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Raging Stallion Studio’s HOLE 2 Reviewed

September 16, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Hole 2
Directed by Tony Dimarco & Adam Killian

In HOLE 2, big-dicked voyeur Josh West oversees a grim detention center whose inhabitants are forced to watch each other jack off or fuck on closed-circuit TV. Josh allows them to watch each other, and he continually plays hot puppet master by throwing two men together to enjoy watching them sexually ravish each other. The solitary confinement and continuous porn diet that he subjects these rugged men to fills them with passions in need of quenching. HOLE 2, directed by award winning Tony Dimarco and Adam Killian, features four twisted pairs of big dicks and the holes they fill and a solo finale. Solitary has left Joe Parker horny, and needing a bath and shave. When Adam Ramzi is shoved in his cell, Joe reacts like a caged beast being fed. Then, two scenes whose models are immobilized by being wrapped in plastic. For Luke Milan, oxygen deprivation plus sex deprivation equals combustion. Bryan Cole unwraps Luke like a present then surrenders his ass. Mitchell Rock and Jesse Santana are both captured in red plastic. Jesse is restrained face-down and Mitchell can see, but not reach, Jesse’s ass … until he shreds his casing and seizes the hole that’s tantalizing him. Trenton Ducati is abducted and tossed in a running shower unconscious. When Scott Hunter materializes, his beefy pecs and high, round ass cause Trenton to come to. Finally, the architect of these confined sexual matches, Josh West, watches his master plan become reality and pleasures himself. In HOLE 2, muscle, sweat and cock add up to relentless sexual appetites that might have been forged in a nuclear reactor. It’s a prison some men want to get into, not out of.


I was really quite impressed with the bottom, Adam Ramzi, and also Joe Parker, in their debut scene. Adam has a natural hairy look and was even a talker, both exhibited plenty of passion. Joe spoke up some later on in the scene. Adam demonstrated advanced oral skills in both the blow job and rimming. He also made superb active bottoming look easy and he did it with aplomb. Anyone who just lies still while  being fucked missionary should watch Adam’s performance here. At first he bounced, then he used the mattress to help him move. He slappped Joe with his hand and then with his cock; all before a very impressive cum shot that landed up to his neck. Joe was no slouch either. He takes opportunities to jerk off Adam’s cock while fucking him missionary and moves with him perfectly in both the doggy and cowboy positions. Even though this was a typical sexual choreography, I was sufficiently distracted by Adam’s terrific bottoming skills and the interplay between the theme of the movie, passion between the actors and the fantastic set. However, the scene could easily  be improved with some pattern breaks. Great debut guys!

4976_MBV038_SB_828 4976_MBV038_SB_836 4976_MBV038_SB_879 4976_MBV038_SB_951

Luke Milan was bound to a mattress naked with plastic wrap at his head and shoulders, hips, and feet in the next scene. His erection was pressed tightly against the clear wrap. Bryan Cole stumbles into the room wearing only jock strap and proceeds to ravage Luke through the plastic. They kiss through it, and Bryan blows Luke through it, finally freeing Luke’s cock. Bryan sits on Luke’s face for a rim job, and Luke’s face was soaking wet when that was finished. Bryan sits on Luke’s still wrapped hips to ride him cowboy, then reverses to ride reverse cowboy. Whereupon Luke says “Oh sit on it!” As you might imagine, this was a pretty hot interlude. Eventually, Luke frees himself and fucks Bryan in doggy and missionary styles. Just when I was thinking that this was all of their tricks, Luke kisses Bryan and then follows by blowing him, including ball licking, and eye contact while Bryan jerks off until he cums. Luke also jerks off, pulling down hard on his nuts until he cums too. What a nice pattern break! Also worth mentioning are the breakaways to tv video views that show a different perspective, presumably the one that Josh West is viewing. One of these shows Luke’s nice buns. The thing I really liked about this scene is the bondage aspect offered by the plastic wrap, which I found to be very hot. For sure this will appeal to many bondage fans. Great job guys. 4976_MBV038_SG_220

