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Just some guys 43…

January 29, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Notes:  Adam Champ with his soft, furry chest showing; would you give this guy a ride?; Carlo Masi springs out of Adam’s cake last year; my dear friend Alexsander Freitas; Angel Rock getting a smooch and some roses from Boomer Banks; Colby Keller with a full beard and looking out a hotel window; Damien Crosse and Dato Foland during their whirlwind tour of Miami; David Mason Chlopecki on Fire Island this past Summer; Derek Parker is king of ‘fill in the blank’; a lovely portrait of Diesel Washington and Chris Harder from CockyBoys’ THE HEALER; Dionisio on horseback; Jonathan Agassi flirts with Draven Torres on set; François Sagat has incredibly suckable lips; Stag Homme Studios executives Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse in Paris – Today is Francesco’s birthday!; Hans Berlin doing his thing; the yowza of Goran; Congratulations to Jessy Ares for winning best porn star at the XBiz Awards [and for his engagement]!; Jessy singing one of his songs with Jesse Jackman in the background; couple of the moment Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber; Johnny Hazzard and an equine friend; where is Kurt Rogers – he is so missed in the porn world!; Marcus Ruhl plays the middleman for Landon Conrad and Jimmy Durano; Liam Magnusson in his birthday suit; Logan McCree is a bit tied up right now, but his new episode features Sami; Lucio Saints looking fine in a selfie; Paddy O’Brian is all set to go on a hike in the woods; Pavel Petel looking bronze and muscular; beauty thou art Pedro Andreas; Angel Rock fools around with Ray Han in a pool; Ray go-go dancing; Ray naked; Ray cuffed to a small table; Rogan Richards during his live flex show that went out on Skype; Ryan Rose snorkeling and posing for what he wants; Samuel Colt in an award nominated photo by Matt Spike; Tom Wolfe with a furry pillow; Marc Dylan and Topher Dimaggio; Hot couple Damien Crosse & Dato Foland  pose with hot couple Diego Lauzen & Wagner Victorio.

Raging Stallion Studio’s OPEN ROAD Part 1 Reviewed

January 5, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Take an uninhibited journey with Raging Stallion on the back roads of America. Sexy, rough and rugged men let loose and ride free on the Open Road, experiencing intense sexual encounters and hooking up whenever and wherever it happens. A thumb and a highway are all it takes, and when you arrive you know you’re gonna get some. Open Road, Part 1, directed by dynamic duo Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, offers triple-X American man sex featuring blue collar studs doing it dirty. Lots of liquids have been spilled on Aleks Buldocek’s bar, but none like the spills coming from the guys who work behind the counter. Employees James Ryder and Marcus Isaacs dress to reveal — one, a smooth ass; the other, hairy pecs — because it gets more tips. They wind up their sexual tension before the bar opens. Aleks hears the noise and joins them. Aleks is alone later, when drifter Adam Ramzi steps off the Open Road to wet his whistle. Adam’s holes need to be filled and Aleks is the big, burly man for the job. Adam’s back on the road, and he hitches a ride from Seven Dixon, a studly man with 7′s tattooed on his neck and biceps like bowling balls driving a car that has as much muscle as he has. Adam feels the need to top this time, and delivers on all cylinders. Boomer Banks is exhausted from lugging around his big sack on the road. He is carrying an endowment that makes you doubt your eyes. While taking a load off and napping in a barn, Boomer is discovered by farmer Tony Orion, who wants to touch, suck and then offer his ass to experience Boomer’s horse-hung power. Once you’re on the Open Road anything can happen, and in Part 1, the road takes these studs to some of the most aggressive, exhilarating encounters that you’ve ever seen.


Marcus Isaacs and James Ryder set some very solid ground work in their scene that impressed me. What I liked most about it was their intensity burnished with eye contact and dirty talking, a knowing rim job by James on Marcus, a thorough blow job by Marcus who got quite close on throating James, then a very nice flip-fuck by the pair; during which Marcus moved quite adeptly in the doggy style. Alone this would have been a stellar scene! But there was more! Aleks Buldocek enters and there is a 3-way [god I love 3-ways!] where Aleks and James shared Marcus’ sweet hole, while Marcus blew the available man. The cum shots were divine! After all of the action, Aleks says “Back to work guys!” LOL! What a nice, nice scene, featuring great work by the guys. Truly enjoyed watching it!

