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Logan McCree & THOMMY BAIT

March 18, 2015 Posted by suefairview


From Logan McCree TV:

Logan is back!
After a quite long pause we are proud to present the brandnew scene with Thommy Bait.
It´s Thommy´s debut.
Thommy is a very tall and hung escort working in Munich (find him on > Escorts > PremiumDate)
Slightly haired and an amazing guy for sex.
Thommy: “Logan is very professional and handsome in the same time.
I enjoyed the scene and would love to shoot another one for soon.”

Location: Munich
Language: German.
Duration: 28 Min.
Free Trailer Download.
Produced in March 2015

See and/or download the free XXX trailer here.

Thommy_Bait_Logan_McCree_Promo01 Thommy_Bait_Logan_McCree_Promo02 Thommy_Bait_Logan_McCree_Promo04 Thommy_Bait_Logan_McCree_Promo05 Thommy_Bait_Logan_McCree_Promo06 Thommy_Bait_Logan_McCree_Promo07 Thommy_Bait_Logan_McCree_Promo08 Thommy_Bait_Logan_McCree_Promo09

LOGANMCCREE.TV Erik Fischer Solo Reviewed

February 6, 2015 Posted by suefairview


Erik wrote:
Das ist mein erstes Mal vor der Kamera und ich fand es total geil! Ich war dann zwar doch so nervös, dass ich mich zum Kommen auf’s Bett legen mußte, dafür werde ich jetzt schon hart wenn ich an das nächste Mal denke. Hoffe, sehen wir uns bald wieder.
Viele Grüße

It was my first time in front of a camera and I loved every minute of it. I was a little bit nervous, so I had to relax on the bed first to cum, and now I’m already hard thinking of doing it again. Well, if you guys like me, I’m gonna cum again for you.

Bolko wrote:

If you ever need somebody who can help you with your laundry, Erik should be your first choice :-). The 28-years-old bear is so handsome shy from the first Impression. But if he feels getting rid of his cum he moans like wolf. Eric has a thick uncut cock and likes to show off. It´s ifirst porn scene. So don´t miss his debut here.


Though shy, Erik is very vocal during his LOGANMCCREE.TV debut [just the way I like it]. Bolko captures some very good shots of Erik’s hot ass and uncut cock that need to be seen! This solo was shot this year and can only be seen at LOGANMCCREE.TV. The XXX preview is free!

Erik_Fischer_Solo_Movie-450 Erik_Fischer_Solo_Movie-550 Erik_Fischer_Solo_Movie-650 Erik_Fischer_Solo_Movie-960

Logan McCree NEWS!!!!

January 27, 2015 Posted by suefairview

Earlier in January, Logan McCree had a very serious accident with his car as apparently he hit deep slush in the road and his car flipped.


Slush is a very dangerous road hazzard and can happen when snow blows over a road and then melts. I totalled a car by hitting slush and spinning out back in 1980.

Thankfully Logan survived with only a broken rib and neither of his wolf-mix dogs was injured at all.


I wish you a speedy recovery, Logan!!!!

The good news is that Logan has a new dog that is a half wolf and half Alaskan Malamute, whose name is
Wolfie”. His odlder dog, also a wolf mix, is now 15 years old and his name is Ares.

logansdogs loganwolfie Wolfie

More photos can be found on Logan’s twitter account:

Logan also has a tumblr account!!!!!

tumblr_lzqb5tVQuL1qesoz8o1_500 tumblr_m0lwdymaRM1qg240ro1_500 tumblr_mtrjy4J4pJ1sxfhu9o1_500 tumblr_n47kir4ElO1so5o49o1_500

Logan notes that for 37, he looks pretty good. I would have to agree!

10421380_764899296897165_5246248000108613497_n B5iLZyQCYAExjtT

Late last year, Logan shot some new scenes, and more are promised this year. Here are some photos from his last new movie with Jonathan:

JonathanLogan01 JonathanLogan15 JonathanLogan19 JonathanLogan21

Of course the FREE XXX preview is available at and an entire XXX gallery is available at his Official Fan Site.




Logan McCree to shoot new scenes this year!

January 5, 2015 Posted by suefairview

It is true! Logan is preparing a tour with guys whom he will shoot ALL NEW SCENES with this year! Yeah!

Here is a special offer:

You will get full access for 365 days to Logan’s videosite for only 99 Dollars, 89 Euros.

No Membership and one time payment. Access ends automatically after 365 days. Just click here and you will be directed to our payment provider for secure payment.

This is a limited offer for all fans and will not be shown on Logan’s movie Site.

Sounds like a good deal to me! Of course a gallery of Logan’s prior work is available for FREE at Logan McCrees’ Official Fan Site; just register and sign in. All film previews are also FREE at

1463568_10204840601432251_1810671720346843716_n 1513761_397875450387029_1764319196579909089_n 10421380_764899296897165_5246248000108613497_n 10888615_748910345199320_51794856511033757_n


December 8, 2014 Posted by suefairview

The stunning and photogenic Logan McCree:

10815691_10204839194957090_851660150_n 10805038_10204839194597081_795936938_n 10801979_759922854061476_6829183011695426659_n 10799852_10204839194717084_1460683087_n 10665196_10204840600952239_3830428564519174881_n 10647102_759920584061703_9129578069415140532_n 10625108_788087691249403_2479590740237087699_n 10471089_761728567214238_7610220892534147627_n 10171127_735397926515271_3656687395877331022_n 10156101_10152041050208443_652571969_n 10150794_10154644683830431_2798398525711102597_n 1610104_582593101824609_666425928_n 1459891_472683619515345_498753444_n 1390474_10201280077976286_1180693196_n 1013882_473580702731001_678620315_n 974436_10204839195157095_1518547990_n 581961_559838574069053_1476258961_n 376179_464992166887881_1771647750_n 169076_173177419391280_5940687_n 168983_173190592723296_6076641_n 168869_173177429391279_4235619_n 167353_173176829391339_3510593_n 166620_173177242724631_1882171_n 166187_173172276058461_7448185_n 165596_173176812724674_5173351_n 165392_173177026057986_5673964_n 165326_173176869391335_4073412_n 165102_173177462724609_8313476_n 164819_173177286057960_4987346_n 164354_173176972724658_1439583_n 163748_173190736056615_5575483_n 163721_173188972723458_4673380_n 163429_173177329391289_7577339_n 163206_173177116057977_427872_n

Notes: first 6 photos are of Logan – one is with his dog; Logan performs at Mucassassina in Rome; under toile; with Rich Bear; as Mr. Leather Germany; in a pub in Scotland with Rich Bear; 4 photos of Logan; Logan cleans up nicely; my favorite photo of Logan; remaining photos are of Logan’s fire act.

Check out Logan McCree TV and the fan page!