4976_MBV038_SG_085 4976_MBV038_SG_143  4976_MBV038_SG_326

In yet another scene with plastic wrap as bondage, this time in red, we have both Mitchell Rock wrapped up to a wall and Jesse Santana wrapped to a mattress.  But, Jesse is wrapped ass up and legs spread; ready for action. It doesn’t take long for Mitchell to escape his wrap and reach Jesse. He races over to do the obvious, make a hole to reach a hole and rim that sucker! What I liked best about this scene was how the action kept moving seamlessly to each of the varied sexual positions as only can be done by these two experienced professionals. Highlights included seeing Jesse’s beautiful, muscular feet enter the leather slings so gracefully [foot fetishists take note!], terrific choreography of the entire scene and use of the slings, smooth transistions between sexual positions, the flip fucks [pleural], the use of wrap as light bondage and Jesse struggling against his while being rimmed was very hot. I really enjoyed watching these two experienced professionals do what they do best and this was a fabulous pairing. Superb job guys!

4976_MBV038_SI_710 4976_MBV038_SI_812 4976_MBV038_SI_847 4976_MBV038_SI_880

I was blown away by Trenton Ducati’s performance in the final scene. I did not think that Scott Hunter was a good pairing for Trenton as Scott was mostly passive during the scene and I don’t think that was the plan [as it most certainly was for JR Bronson in  HOLE 1]. Scott needs to watch Trenton’s performances with Jesse Santana in COCK TEASE  or with Ryan Rose in MUSCLEBOUND to know what he should have done here. Scott did hold up his end athletically, but any fit bottom could’ve done that. What Scott needed to do was talk back to Trenton, or at least tell him how great being fucked felt without being asked, not need to be told to finger himself, move while being fucked [though to his credit, Scott did move well while being doggy fucked], and generally be a bit more creative, even aggressive at times, while still in the bottoming role. But Scott couldn’t ruin Trenton’s creative and masterful performance, which needs to be seen to be believed. I loved the scene opening, where Trenton is sitting there dripping wet. Scott finds him thinking to take advantage, but then Trenton does. A few other highlights included when Trenton opened up Scott’s juicy hole, Trenton manhandling Scott’s hips so that he was face-fucking himself, Trenton pushing Scott’s two fingers into Scott’s hole deeper, and Trenton moving between 69 blow jobs and squatting for a rim job over Scott. I think that Trenton made the best of a not ideal situation and it worked simply because he is Trenton Ducati. Great job Trenton! Scott at least looks great getting fucked.

In the last moments of the film, we see Josh West reminiscing about all of the foregoing video segments while jerking off and he dumps an enormous load.

4976_MBV038_SD_520 4976_MBV038_SD_579 4976_MBV038_SD_603 4976_MBV038_SD_683 4976_MBV038_SD_713

Buy HOLE 2 because it will warp your senses and take you away to a place where the inmates live for sex and sex alone. Some of the sex contained in HOLE 2 and in HOLE 1 is the finest you will see anywhere! In HOLE 2 we see the the absolute best of Jesse Santana & Mitchell Rock and Luke Milan & Bryan Cole in plastic wrap bondage that is highly entertaining and so well done! Trenton Ducati is also at his masterful best here with partner Scott Hunter. See fresh and talented ingenues Adam Ramzi, actively bottoming for Joe Parker. Direction was great and camera work was super.

As I have said before about HOLE 1, HOLE 2 manages to convince me that we are at an institution based on the set design, which is by far a winner and should get an award. HOLE 2 nails it! Even the music helps.

Highly, highly recommended.