5130_RSS114_SA_148 5130_RSS114_SA_172 5130_RSS114_SA_228 5130_RSS114_SA_266 5130_RSS114_SA_331

The scene with Adam Ramzi and Aleks Buldocek was interesting because the intensity started off strong and then dwindled, then picked up again in an unusual way. I absolutely loved the blow job that Adam gave to Aleks and I am sure that Aleks did too! Adam did everything right, note his strong eye contact, ease of throating, being beat in the face and tongue, spitting, and ball licking. This was a high point of intensity for the scene. This intensity was rapidly lost during Aleks’ rim job on Adam. Aleks had a nice start, by spitting on Adam’s hole and grabbing Adam’s balls and dick, but in my opinion, he should have gone further. Adam is a handsome, horny stud. I would have pushed a finger or more into his hole. He wants it. He needs it! He deserves it! He would die for it! Then, I would have pulled back his dick and balls and sucked on those babies! Yum! So you didn’t get to give him a blow job, now is your chance! I’m sure he won’t complain! Those kind of moves would certainly build the intensity here. Next, Aleks fucked Adam doggy style and Adam was able to move at will, since he is a terrific bottom. But the entire mood of the scene really changed when the pair stood up and Adam began to muscle worship Aleks. It was like a breath of fresh air. In the missionary position, Aleks got physical and began to punch Adam in the pecs. Adam spit at Aleks and Aleks slapped him back. Hello! The intensity was back! The cum shots at the end were worth the wait. I hate to say it, but this scene had the same-old, same-old sexual choreography of blow-rim-sex in 2 positions-cum shots. A real mixed bag here; some good work and some weak work in this scene. Adam Ramzi was fabulous, Aleks Buldocek has a bit of learning to do, but that can fixed with some experience. All-in-all, a nice scene.

5130_RSS114_SB_064 5130_RSS114_SB_127 5130_RSS114_SB_160 5130_RSS114_SB_233 5130_RSS114_SB_267

Seven Dixon makes his debut in this scene with Adam Ramzi. Driving up in a cherry-red remake of the Plymouth Barracuda, Seven says “Get in!” When they get to the isolated barn, Seven aggressively pushes Adam into the front passenger bucket seat and blows him expertly. The blow job continues with Adam standing leaning against the passenger door. Adam rims Seven against the same passenger door, unfortunately with only the same expertise as Aleks Buldocek had in the previous scene. Please refer to my comments in that scene for the blow job. Plus all of the intensity from Seven’s aggression and blow job was lost. Adam then fucks Seven doggy style leaning on the same door, which seems to be gettting tons of action. Seven moved very well and said “Come on fuck me!” The pair looked quite hot from the above camera view.  The pair then had sex in the missionary position on a blanket. The cum shots were entertaining, as Adam had an oral cum shot. Nice debut for Seven; great work! Adam obviously needs way more practice as a top. He might want to watch D.O. or Logan McCree for inspiration and to get his head in the game.  Again, this scene was typical sexual choreography. Nice scene, no brass ring.

5130_RSS114_SC_337 5130_RSS114_SC_391 5130_RSS114_SC_436 5130_RSS114_SC_447 5130_RSS114_SC_505

Horse hung Boomer Banks finds a barn in which to rest his weary head. But, skulking within is cutie pie Tony Orion, who just has a devil of a time resisting Boomer’s buldge. Tony is able to give an enviable blow job to Boomer, throating a good three-quarters of Boomer’s heady length. Yowza! Boomer is so impressed that he face-fucks Tony. Boomer demonstrates how a rim job should be done on Tony as he rims, spits, long licks, sucks on balls and cock, and does some foreskin play for good measure. Camera work here was marvelous and there was terrific natural sunlight in the barn. Boomer pile drives into Tony and there was a camera shot that was in between the two men and gave a real feeling of the chemistry and intensity of the fuck. Incredible shot – I felt like I was there! During the missionary position, Tony exclaims “Oh yeah, fuck my hole!” The cum shots were worth the wait. This was a truly incredible scene that had chemistry and intensity throughout. Fine work was put in by both gentlemen. Great job! [Boomer, dude you really need to speak some time!]

5130_RSS114_SE_161 5130_RSS114_SE_203 5130_RSS114_SE_228 5130_RSS114_SE_309 5130_RSS114_SE_312

Buy OPEN ROAD Part 1 to see the incredible intensity of the first and last scenes featuring Boomer Banks & Tony Orion, and Marcus Isaacs, James Ryder & Aleks Buldocek in their fine 3-way. Also, Seven Dixon’s debut with Adam Ramzi is very worth seeing as I am sure that Seven will go on to bigger and better things. There is also a very interesting scene with Adam Ramzi and Aleks Buldocek that is worth a look. My problem with this DVD is that other than the first scene, all of them are the stale sexual choreography. However, the camera work was outstanding with one incredible shot in the Boomer Banks / Tony Orion scene that brought the viewer right into the action. The remaining camera work was also just really great. The sets and locations were very fine and well done. Casting was very good. Direction and editing were excellent. I even loved the musical interludes; one that used guitar was particularly pleasing. In all, this DVD brought me back to my days on the road, when I was so much younger and that made the ride so much more fun! I’m not giving this DVD a top rating for reasons stated in my review, but get it and you won’t regret it.

