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International Mr. Leather Contest 2013

June 2, 2013 Posted by suefairview

I would like to thank International Mr. Leather for granting me a press pass to their events this year.

One week ago today, the International Mr. Leather Contest was held in the Harris Theater and what a wonderful venue it was! Before the show started, the reighning Mr. International Leather (2012), Mr. Woody Woodruff was standing around having his photo taken. Press was given seats in the front, and just a few seats away from mine, was Sister Roma! Blond, blue-eyed and delicious, was Mr. Midwest Rubber. Everyone was photographing him!!! Sister Roma poses with a dark and mysterious leather man. The show’s host. The 50 leathermen vying for International Mr. Leather. Chuck Renslow and his partner Juan. Each contestant gave a short speech and walked the stage in just a jock. It seems they had no idea where the photographers were, or didn’t care. The International Mr. Bootblack 2013 winner was Sammy from Portland, OR, who was so overjoyed that he literally jumped up and down on the stage. The entertainment was Beverly McLellan, who made the final four on “The Voice”. She sang Janis Joplin and was well liked by the audience. Next, the winners were announced. The Second Runner-up was Robert Miller, Mr. Leather Toronto 2013. The First Runner-up was Thib Guicherd-Callin, Mr. Santa Clara County Leather 2012. The winner was Andy Cross – Mr. San Francisco Leather 2013! My seatmates and I picked him as a favorite, along with Mr. Santa Clara early on. He sure did stand out! Congratulations to all the winners! I ran into this man wearing turquoise leather (turquoise is for CBT, in case you are wondering) who looked extremely emotional and I asked him why. It turns out his grandmother had died. She was very old and it was her time, but she had always stood for him and his sexual identity even against those in his family who gave him a hard time about it. So he was understandably saddened by her passing. I offered him a hug and he accepted. His beard was the softest thing! I went upstairs with him and he got more emtional support for the two gentlemen who were waiting to see the winners in person. My portrait of the winners. Mr. International Leather 2013, andy Cross. Mr. Cross was kind enough to pose with me, even though I wasn’t wearing any make up!

IML Leather Market was XXX!

May 29, 2013 Posted by suefairview

I would like to thank International Mr. Leather for granting me a press pass to their events this year. Congratulations to Andy Cross, International Mr. Leather 2013, also Mr. San Francisco Leather. My seatmates and I were rooting for you, Andy! See all of the results at International Mr. Leather!

Notes: I met Matt at the bar, as I was getting my camera ready to enter the Leather Market. He was very friendly; and wanted to show me his green lightning bolt wallet that he got on, whodini is the artist; Tom Wolfe joking around with Hunter Marx at the ManHunt booth. ManHunt had a super idea this year – have the models put their jockstraps on the guys; meanwhile, Tom leans back to enjoy Hunter’s strength; a close-up of Tom’s ass; Tom decides to give me a private show and Connor Patrick is there to help; Connor rims Tom; Jay Black gets into the action with a blow job; now that is a pretty picture; Jay in a solo photo; Draven Torres leads the Fort Troff crew in some sit-ups; it was all over very fast, and I couldn’t get good photos, but Draven loves pain and collapses happily and hotly; he adds the goggles for the full effect; what better time for a little beating?; Lawson Kane poses with a fan; Alessio Romero is all tied up on the Bound Jocks booth; Dirk Caber “Trains” a sub; Topher Dimaggio fixed my hair before I took this photo!; classy and fierce shop gurl; had rad Elvish tattoos on her chest – can you read them?; JR Bronson is a customer!; the cobalt blue is perfect on him; JR checks his look in the mirror, giving us a view of his ass; back to the ManHunt booth, where Tom is being manhandled by a colleague; they pose; and again; and kiss. Tom has retired and I think that is great. He intends to go back and finish his doctorate. I just hope that 20 years from now he doesn’t realize what a hot stud he was at 30 and regret that he quit so early. But he can always come back!; Tom bends over backwards; this man is getting a new ManHunt jock. Tom begins by untying the shoes and removing them, then sensually undoing the belt and pant’s opening and lowering the pants. I so wanted to be a gay man!; down come the pants; all the way down; off of each leg; now it is the jock coming off – you can see in the background that Hunter is doing the same process to another individual; what a surprise, the customer is erect! How did that happen?; eye contact from Tom is electric, trust me, the man can turn it on; Fabio Stallone was at the Leather Market; this German puppy was so cute and lovable, I petted him and wanted to take him home; here he is without the mask, isn’t he the cutest?; Ryan Rose; Dirk Caber is ready for his “Training”; a blindfolded Dirk is teased by a mystery tattooed man as Jesse Jackman looks on; Jesse gets his phone ready to film the big event; JR is in the audience; Dirk is blown by his trainer; Dirk sees his trainer; a close-up of the action; Dirk is in ecstasy; very close-up; JR and Jesse make muscles; Raphael Alencar shows me the goods; Alessio Romero and a pal; Chris Porter was solo working at Nasty Pig.

I am back!