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Raging Stallion Studio’s COCK TEASE Reviewed

April 23, 2013 Posted by suefairview



Director Adam Killian wraps up his Monster Bang Cock Trilogy with Cock Tease. It may be the hardest 150 minutes of your life. Tattered clothing exposing all the best parts is the common denominator of these scenes, and it starts the tease. It both reveals and conceals, freeing your imagination to choose between the hidden flesh and the exposed. It’s all hard, and sweaty enough to make you dizzy, and then Adam Killian choses some of the biggest dicks he can find to really get you teased into a jack off frenzy. Jesse Santana’s hole, which he primes with plunging fingers, is the perfect receptacle for Trenton Ducati’s [] throbbing massive cock, which nearly tears its way through his shorts. Mitchell Rock, whose name only hints at his physical perfection, makes himself a living sling as he grabs onto rings hanging from the ceiling and swings his way onto Caleb Colton’s waiting giant cock. Director Adam Killian is jolted enough by Caleb’s topping ability to challenge him to bottom, with Adam himself determined to make Caleb love having a giant tube steak in his ass. Jake Genesis [] is on the prowl in the final scene, and he sets his sights on Brayden Forrester, a man of lean muscle, ample body hair, oral skill and hungry hole. Somewhere in every man there’s a Cock Tease, and these four industrial scenes loaded with monster man meat will fuel your imagination and get your testosterone circulating.


Wow! I am just speechless after the first scene of COCK TEASE. The hugely athletic scene starring Trenton Ducati and Jesse Santana was absolutely hot and wonderful. Everything was perfect! The costuming included a sweaty wife beater, shorts that were ripped off [I love that!] and jocks that framed Jesse’s ass to perfection. The set, while it was the third time this one has been used, was modified here to include ladders and rope holds that the fit stars utilized to great advantage to fuck, rim and suck on in extremely creative ways that are best seen to be believed. The lighting was amazing and arty, and I have learned that lighting is not as easy as one might think. The sex was fucking hot! And there was plenty of dirty talk! I loved how Trenton manhandled Jesse like he weighed nothing and how Jesse was so agile on the ladder moving from cowboy to reverse cowboy and climbing all over Trenton. Very impressive use of props! Fabulous cum shots! The camera work was still a bit shaky and I found I was wishing I could see more views of the stars. However, there were also some really great camera shots, such those taken from underneath the ladders. But what a superb scene! If this one isn’t nominated for awards, I will be surprised. Great job Trenton and Jesse!

MBV036_SA_291 MBV036_SA_363 MBV036_SA_392The next scene featured Mitchell Rock and Caleb Colton. While it lacked the intensity of the first scene, it still shattered the typical choreographic sexual pattern that the first scene did also, which was wonderful. I also liked the ripping off of clothing; the muscle worship; the relaxed performance by Mitchell Rock who moved whenever he could and it was met by Caleb which shows talent by both the bottom and the top; the great use of the turn table, ladder and grab ropes; the overall athleticism of the scene; and all of the dirty talking by both men. Caleb could work on his blow job technique by learning how to throat and perhaps using his fingers to a greater extent in the rimming [unless he did and it was edited out]. All-in-all, still a very watchable scene. Great job guys!

MBV036_SB_214 MBV036_SB_221Adam Killian having been so turned on by Caleb’s scene with Mitchell, decides to get in on the action and asks Caleb to “See what I got.” He goes on to tease Caleb as only Adam can! Eep! He had me at “Hello”! LOL! This scene is a total winner as Adam weaves his spell of sexual prowess and we all fall under it, jaws gaping. This time, he uses his athleticism on the truck tire-rim trapeze to massively impress us [at least I was]. Adam is what I mean by intensity. There is nothing I could venture to improve this scene except that Caleb could move more while he is being fucked and still needs to be more imaginative during his rimming. Also, the camera work was not that good because there was actually a moment when the shot was dead space as the models had moved out of it. But otherwise, everyone pay attention, because this is how a scene should be done. Adam is as close to perfection as it gets.

MBV036_SC_706 MBV036_SC_735 MBV036_SC_781The mood of the final scene was quite a bit more mellow than the former. It starred Jake Genesis and Brayden Forrester. First of all, the scene was far less athletic, using none of the props [ladder, rope holds, trapeze] used in the previous scenes. Jake does his best, but I feel that this is not such a great pairing for him. Though Brayden knows how to perform all of the sexual acts correctly [though he could move more in doggy style] and chatters with the best of them, he does not seem to have any character or charisma of his own. When he speaks he sounds like a robot or a parrot. The scene was only watchable because of Jake Genesis’ fine performance. Maybe it was just novice nerves? Buy it really hurt this scene.