Highly recommended.

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Just some guys 41

October 20, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes:  [All links are in the sidebar] Adam Champ is in the first 4 photos, the last one with partner Carlo Masi; Armond Rizzo stretches out; Blue Bailey gets his make up done by Leo Forte; Boomer Banks is ready for his scene; Colby Keller poses in a mesh shirt; Damien Crosse at a phone box in London and at the Eiffel Tower in Paris; Dato Foland in a close-up; D.O. in a new shot; Francesco D’Macho in bed; Françcois Sagat modeling and then in 2 more photos; Hans Berlin poses in a pool; Jesse Jackman kisses his partner Dirk Caber in a photo that began a huge frakas on Facebook; Jimmy Durano naked and in a very revealing shirt; Johhny Hazzard rides his first ever horse to get ready for a role; Landon Conrad poses with his dog; No one gives camera like Leo does; Logan McCree; Lucio Saints poses for Gigolo and with a Harley; Pavel Petel poses as a piece of art and on his show; Pedro Andreas in a suit; 2 photos from the reborn Original Pornolicious; 4 photos of Ray Han – 2 of his ass, one cooking and one of his “need”; 4 photos of Rogan Richards – 1 shower flex, 1 London prone, 1 Madrid plea for a couch [Oct. 25 - Nov. 5], and 1 full frontal; Ryan Rose in his car; Samuel Colt’s hole, Samuel poses next to a sign that reads “Homo sex is a threat to National Security” in New Orleans, and Samuel’s cock; Scott Cullens shows off his impressive torso; Steven Daigle poses fetchingly; Tate Ryder’s ass, cock and naked body; Trenton Ducati poses in a revealing shirt, in front of the Berlin wall during Hustlaball, with a hot boy he met at Southern Decadence, naked with his erection holding up a coffee mug, and showing his ass to the camera; Trenton poses with Adam Killan, and Tomas Brand during Hustlaball Berlin, Trey Turner’s hole and cock; Ty Roderick’s cock and selfie. RINGO “SOLO” Reviewed

October 10, 2013 Posted by suefairview


It started as a Solo and our fans know that we never work with a script. Ringo was so sweet and said “It´s a bit complicated to jerk off alone”. He is a very tall guy, almost 1,90m [6'3"] and he has a wonderful cock. Be aware of what can happen if you touch the camera man :-). Enjoy. Bolko.


Holy crap! I thought this would just be another solo jerk off! Was I ever surprised to see sober and aloof cameraman Bolko Moore join in!!! OMG! Here are the photos, and then I will tell you what I think:

Ringo_Solo_Promo_01 Ringo_Solo_Promo_02 Ringo_Solo_Promo_03 Ringo_Solo_Promo_04 Ringo_Solo_Promo_05 Ringo_Solo_Promo_07 Ringo_Solo_Promo_08 Ringo_Solo_Promo_09 Ringo_Solo_Promo_10 Ringo_Solo_Promo_11 Ringo_Solo_Promo_12 Ringo_Solo_Promo_13 Ringo_Solo_Promo_14 Ringo_Solo_Promo_15 Ringo_Solo_Promo_16 Ringo_Solo_Promo_17 Ringo_Solo_Promo_18 Ringo_Solo_Promo_19 Ringo_Solo_Promo_20

First off, Ringo is quite the handsome devil and hung! Who could blame  Bolko for wanting to give his full support? While the camera work did suffer a bit, who are we to complain? Bolko really facilitated us seeing the real Ringo! This was by far so much more than we would have seen from just a solo. Look at that lovely smile! Now we know that Ringo loves to suck cock and can throat one! We’ve seen him rim, fuck and we know he likes feet! Get a load of the cum shot! Bolko, I think Logan will forgive you  for crossing the line on this one. LOL!

Highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

Logan McCree in London [2011]

October 3, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Although we always try to behave, Youtube deleted our Channel because of too spicy content.
We removed all “too hot” scenes and will re-upload the “colder” ones step by step.
So you can enjoy some older recordings [2011] behind the scenes.