beach in Australia; Dirk Caber with his brand new whip, a gift from Jesse Jackman; Jesse and Dirk at home in bed together; Jessy Ares in a waterfall in Costa Rica; Jimmy Fanz; D.O. with a black and white horse; D.O. is perfection in this photo by Justin Monroe; Kellan Lutz at a game; Marcus Ruhl looks stunning all dressed up; Marcus looking hot getting plowed by Angel Rock; a close-up of Paddy O’Brian’s precum; Paddy in an athletic move with Theo Reid; Spencer Reed at Hustlaball; Cobly Keller cleansing the area of spirits; Dave Mason shows off his body; Ryan Rose at Hustlaball; Ty Roderick; Zeb Atlas.

Just some guys 20: Pride Edition!

June 24, 2012 Posted by suefairview

How about some Sagat Champagne to celebrate Pride this year? Any speculations on the taste? LOL!

Alexsander Freitas at the Celebration of Daddy Day for Tom of Finland with Xander Woods.

Junior Stellano showing off his perfect body in a hoodie.

Dave Mason dresses sexy in a velvet collar with rhinestones for a Summer weekend upstate with pals.

D.O. plays on the fire escape.

Adam Champ takes Champito to the aquarium! Champito is dressed for Pride! Too cute!

Adam in the bath house, but we sweat! LOL!

Chase on a roof top posing for a photographer. Don’t fall Chase!!!

Pedro Andreas with attitude.

Nick Moretti tying up a costar. Nick is having his right shoulder evaluated for surgery. He has already had surgery on this left shoulder. Yikes! At least he has a good gig as Director now!

Steve and Bruno driving someplace! I’m glad that Bruno is driving!

Dean Monroe is quite happy with his body the way it is at 40, thank you. Uh huh!

Francesco and Damien pose together.

Vito Gallo shows off a new tattoo.

I am in love with this photo of Lucio Saints in an elevator.

Angelo Petheryotis and Colton Ford celebrate Gay Pride in Denver.

Paul Wagner with wombats at the Taronga Zoo in Australia.

I’d say that bird is eating right out of Paul’s hand! Which of course I would do too! LOL!

Très photogenic Harry Louis in Paris.

Would you give this guy a ride?

A fabulous photo of my favorite ginger, Kennedy Carter.

Pavel Petel models for Timoteo.

Alex Marte wearing SIU lederhosen.

A close up of the the chest of Slick It Up facebook fan Ian Jopson. All I can say is “YUM!”

Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder at Seattle Pride.

Just some guys 19

June 14, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Adam Champ

Junior Stellano


Alexsander Freitas


Petter Fill on the Spanish Steps

Leo Forte

Harry Louis in Rio; Harry has retired from porn while he is BF with Marc Jacobs.

Colby Keller shows us his pussy.

Paul Wagner takes a bath [huge high-res photo].

Jesse Santana at Folsom 2011

Pedro Andreas on the beach

Pavel Petel, still in Russia, still hot as fuck.

The iconic François Sagat.

Jonathan Agassi at Tel Aviv Pride.

Lovers Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder via Men of Porn.

A young Nick Moretti. Whose puppy was he?

Vito Gallo styled as Tom of Finland – photo by Gio

Large Tony.

Prince Carl Philip from Roids N Rants.

Adam Killian [Glenn sent me this asking if this tree grows in my backyard - and it does! But without Adam under it! :( ]

Bryce Star bares all.

Dan Monroe appears in this Justin Monroe photo 3x!

My new secret crush, Erik Rhodes. Who tragically died this morning of a heart attack. RIP Erik! What a warning to users of steroids!