MBV036_SD_185 MBV036_SD_240 MBV036_SD_259 MBV036_SD_309COCK TEASE is most definitely worth purchasing. Trenton Ducati, Jesse Santana, Mitchell Rock, Caleb Colton, Adam Killian, and Jake Genesis turn in memorable performances. Trenton, Jesse and Adam’s performances are award worthy and extremely athletic. The set was used for the third time, but the props kept it fresh and exciting, so kudos to Adam for being so clever! Again, camera work was an issue, but a minor one. Direction was excellent. With his third movie in the trilogy, Adam has yet another hit.

Highly, highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here: [].

Just some guys 36…

April 21, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: François Sagat is posing again; Pedro Andreas’ puppy is growing up; Rogan Richards and his life-mate Tommy did Room Service in London when they were there; Dirk Caber, bf to Jessie Jackman; Nick Moretti and his dog Cynder; Zeb Atlas and his ugly beard [what was he thinking???]; style icon Dave Mason with sweet treats; Pedro Andreas as Tarzan; Benji, Francesco’s puppy; ginger Seth Fornea has a blog; Francesco & Damien; Adam Killian posing for Fahrenheit; Diesel Wasington cookin’ up somethin’; a meal with Damien can turn into this; Angelo Marconi shows his assets; Paddy O’Brian fucks Donato Reyes; Jake Genesis with Brazilian buddies; Marcus Ruhl in front of a mirror; see Tom Wolfe and Draven Torres LIVE next weekend in Cleveland [I guess Tom is retiring?]; Lucio Saints has his cock out in the snow; Jus who is Jake Genesis fucking?; Colton Ford looks pretty damn good for a man in his fifties; Samuel Colt and fiancée Chris Porter were in Germany where they met up with the director Strongboli [Love Addiction] and his husband; Jimmy Durano shows his other assets; Leo Domenico and Tomas Brand go-go dance; Marcus is all tied up; an extremely furry Bruno Bond is all ready for us; a lovely photo of Jay Roberts; Junior Stellano parts his cheeks; Adam Killian rims a costar in “Hole”; Paddy gives us a glimpse of his tool; Alexsander Freitas in his younger days; Jimmy Durano’s puppy Ollie has captured my heart; Trenton Ducati warms up the stripper pole; Race Cooper poses for Kevin Hoover; Spencer Reed finds a chair that suits him on his honeymoon in Dubai; Alexsander is in Brazil with good friend Gazelle Paulo, who is wearing one of Alex’s shirts; Marcus in the Caribbean sun; Vito Gallo looking fine; Ollie begging for ice cream [I would give him some]; Diesel working hard on Hard Wire; Trey Turner naked; Tate Ryder taking a fist for the first time; Angelo Pethyrotis and Colton kissing; Bruno Kinght zipping off to his bf’s house; Bryan Cole reading the emergency instructions at his hotel; Diesel gets into character; Diesel with Leo Forte as they work the scene in Naked Swords’ Hooker Stories film; Dirk recently landed a gig with Mr. S Leather; D.O. modeling; Draven posing in all of his extreme cuteness and hotness; Samuel’s puppies Bacon & Eggs; Goran treats with a coati mundi in Iguacu; Colby Keller is all restrained and ready for you to do with whatever you want; this is exactly what I want Trenton to do to me!; Diego Vena and D.O. at Cocktails with the Stars [photo by Tball]; Diego [photo by Tball]; Jessy Ares poses for Sold Out Clothing; Junior Stellano’s new puppy; Ollie using Landon Conrad as a chair; Diesel manhandles Pierre Fitch; Robin Sanchez has packed on the muscle; Rogan and Angelo in Colton’s “Let me live again” video; Jesse Santana at Playtime; Angelo naked; Steve Cruz as a cub in 1994; an awesome photo of Trenton; Trey screwing around; a close-up of Trey’s cock; hot as fuck and still in Russia – it is Pavel Petel!

