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June 10, 2014 Posted by suefairview

#BLOWOUT BACK! @V35  featuring Rogan Richards and Martin Mazza.


Rogan says:
If you’re in MADRID and you want a bodybuilders gym you need to find V35. Situated at C / Valverde 35, this gym is small and the dumbbells only go up to 50kilos but in a city saturated by pretty health clubs this gym makes up for it’s size with its “old school” heart. The clang of weight’s, the grunting and guys who are here for one reason, to build muscle.

Back in the gym training back with my mate, MARTIN MAZZA, and with BOOM! BOOM! behind the camera.

3/4 X bodyweight chin ups. I try to chuck this into every back workout. Back in the day I could smash out 30+ reps easily but that was before I weighed 95kikos + so now I just go for 30 reps minimum and as many sets as it takes me.

4 X Cable Row. I’m hitting the muscle hard and heavy going to about 8-12 reps with every set rising to my “working weight”*** I wanna flood the muscle with blood – emphasis on the pump AND strict technique.

4 X Dumbel Row. I’m hitting the muscle hard and heavy going to about 8-12 reps with every set rising to my “working weight”*** I wanna flood the muscle with blood – emphasis on the pump AND strict technique.

By this stage there were a bunch of guys hanging around talking and fucking with my ADHD. So I told em all to fuck off and I finished my workout alone…

4 X Wide grip pull downs. 8-12 reps. I HATE this exercise ALWAYS have! I promise I’ll dedicate a video soon ALL about alternative wide grip back exercises…

song; Pabst Blue Ribbon On Ice by The Amity Affliction. Album Chasing Ghosts.

***You’re “working weight” is the weight you reach after your warm up sets. It’s your maximum weight that still allows you to achieve the range of reps you are aiming for, be it 4/5 reps or 13/15. You might do 4 sets working your way up to this weight and then guys think, “I’ve done 4 sets! Next exercise!” Bullshit. Those 4 sets were a warm up, they’ve done jack shit to building hard muscle for you — now you start counting sets once you reach your “working weight”

Just some guys fucking…

May 12, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Adam Killian in an orgy with Jessie Colter, Phillip Aubrey and another porn star for


Armond Rizzo and Landon Conrad imitate their winning moves from SO YOU THINK YOU CAN FUCK Season 4, episode 7 and Landon Conrad was declared the overall winner by Dominic Ford.

10345843_498118833653764_3453418452131466836_n arnaudleatheramsterdambondage

Two hot bondage photos from Arnaud Leather Amsterdam.


Ray Han can fuck himself.


Bruno Boni is covered with Rogan Richards for Tim Tales. Rogan will be in the titular role in a Steve Cruz film about a Tourist in Spain for Raging Stallion Studios.

colby colbycumface colbypierrefitch

Colby Keller fucked Pierre Fitch for CockyBoys.


Damien Cross fucks Seven Dixon.


Topher Dimaggio fucks Dato Foland for

Diego-Lauzen-Tim-Tales-Gay-Porn-3 Diego-Lauzen-Tim-Tales-Gay-Porn-7

Tim Kruger fucks Diego Lauzen for Tim Tales.


Edu Boxer fucks Martin Mazza for


Hugo Vergari fucks Dato Foland for MENATPLAY.


Dirk Caber controls the match and wins against Jessie Colter at NakedCombat.


Dato Foland, Denis Vega, Paco, Scott Hunter and Bruno Boni in The Line Up at MENATPLAY.


Paddy O’Brian fucks Adam Wirthmore for


Rogan fucks Jesse Jackman for Titan in Dick Danger.


Dirk Caber fucks Scott Harbor in Step Father’s Secret for


This Tommy Defendi cum shot is icing on the cake!

Some photos are from Queer Me Now.

