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Logan McCree: a natural history

October 8, 2014 Posted by suefairview

OMG! Logan was Mr. Leather Germany 10 years ago!


I have heard that Logan is considering attending International Mr. Leather 2015 in Chicago! I am not available, but his fans can go and see him!

Here are more photos of Logan:

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The last one is Logan with “Rich Bear” in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Logan is simply a beautiful and charismatic man. All of his performances are intense and personal. See some of his previews for free at LOGANMCCREE.TV.

Alexsander Freitas, Francesco D’Macho, Logan McCree, Damien Crosse and MORE!

July 14, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Alexsander Freitas is still hot as ever! Here he sweats after a workout.


Brenton Parry shot this photo of Mike.

Francesco D’Macho‘s puppy, Benji, looks adoringly up at him. Or, is it more about the burger?

benji1 benji2

Photos of hot go-go boy Chase Hostler at work, astride a huge machine, and on the beach with bf Ross.

chase chase1 chaseross

Damien Crosse enjoying Madrid Pride with Goran, Jota Jota, Biagio Galotti and Zach Saevich. Bottom photo by Tarek PuntoCom.

damien2 damientariq

Damien and Francesco together.


Logan McCree and Arnaud Leather Amsterdam at Berlin Folsom 2011.

berlinfolsom2011 Alejandro Dumas and Fluffer Logan

June 11, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Bolko says:

Alejandro is a supersexy and handsome cuban guy. He knows how to play with the cam an I had the impression he can see his viewers.
As you are used to the fact that there are some unusal things happening in our scenes, Logan decided to work as Alejandro´s fluffer.
They had a lot of fun and I kept almost everything of the recording in this shot to give you the real experience of the atmosphere.
I am also very happy that Alejandro directly talks in spanish.
A good opportunity to thank all fans from the spanish spoken countries for their loyalty (and all other fans, too). Yours Bolko.

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Alejandro is quite hot! He and Logan make a sizzling duo. I could watch this forever!

See the free XXX preview here.


June 5, 2014 Posted by suefairview



I always had this fantasy to have sex with a straight friend of mine. He is a muscular guy and has a very sexy (and I belive tight) ass.
No problem to imagine how it could feel to put my dick inside him and start fucking him slowly.
Hugs Logan.


It is great to have Logan back after a short hiatus and to see him jerking off to one of his personal fantasies. He looks fabulous! Logan speaks some German [with subtitles] about his specific fantasy while he pleasures himself with a transparent sleeve. So hot to see him in action again and I hope to see more of him soon!

Highly recommended.

See the free XXX preview here.

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Also there is a new EMRE SOLO!


Emre is a very sexy turkish Hunk with strong and hairy legs. It´s Emre´s first time in front of the camera. Although he looks very tough you will see that he is handsome guy. His fetisch are sneakers and leather. We were invited to shoot the solo in the Babylon Gay Sauna Cologne.

Below is another video of Logan :

See yet another video of Logan dancing in slow-motion at the Logan McCree Official Fansite.

Just some guys 44…

April 30, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Notes: Armond Rizzo is pretty as a picture; in this old Black Party photo Diesel Washington and François Sagat performed together with a large diamond; Boomer Banks will be in Loverboy Magazine; Bruno Bond naked; Chase R-E-P-R-E-S-E-N-T-S! woof; Colby Keller offers spanking at the Eagle; Damien Crosse in a selfie; Damien with Paddy O’Brian; Dato Foland tries on fedoras; Damien and Dato out and about, two photos; Dato at the beach in a swimsuit; Dillon Buck rams it into Kurt Rogers; Dionisio strikes a pose or two; Jessie Jackman gets a blow job from his man Dirk Caber; Dirk shows that he know how to wear a kilt; Dirk naked in a pool; Francesco D’Macho snuggles up to his pup, Benji; Francesco takes a post workout selfie; François as a fetish love god; François from the Exterface Kick calendar shoot; Hans Berlin shows why he is famous [slurp!]; Jessie Jackman as a bear; Ryan Rose models for John Galliano; did you know that Johnny Hazzard was in your kitchen?; Landon Conrad hugs Dato; a squatting Logan McCree; Lucio Saints is ready for Spring; Marcd Dylan’s penis is ready for action; Marco Rubio poses with Francesco; Marcus Ruhl naked front and back; Martin Mazza is looking very fit these days; I would know that ass anywhere – it is Pavel Petel!; LOVE those cut off shorts!; Pavel as Stalin is a bit scary; Pedro Andreas smiling and happy and then seductive on the beach; Ray Han twerking; Rogan has been crowned Miss Universe, or something…; Ryan Rose with love Ethan Slade; Ryan, bearded, at the gym; Ryan in a photo that got him banned from Facebook; Samuel Colt in full leather; Samuel all pumped up; Splash stars Tom Daley and Joey Essex pose together; Steve Cruz rocks his new look; Tommi Defendi and Liam Magnusson compare abs; Topher Dimaggio models and is in China for Andrew Christian as we speak.