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Raging Stallion Annual Man of the Year Party: A Memoir

October 7, 2010 Posted by suefairview

The photos that go with this memoir can be found here.

I had decided to wear my sheer cut velvet top that was black with a dark red design paired with jeans. I wore my comfy sketcher sneakers. I put on my Swarovsky crystal drop earrings, since they are sparkly and match. The meet time was 8:30 PM in the lobby. I was there and so was Adam Champ. Together we waited for 15 minutes and nobody else showed up. He decided to call Angelo Marconi’s room phone from the desk and see if he was in. The desk referred him to a house phone, after Adam gave them Angelo’s real name. There was no answer. I mentioned that he could be with Alex Freitas, since Alex mentioned that he was going to the party with Angelo. Suddenly it occurred to me that the two of them could be hooking up and I spoke the thought out loud, but when I saw Adam’s face drop, I instantly regretted saying it. Suddenly I didn’t want to call Alex so bad. It was almost 9 PM anyway, so I proposed that Adam and I just head to the party. He agreed and we went out to hail a cab.

The cab got us to there in no time flat, since it was only about two blocks away. DO showed up right behind us; he had walked from the hotel. So there we all stood looking at the numbers on the buildings, trying to figure out which one was Suite 181. We found 179 and then 190 across the street, but where was 181? Suddenly a beefy guy appeared and called out to us that his doorway was what we were looking for. Sure enough, he carded us (I live!) and we went up the flight of stairs into the club.

Most of the Raging Stallion guys were already there and very few other patrons. I showed Adam the photo of my puppies on my cellphone and he got his cellphone out and showed me a photo of Carlo and Champito out on the beach. He said that Carlo over feeds Champito to the point where Champito has grown taller and longer than the breed standard for a chihuahua and he is not happy about it. As he was talking I was getting my SLR camera out and ready to shoot.

Behind me, Victor Hoff from MOC blog walked past me and said “Hi!”. He then told me that his boss, Steven, was at the bar and wanted to talk to me. Adam had to get over to his peers, so I headed over to Steven, an ordinary looking bespectacled white guy. We exchanged cards. He began to tell me how much he loved my blog and that he wanted to interview me, would I be okay with that? Sure. Next he mentioned how unusual female bloggers are in the gay porniverse and that he had already interviewed Tamara from her blog, Guiltily Pleasured and how wonderful he thought it was. I agreed that there were few of us lady bloggers out there. But I said that Tam’s goals and mine were a bit different. Then I explained that she was in it mainly for her pleasure, and sometimes to represent for African Americans. While I also enjoyed gay porn, I also had loftier goals as well, like safe sex for example. Also, my blog enters into political realms at times including repeal of DADT and abolishing the death penalty.

Then I switched up the conversation to the GAYVN awards and asked if he thought that StagHomme got ripped off. He said that he sure did, and if I wasn’t going to write about it, he sure was. Next, since he seemed to be into tall, dark, handsome men, I mentioned meeting Mr. San Francisco Leather, Lance. Steve, looking quite interested, said that he would look him up.

Then I really felt that I had to get to photographing the event, so I excused myself. Raging Stallion men were everywhere. I ran into Race Cooper first, who was only wearing a jock, and took his photo from behind. Man that guy has a sweet ass! Next I saw Aybars, whose hair has grown so long! I just had to touch it! Then Samuel Colt and GAYVN Award winning Best Actor of the Year Logan McCree were hanging around and I told them to do something naughty. I love seeing what porn stars will do when I ask that! Next I took a group photo of Conner Habib, Chris Porter and Ryan Raz. Conner’s shirt said something about Joss Whedon and we discovered that we both love Buffy! Tamara was there with Scotty Boardman and Francesco D’Macho was there also. I grabbed the front of Francesco’s shirt and pulled on it and clicked the photo at the same time. He made such a goofy grin! I could see Damien behind him, all bright-eyed. I gave them both hugs. Lurking nearby, I could see that Alex Freitas has finally made it to the party. He gave me a hug and some excuse about waiting for Angelo to get ready. Whatever.

Now I just cruised around taking photos. Bruno Bond and Tony Aziz. Angelo Marconi, shirtless and sexy as ever. GAYVN Best Performer of the Year, Wilfried Knight and Tamara. Lovers Steve Cruz, who also was awarded GAYVN for Best Supporting Actor of the Year, and Bruno. I asked them to engage in a sloppy kiss, but they just kissed normally after cracking up and Bruno commenting that they really don’t do that.

I mentioned the sweet thing that Adam Champ said about partners in the sex industry working and how at the end, it was all the same. Steve agreed heartily and said “It is all about the emotional connection. Then the physical just doesn’t matter at all.” I felt that was very wise of him to say. So much wisdom and love from these gay men really moved me.