Sorry for not posting the links, if not on my sidebar, google them!

I got your Easter Basket right here!

March 31, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Illustrated 2013 Grabby Nominations

March 15, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Congratulations to all of the 2013 Grabby Award Nominees! Below are some of the nominees with my favorite to win starred. [*]


Jake Bass
Justin Cruz
Jimmy Fanz
Augusto Figueredo
Jake Genesis*
Charlie Harding
Scott Hunter
Kris Jamieson
Seth Knight
Derek Parker
JD Phoenix
Austin Ried
Max Ryder
Tate Ryder*
Chris Tyler

Tate Ryder is just incredible and should win easily.

BEEZhaRCQAAUsJd.jpg largeIf not, Jake Genesis should pick this up.


Jonathan Agassi – The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• Tristian Baldwin – The Ultimate Top – Jet Set Men
• Jake Bass – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
Trenton Ducati* – Grind House – NakedSword
• Trenton Ducati – The Woods 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Jimmy Fanz – Street Trade – Channel 1 Releasing
• Mick Lovell – American Lovers 2 – Bel Ami
• Riley Price – 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• Austin Ried – Captain Americock – Boy Crush
• Mitchell Rock – Awake – Lucas Entertainment
• Max Ryder – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
Francois Sagat* – Incubus 2 – TitanMen
• Christian Wilde – Wilde Road – NakedSword

Tie between François Sagat and Trenton Ducati.

inc2_1332-650x365 BEogvyZCYAI6hcG.jpg large

• Chris Steele – 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• Marc MacNamara – Awake – Lucas Entertainment
• Andy Kay – Captain Americock – Boy Crush
• Mr.Pam - Grind House – NakedSword
• Francois Sagat* – Incubus 2 – TitanMen
• Christian Owen- MalPractice – Hot House Entertainment
• Jake Jaxson & Hugo Harley – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• ChiChi LaRue & Doug Jeffries – Street Trade – Channel 1 Releasing
• Marc MacNamara – The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• Tony DiMarco – The Woods 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Mr.Pam - Wilde Road – Nakedsword

François should win, since INCUBUS is the most original screenplay.



• Abduction – Jet Set Men
• Armor – COLT Studio Group
• Boy Toys – Lucas Entertainment
• Hole Busters 5 – Hot House Entertainment
• Pantyhos – Lucas Entertainment
• Piss N Boots – Channel 1 Releasing
• Pony Up* – Raging Stallion Studios
• SNIFF – Channel 1 Releasing
• The Dom – Hot House Entertainment

Going with the home team here.



• Foul Play – Hot House Entertainment
• Pissed and Probed – TitanMen
• Safe Word – Raging Stallion Studios
• Shove it – TitanMen
• Sounding – Raging Stallion Studios
• Take the Plunge – Hot House Entertainment
• Where the Players Go – Raging Stallion Studios

I predict that RSS will win.


Jonathan Agassi
Dario Beck
Dirk Caber
Jessie Colter
Christopher Daniels
Trenton Ducati*
Leo Forte
Alexander Garrett
Jake Genesis
Jesse Jackman
Mick Lovell
Zachery Perry
James Ryder
Chris Tyler
Mitch Vaughn

Trenton is such a very big star, and consummate performer, I think he will win this category.

BE5RVGDCcAEZWh0.jpg large


Rafael Alencar
Jessy Ares
Landon Conrad
Tommy Defendi
Topher DiMaggio
Jimmy Durano
Trenton Ducati
Kris Evans
Kris Jamieson
Hunter Marx
Paddy O’Brian*
Spencer Reed
Nacho Valente
Christian Wilde
Sebastian Young

Paddy will probably take this category as he has fucked every bottom on the planet this year.

BCIo7QHCQAAtkRx.jpg large


Jake Bass
Jessie Colter
Christopher Daniels
Sean Duran
Jimmy Fanz
Kyle King
Riley Price
Max Ryder
Tate Ryder*
Jesse Santana
Cal Skye
Trey Turner

If Tate doesn’t win for newcomer, he will win this category.

