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Rogan Richard’s Pecpuppies & 2013 Photos!

December 31, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Notes: Rogan Richards with Martin Mazza in King Size; Rogan models for Cock Sox; Rogan romanced DJ Flamefly; with a doll that would be how he looked had one of his parents been a darker ethnicity; with  a date; at a club; at a model shoot; MLH13 in Madrid; pitt hair; with Jesse Jackman; a shot of his back; fur; nude at a club; modeling; DJ Flamefly;Kissing the Flamefly; posing with Paddy O’Brian; posing for King Size; cock; Hard Kinks with Martin Mazza; typical Friday night; with Paul Wagner at MAP; a PSA; and modeling.

What will 2014 hold for this enigmatic and charming star? I cannot wait to see his next tour to the US!!!


Just some guys 42…

November 17, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: Harry Louis wasted no time returning to porn after his breakup with Marc Jacobs, here with Ashley Ryder for UKNaked Men; Samuel Colt poses for Matt Spike in London; Marc Dylan looking quite fit; Colby Keller and Will Wikle; Pedro Andreas dyed his hair blue; Johnny Hazzard relaxes in a pool; Steve Cruz gets in touch with his inner gurl; Adam Champ as Little Red Riding Hood, is looking for his Big Bad Wolf; François Sagat modeling; Pavel Petel as the glittery space man; Angel Rock and Ray Han with a friend; Angel and Ray in the hot tub; Angel nude; Angel free-balling at the Miami Airport; Ray at a club; Ben Cohen in his altogether; Jimmy Durano; Fabulous cameraman Leo Forte; Adam Killian on a roof top; Liam Magnusson fucks Ray Han; Rogan Richards kisses Martin Mazza who he has been collaboration with in Madrid; Eggs in a pan; Hans Berlin in Sydney, Australia; Hans fucks someone for UKNaked Men; Hans on a nude beach in Australia; Dirk Caber with his brand new whip, a gift from Jesse Jackman; Jesse and Dirk at home in bed together; Jessy Ares in a waterfall in Costa Rica; Jimmy Fanz; D.O. with a black and white horse; D.O. is perfection in this photo by Justin Monroe; Kellan Lutz at a game; Marcus Ruhl looks stunning all dressed up; Marcus looking hot getting plowed by Angel Rock; a close-up of Paddy O’Brian’s precum; Paddy in an athletic move with Theo Reid; Spencer Reed at Hustlaball; Cobly Keller cleansing the area of spirits; Dave Mason shows off his body; Ryan Rose at Hustlaball; Ty Roderick; Zeb Atlas.

BOOM! BOOM! by Rogan Richards

November 14, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Every now and then, I come across a piece of great narrative writing that I just have to post! YIKES! I found one on Rogan Richards blog that is such a turn on that I can’t wait to share it with you. Here is an excerpt:

I pull out and stand up pulling him onto his feet with me. This guy bounces up with a puppy dog expectance in his eyes, I know he’s thinking what you got for me now big guy? I bring his hands back to my nipples and tell him, squeeze. He squeezes and I say harder. He does, I say harder and he does, I say harder and he goes home on them. The pleasure shoots through my pecs, down my abs and into my fully hard cock that starts bouncing and I growl.

Ha! That is tame! So head on over to Rogan’s blog to read more! Here are some photos of BOOM! BOOM! for your imagination to run wild with:

999415_461082804011019_1604492004_n 1382781_461082810677685_1628308952_n tumblr_mw7eibEXSE1rqp5duo8_1280

Here is “Tree trunk legs”, a video in which Rogan lifts 160 kilos, 352.7 lbs, in a sqat, assisted by Martin Mazza at V35. [Makes the 20 lbs I'm lifting look pretty pathetic.] But imagine him shoving his cock into you with that much force. YIPES!

Aussie Rogan Richards does London & Spain!

November 1, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Rogan Richards has been traveling and his first stop was London, where he shot for Men At Play and then entertained at  Gigolo Disco:

Rogan is always seeking to entertain us, so he made these photos based on Madonna’s Love Spent video, which he titles Gym Spent:

love1 love2 love3 love4 love5 lovespent2

The remaining photos are of Rogan with new Madrid friend Martin Mazza, who has been a real pal, with porn icon Lucio Saints, modeling for Eagle Leather Melbourne and just being Rogan.