Just some guys 44…

April 30, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Notes: Armond Rizzo is pretty as a picture; in this old Black Party photo Diesel Washington and François Sagat performed together with a large diamond; Boomer Banks will be in Loverboy Magazine; Bruno Bond naked; Chase R-E-P-R-E-S-E-N-T-S! woof; Colby Keller offers spanking at the Eagle; Damien Crosse in a selfie; Damien with Paddy O’Brian; Dato Foland tries on fedoras; Damien and Dato out and about, two photos; Dato at the beach in a swimsuit; Dillon Buck rams it into Kurt Rogers; Dionisio strikes a pose or two; Jessie Jackman gets a blow job from his man Dirk Caber; Dirk shows that he know how to wear a kilt; Dirk naked in a pool; Francesco D’Macho snuggles up to his pup, Benji; Francesco takes a post workout selfie; François as a fetish love god; François from the Exterface Kick calendar shoot; Hans Berlin shows why he is famous [slurp!]; Jessie Jackman as a bear; Ryan Rose models for John Galliano; did you know that Johnny Hazzard was in your kitchen?; Landon Conrad hugs Dato; a squatting Logan McCree; Lucio Saints is ready for Spring; Marcd Dylan’s penis is ready for action; Marco Rubio poses with Francesco; Marcus Ruhl naked front and back; Martin Mazza is looking very fit these days; I would know that ass anywhere – it is Pavel Petel!; LOVE those cut off shorts!; Pavel as Stalin is a bit scary; Pedro Andreas smiling and happy and then seductive on the beach; Ray Han twerking; Rogan has been crowned Miss Universe, or something…; Ryan Rose with love Ethan Slade; Ryan, bearded, at the gym; Ryan in a photo that got him banned from Facebook; Samuel Colt in full leather; Samuel all pumped up; Splash stars Tom Daley and Joey Essex pose together; Steve Cruz rocks his new look; Tommi Defendi and Liam Magnusson compare abs; Topher Dimaggio models and is in China for Andrew Christian as we speak.

Rogan Richard’s Pecpuppies & 2013 Photos!

December 31, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Notes: Rogan Richards with Martin Mazza in King Size; Rogan models for Cock Sox; Rogan romanced DJ Flamefly; with a doll that would be how he looked had one of his parents been a darker ethnicity; with  a date; at a club; at a model shoot; MLH13 in Madrid; pitt hair; with Jesse Jackman; a shot of his back; fur; nude at a club; modeling; DJ Flamefly;Kissing the Flamefly; posing with Paddy O’Brian; posing for King Size; cock; Hard Kinks with Martin Mazza; typical Friday night; with Paul Wagner at MAP; a PSA; and modeling.

What will 2014 hold for this enigmatic and charming star? I cannot wait to see his next tour to the US!!!


Just some guys 42…

November 17, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: Harry Louis wasted no time returning to porn after his breakup with Marc Jacobs, here with Ashley Ryder for UKNaked Men; Samuel Colt poses for Matt Spike in London; Marc Dylan looking quite fit; Colby Keller and Will Wikle; Pedro Andreas dyed his hair blue; Johnny Hazzard relaxes in a pool; Steve Cruz gets in touch with his inner gurl; Adam Champ as Little Red Riding Hood, is looking for his Big Bad Wolf; François Sagat modeling; Pavel Petel as the glittery space man; Angel Rock and Ray Han with a friend; Angel and Ray in the hot tub; Angel nude; Angel free-balling at the Miami Airport; Ray at a club; Ben Cohen in his altogether; Jimmy Durano; Fabulous cameraman Leo Forte; Adam Killian on a roof top; Liam Magnusson fucks Ray Han; Rogan Richards kisses Martin Mazza who he has been collaboration with in Madrid; Eggs in a pan; Hans Berlin in Sydney, Australia; Hans fucks someone for UKNaked Men; Hans on a nude beach in Australia; Dirk Caber with his brand new whip, a gift from Jesse Jackman; Jesse and Dirk at home in bed together; Jessy Ares in a waterfall in Costa Rica; Jimmy Fanz; D.O. with a black and white horse; D.O. is perfection in this photo by Justin Monroe; Kellan Lutz at a game; Marcus Ruhl looks stunning all dressed up; Marcus looking hot getting plowed by Angel Rock; a close-up of Paddy O’Brian’s precum; Paddy in an athletic move with Theo Reid; Spencer Reed at Hustlaball; Cobly Keller cleansing the area of spirits; Dave Mason shows off his body; Ryan Rose at Hustlaball; Ty Roderick; Zeb Atlas.