BEnzdCtCIAEMe8p.jpg large


Rafael Alencar
Tommy Defendi
Trenton Ducati
Jimmy Durano
Pierre Fitch
Spencer Fox
Vito Gallo
Jesse Jackman
Mick Lovell
Paddy O’Brian*
Francois Sagat
Sergio Serrano
Fabio Stallone
Johnny Venture
Christian Wilde

Many people say that Paddy has a great cock; so maybe he will win.

A-UVnXSCQAIbBKK.jpg large


• Brad Austin – 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• Marty Stevens – American Lovers – Bel Ami
• Uri GoGo, Adam Killian, Chris Crisco – Awake – Lucas Entertainment
Steve Cruz – Deep Inside 1 & 2 – Falcon
• Christian Owen – Foul Play – Hot House Entertainment
• Mr. Pam* – Grind House – NakedSword
• Francois Sagat – Incubus 2 – Titan Men
• Kristen Bjorn – Jagged Mountain Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn
• RJ Sebastian - Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• Andre Adair – The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• Tony DiMarco – The Woods 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Mr. Pam – Wilde Road – NakedSword

Here I think it will be Mr. Pam for the wonderful “Grindhouse”.



• Nick Lovell, Dolph Lambert, Alex Waters – American Lovers 2 – Bel Ami
• Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, Alex Marte – Awake – Lucas Entertainment
• J.P.Dubois, Aaron Samuels, Luke Desmond, Skylar Blu, Marcus Jay, Jonny Parker and Lloyd Adams – Grand Opening – Eurocreme
• Adam Killian, Trenton Ducati, Jake Genesis – Grind House* – Nakedsword
• Francois Sagat, David Anthony, Junior Stellano – Incubus 2 – Titan Men
• Spencer Reed, Alexander Garrett, Jason Michaels – It Gets Bigger – Raging Stallion Studios
• Justin Harris, Nacho Valente, Augusto Figueroa, Donato Reyes – Jagged
Mountain Part 1 – Kristen Bjorn
• Kyle King, David Anthony and Dale Cooper – Men in the Sand – Dragon Media
• Tommy Defendi, Sebastian Young, Seth Knight – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• Spencer Reed, Devon Adams, Shay Michaels, Tim Kelly, Brian Davilla,
Alex Slater, Jessie Colter, Collin Stone, Nicko Morales, Chris Tyler – Sniff – Channel 1 Releasing
• Dorian Deschain, Blase Woods and Chase Young – The Big Sneaky Fuckfest – Helix Studios
• Tate Ryder, Jake Genesis, Derek Parker – The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• Charlie Harding, Trenton Ducati, Kyle King – The Woods 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Bryce Star, Chris Tyler, Cole Brooks, Evan Mercy, Hunter Vance, Randy Star, Spencer Reed – To Fuck a Predator Gangbang – Jet Set Men

Grindhouse will probably take it, that was such a fucking hot film!



• Alaric - Sinners and Saint – Alternative Dudes
• Phillip Ashton – Fleshjack Solo – Boy Crush
• Joe Bondi – Countryboy – Eurocreme
• Dale Cooper – The Haunting – Cockyboys
• J.P. Dubois – Grand Opening – Eurocreme
• Jimmy Durano – Point & Shoot – Falcon
• Jimmy Johnson – Street Trade – Channel 1 Releasing
• Adam Killian* – Fahrenheit – Falcon
Wilfred Knight – Full Load – Colt Studio Group
• Rio Rojo – Boner Buddies 2 – CitiBoys
• Nick Ryder – The Ultimate Top – Jet Set Men

Adam should win this, his solo is just plain old legendary.