Raging Stallion Studio’s SEXO EN BARCELONA Part 1 Reviewed

August 10, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Directed by Tony Dimarco

Sexo en Barcelona shows all the sexual possibilities that the hottest city in Spain has to offer. Part 1 of this two part scorcher will spice up your lust life with tons of uncut Latin cock and loads of dark skinned studs. Heralded director Tony Dimarco shows the exploration through ten sexy, muy caliente hombres, who let their huge cocks and hungry holes hang out all over this Mediterranean metropolis. Scorching threesomes bookend the sucking and fucking. Hard and horny Lucio Saints strokes a hardon while he and his guapo boyfriend Donato Reyes wait for their hook up, Adrian Toledo, to arrive. Adrian is onto Lucio’s fat pole the moment he’s in the door. Antonio Aguilera is a statue come alive. When Damien Crosse spots him by a public fountain, he resolves to have him. Nobody sucks cock like Damien; the hardest face-fucking won’t trigger a gag reflex, but Antonio has to stop before he cums, so he can fuck Damien’s hungry hole. Local Martin Mazza knows where to pick up fresh hot studs, at the nearest tourist attraction. Hot Turkish stud Aybars takes in the sights but soon has more than architecture on his mind. They offer a furry contrast to Antonio, but no less muscle. Aybars’ cock hits the sweet spot when he fills Martin’s ass balls-deep with hard meat. A chance meeting becomes another tasty threesome when colorfully inked Francesco D’Macho and bodybuilder Marc Dylan run into old pal Frederic Duris. This scene sets the bar for three-way heat when Francesco alternately plunges his tongue into Marc’s hole and Frederic’s mouth and that’s just the beginning. The men and the action are intense when you’re having Sexo en Barcelona.


Have I ever mentioned that I love threesomes? This scene, featuring Lucio Saints, Adrian Toledo and Donato Reyes gives plenty of proof why. Here we have three god-like men, all drop-dead gorgeous, engaging in sex acts that happen most frequently only in our dreams. Donato and Adrian tag-team Lucio’s cock and balls in between kissing him and then both Lucio and Adrian suck and rim Donato, respectively. In a dream-like sequence, Lucio stacks his men, Adrian on top of Donato, so that he has two holes to fuck [unfortunately there is no photo of this]! In the climax, while Lucio is fucking Adrian in the missionary position, Donato unloads on Adrian’s chest, Adrian shoots on his own chest and abs, and Lucio pumps out a huge load onto Adrian’s torso. Can I just say right now, that I love Barcelona?

RSS111_SE_091 RSS111_SE_134 RSS111_SE_170 RSS111_SE_201 RSS111_SE_233

Damien Crosse picks up hot guy Antonio Aguilera from a public fountain on a dare from Marc Dylan. This scene was hot because Antonio pried Damien’s mouth open with his thumbs and face fucked him with his enormous meat up against a counter top and Damien took it as if it was an everyday occurence. La di da. We expect no less from the best cock sucker in the world! Horny Damien puts his leg up on the edge of the counter to feel Antonio’s cock deep within and enjoys a pile driver on the counter top. It made me feel like I was gonna swoon! Here are the photos:

RSS111_SB_348 RSS111_SB_385 RSS111_SB_397 RSS111_SB_433

Aybars and Martin Mazza meet up at Antoni Guadi’s La Sagrada Familia and next we see them kissing in the shower. Highlights for me included: a wonderful sequence of Martin being face fucked by Aybers against the shower wall, while his expressive eyes constantly looking up into Aybars’ face, those eyes looking like those of a martyred saint; Aybars expert rimming both in and out of the shower; the way that Martin managed to move in the missionary position; Aybars forces Martin to collapse into the pillow with his forceful slam fucking. Experience wins every time.

RSS111_SH_210 RSS111_SH_245 RSS111_SH_314 RSS111_SH_340

The best was certainly saved for last! There were two incredible positions in the final scene that featured Francesco D’Macho, Marc Dylan and Frederic Duris. One had Marc on the bottom of a 69 position with Fredric on the top and Francesco at the ass end of Marc. It seemed like all possibilities of sexual combinations from this position were explored and how sweet that was to watch! The next had Frederic fucking Marc missionary with Francesco fucking Frederic doggy on top. Unfortunately, there is no photo of this in the gallery. There was incredible chemistry in this scene and I feel that this is how pornography should be done. Everyone in the threesome was completely and intently involved at all times; no one was standing around with nothing to do. Terrific creative sexual choreography was evident; the mold was shattered with this one! Über hot! Spectacular! Best threesome I have ever seen!

RSS111_SC_776 RSS111_SC_801 RSS111_SC_845 RSS111_SC_877

SEXO EN BARCELONA PART 1 is a must see! Picture yourself as Marc Dylan, exploring the flavors of Spain, Barcelona in particular, and all the hot men there and you have Sexo en Barcelona. This film is a travelogue of sex! You will not be disappointed. Direction by Tony Dimarco was outstanding and locations and sets were fabulous. I cannot wait to see Part 2!

Highly, highly recommended.

See the free XXX preview here.