May 27, 2013 Posted by suefairview

I have returned from a most fabulous trip to Chicago where I attended the 2013 Grabby Awards and 35th International Mr. Leather Contest! OMG! The MEN! Quite overwhelming! I met the nicest people and reunited with old friends!

But, please be patient. I took hundreds of photos and am only one person. So it is going to take me some time to get them all processed and posted. I am also going to set up a Flickr site for those photos not posted, so that people will have access to the extra photos. Please give me photo credit if you use one of my photos!

Posting should begin tomorrow…


May 17, 2013 Posted by suefairview

In case you don’t already know, I am traveling to Chicago this year as press to photograph and report on the Grabbys and IML for this blog. [YAY!] My mission is to get all of the hottest photos available for you, my readers and all of the dirt! LOL! the parties are pretty much the same as last year:


I am very excited about the Hydrate Party, because last year, Fabscout Howard gave me access to the dressing rooms and I got some, shall we say, risque photos of the boys! This year, Draven Torres, Trenton Ducati and Landon Conrad will be there, and I can’t wait to see them again!

BKQb86-CUAEyH9S.jpg large

Then, on Friday, the party at the Lucky HorseShoe will be hosted by Scotty B and will feature Jimmy Durano, Trenton Ducati, Landon Conrad, Christian Owen, Conner Kline and Zachary Perry. Scotty did a great job last year, and the show was X rated! Woohoo!

Saturday night of course is the GRABBYS!


I will be on the red carpet, capturing all of the arrivals! Then of course the inside photos will depend on how good my seat is.

Next of course is the after party!


I will have access to all areas of that. ;)

On Sunday is the Hangover Brunch, which I WILL NOT ATTEND.


As if all of this was not enough, International Mr. Leather is going on right down the street! I intend to make it to the Leather Market every afternoon that it is open; arriving around 2- 3 PM, Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday.


Then the big finale for me is the International Mr. Leather Contest at the Harris Theater. The full IML schedule is linked to the IML banner.

Just some guys 37…

May 13, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Adam Champ poses coyly;Adam Killian fucks Marc Dylan for MEN; Alexsander Freitas on the beach in a very recent photo; Alex with his friend Lee; Alex posing in a shirt of his own design; Angel Rock screwing Marcus Ruhl; a gorgeous photo of Angelos Petheryotis and Colton Ford; Angel Rock plows Tate Ryder; Arnaud Leather Amsterdam compted in Mr. Leather Amsterdam in his hopes to attend IML in Chicago. Here he is pictured with the winner of Mr. Leather Europe and Mr. Leather Italy. In my opinion, Arnaud should have won!; Francesco‘s dog Benji plays frisbee; Bruno Knight loves his new bike!; Damien Crosse throws a kiss from the beach in Brazil and shows us his new tat that covers the old moon phases one; Dave Mason shows off his new costume that he designed for a party!; D.O. has a new movie out called ORIGINAL SINNERS that was shot in the jungles of Costa Rica [photos sent by Glenn]; Donato Reyes shows us his bottom line, um, er, hole; Francesco and Gustavo are ready to paint the town red; Goran sunning on the beach and rowing in Madrid; HRH Prince Harry is in the Unites States right now; Jessy Ares with a skunk; Jesse Jackman naked in the locker room and with his Grabby tickets! Most of you may not know that Jesse’s mom was a competition weightlifter until she turned 73!;  Topher Dimaggio for Andrew Christian; Jimmy Durano and Christian Owen take a bath with Ollie; Jimmy looks like a kid with this cap and Ollie; Ollie fever!; a sensual photo of Logan McCree; Marco Session’s ass; Marcus Ruhl all tied-up; Nick Moretti plays with a hose; Pavel Petel very sexy with long hair [Pavel Pétel for H&M, Makeup & Photo: Sergey Ostrikov]; Pedro Andreas’ new puppy all grown up and looking devastingly hunky at the seaside; Lucio Saints with Jessy Ares; Robin Sanchez’s new look: I think Rogan Richards is sexier with long hair; Rogan is trying to bring back string muscle tanks; newly retired from porn, Francios Sagat stands nude on the 16th floor of his hotel overlooking a city; Samuel Colt was so taken with HoneyMahogany on RuPaul’s Drag Race when he met her; that after copious amounts of Vodka, he tried on her pumps!; just some guy; Spencer Reed and new spouse Damir Krupic/Reed; Spencer and Damir going for a ride with a friend; Steve Cruz out shopping, maybe for the Grabbys???; Steve and Bruno going all bushy with the beards!!! I love it!; a nice portrait of Tate Ryder; Tate is rimmed by Topher; retired Tom Wolfe still hearts bottoms and now he is available; Tomas Brand at Gigolo; Tomas and husband Logan Rogue; Tommy Defendi  – I hope he knows it is impolite to point!; Trenton Ducati looking gloriously sexy in two poses; Trey Turner posing in his new Alexsander Freitas silver tank; Ty Roderick’s cock; Ty looking all kinds of hot with mirrored sunglasses; Vito Gallo posing seductively on a bed.