• Armor – Colt Studio Group
• Break Him In – NakedSword
• Business and Pleasure – Lucas Entertainment
• Deep Inside 1 & 2* – Falcon
• Head Trip – Titan Men
• Hole Damage – Jet Set Men
• Impact – Raging Stallion Studios
• Irresistible – Bel Ami
• Jagged Mountain Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn
• Men in the Sand – Dragon Media
• Sexy Beast – Cockyboys
• SNIFF- Channel 1 Releasing
• The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• To Fuck a Predator Gangbang – Jet Set Men

I would go with DEEP INSIDE 1&2.









• Riley Rice & Jason Goodman – 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• Mick Lovell & Kris Evans – American Lovers 2 Bel Ami
• Adam Champ & Jake Genesis – Armor – Colt Studio Group
• Austin Ried & Kyler Moss – Captain Americock – Boy Crush
• Christopher Daniels & Dean Monroe – Dripping Wet 4-Falcon
• Erik Rhodes & Spencer Fox – It Gets Bigger* – Raging Stallion Studio
• Jalil Jafar & Christian Herzog – Jagged Mountain Part 1 – Kristen Bjorn
• Kyle King & Josh West – Men in the Sand – Dragon Media
• Jesse Ares & Scott Hunter – Nightfall – Titan Men
• Pierre Fitch & Max Ryder – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• Leo Forte & Christian Wilde – Stalker – NakedSword
• Jimmy Fanz & Sebastian Young – Street Trade – Channel 1 Releasing
• Spencer Reed & Jessie Colter – The Club – Channel 1 Releasing
• Jimmy Durano & Mitch Vaughn – The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• Rafael Carreras & Damien Crosse – The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• Jesse Santana & D.O. – The Woods 2 – Raging Stallion Studios

Erik Rhodes’ performance with Spencer Fox was incredible and unforgettable. It should win.



Dirk Caber
Gabriel Clark
Jimmy Durano
Tomas Friedel
Vito Gallo
Charlie Harding
Colin Hewitt
Jesse Jackman
Hunter Marx
Spencer Reed
Hayden Richards
Sergio Serrano
Collin Stone
Christian Wilde

Charlie Harding or Jesse Jackman should win this award.



Jonathan Agassi
Jessy Ares
Tommy Defendi
Mike DeMarko
Trenton Ducati*
Jimmy Durano
Jake Genesis
Jesse Jackman
Kris Jamieson
Mick Lovell
Dean Monroe
Paddy O’Brian
Caleb Ramble
Max Ryder
Christian Wilde

My favorite this year is Trenton Ducati. I hope he wins!

BEdVdcKCAAEniwN.jpg large


• 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• American Lovers 2 – Bel Ami
• Boys In The Sand – Dragon Media
• California Boys – Buckshot
• Grind House – NakedSword
• Incubus 2* – Titan Men
• Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• Sniff – Channel 1 Releasing
• The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• The Woods Part 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios

INCUBUS was by far the most creative and should win.



• Chris Steele – 21 Jump Street – Jet Set Men
• George Duroy – American Lovers 2 – Bel Ami
• Kristopher Weston – Armor – Colt Studio Group
• Francois Sagat* – Incubus 2-Titan men
• Jake Jaxson – Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• ChiChi Larue – SNIFF – Channel 1 Releasing
• Christian Owen – The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• Marc MacNamara – The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• Tony DiMarco – The Woods Part 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Kristen Bjorn - Wild Attraction  Part 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn

Mr. Pam – Wilde Road – NakedSword

Again, Sagat should win because INCUBUS 2 was such a terrific and different movie.


• 21 Hump Street – Jet Set Men
• American Lovers 2 – Bel Ami
• Armor – Colt Studio Group
• Incubus 2* – Titan Men
• Project GoGo Boys – Cockyboys
• SNIFF – Channel 1 Releasing
• The Dom – Hot House Entertainment
• The Last Day – Lucas Entertainment
• The Woods Part 1 & 2 – Raging Stallion Studios
• Wild Attraction 1 & 2 – Kristen Bjorn
• Wilde Road – NakedSword

INCUBUS 2 really is the best movie since it combines porn with thought provoking concepts and is so artistic.

Thanks for reading the illustrated 2013 Grabby Nominees. See all of the other nominees listed here.