DO approached me and asked what the purpose of my blog was. I gave him a quick run down of the history and came down to, aside from the porn, that it was all about safe sex, working for gay equality, and in general helping young gay people come to terms with their gender identity. He was impressed and said that he would do whatever he could to help me out. What a cool guy! No one had ever asked me about my blog in such bottom-line terms before.

Then the presentations began. I had to rush up to the front and squeeze my way past the crush of people watching and then the line of photographers to get so that I was in position. By then, all the RSS stars had their shirts off and were in line across from us waiting to be interviewed by Steve Cruz. That was quite a sight! There were no bad photographs! Bruno wasted no time and began kissing the man next to him, whose name I didn’t know. What a horn dog!I snapped photos.

The porn stars took turns with Steve. Finally, Chris Ward presented the Raging Stallion Man of the Year Awards to Adam Champ [the hairy] and DO [the smooth]. Videos of this can be found at Crimes Against Nature [the wonderful blog of Diesel Washington]. Plus Diesel interviewed each recipient. I shot photos of the awards and then solo shots of the winners as well as shots together. The party broke up quickly after that. I stowed my camera and everyone I knew was gone. I figured I would have to cab it home alone, since though the place was really close to my hotel, the neighborhood was a really bad one.

So, I left the club and hit the street to hail a cab. There were many clubbers out looking for cabs and my hopes of finding one declined. But then I spotted Adam Champ leaving the club and heading down the sidewalk alone. I sprinted after him calling his name. He gladly assented to walk me back to the hotel. He was still high from winning Man of the Year and was really happy with the team feeling of working at Raging Stallion and that it was a vast improvement over Colt, where he was actually told negative things about himself. I said that I had some contact with Colt’s affiliate program and found them difficult to work with from a disabled person’s standpoint. Whereas, Raging Stallion, StagHomme and Liberate Studios were able to be more flexible when it came to disabled persons in their affiliate programs. He said that it was no wonder that Colt went bankrupt.

On 7th Street, we walked past a bar, and one of the two patrons exiting walked right into me. Fortunately, I bounced off of him, because he was enormous [at least 300 pounds (136 kg) and well over 6 feet tall (1.83 m)] and might have flattened me. They were completely wasted and never even noticed me, even after they walked right into me! Adam was right by my side immediately with a look of concern to see if I was okay. Fortunately I was totally unharmed. I found his solicitousness so charming! What a gentleman! We made it back to the hotel without any other event and parted ways.

Next – the Folsom Street Fair!

Behind the Scenes at Liberate Studios!

May 1, 2010 Posted by suefairview

So we all know that Kurt Rogers is the big boss over at Liberate Studios. But it is a small company in Cape Town South Africa and this allows Kurt to play many roles there aside from being the star! Below we see him behind the camera [perhaps directing]:

I hear he is a pretty good fluffer too. [What do you guys think about that? Okay boys, here's your fluffer, BTW it is Kurt Rogers! Will he do?]

Then in these thumbnails, we see him proving he is boss [his underling seems not to mind at all] and using his cosmetic skills for a player in one of the films. There are many more BTS photos over at Liberate Studios for you to enjoy. I know I do! See them all here.

BTS with Chad

April 28, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Over at Liberate Studios go behind the scenes with Chad, a real cutie who will j/o his load just for you. This dirty blond top has intense blue eyes, and an 8 inch dick. Definite boyfriend material if you ask me! Can’t wait to see him in a scene!

Kurt Rogers: an intimate series of portraits

April 25, 2010 Posted by suefairview

GASP! Is all I can say about Kurt Rogers! He looks perfect in every shot. His light blue eyes set into a strong and handsome face, huge fat cock, bubble butt, toned body and brilliantly colored tattoos only serve to highlight his winning personality and lively charisma. What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man! He’s a man I would love to meet someday! Keep working on that studio of yours man! You are doing a great job!

Photo source: Liberate Studios

Hat Tip: Unnatural Devotions

Cape Town Cock Cruisers Scene 5: Reviewed

April 12, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Meet Bruce and Josh from Liberate Studios. Left to their own devices, they decide to get it on. Truthfully, I am not into twinks. But once they were seated on the couch together, I noticed something special about Bruce. He had a huge tent in his colorful boxers. And I do mean HUGE. So I decided to keep watching.

Low and behold, this is what was in there. Nothing less than a 10.5 incher [the biggest at Liberate Studios, I believe]. Now they had my complete attention. His scene partner, Josh was not able to blow more than this baby’s head, even though more than one position was attempted.

I kept wondering, will Josh be able to take it up his ass?

Find out if he did or not here or see the entire movie here.

Bruce drops a mighty pretty load too!