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HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

September 27, 2012 Posted by suefairview

This is a video from a “How I roll” campaign made in 2008 that is relevant today as we all struggle to keep the number of new cases of HIV down. Find out more here.


Who the fuck is Francesco D'Macho????

March 22, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Participant Links:

Francesco D’Macho

François Sagat

Marco Da Silva

Jason Ridge

How I Roll

September 8, 2008 Posted by suefairview

Steve Cruz
Francesco D’Macho

Roma at the 2008 Grabbys

June 24, 2008 Posted by suefairview

From the Sword:

Roma went to The Grabbys, and all we got was this lousy case of herpes simplex (type 1)! While we nurse our mouth sores, relive the magic with our star-filled, urine-soaked trip to Chicago, feat. Damien Crosse, Diesel Washington, Erik Rhodes, Roman Heart, Tory Mason, Steve Cruz and 1000 other whorey urchins.

Wake Up Call – Celebrity Version

May 16, 2008 Posted by suefairview

Mike Roberts in Justice (source: Hot House Blog)

Victor Banda & Marin Mazza