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Lucas Ribeiro Gelslöichter Flamefly is in NYC!!!

April 30, 2016 Posted by suefairview



International Star DJ Lucas Flamefly hit NYC last night at the EVERYTHING Party, which was a smash!

I caught up with Lucas at Havana Central on Thursday night and we had an early dinner. I insisted that he have a margarita and he allowed me to twist his arm. We shared our order and had an ensalda de la casa, mariquitas con salsa de aguacate, costillas estilo Havana en salsa de guayaba. See full menu here. Everything was fabulous!


We ordered the desert special of the day, which was bread pudding and caramel ice cream, and to be honest, it was not the best desert I have had there. But I got the impression that Lucas was burrowing under the pudding for the pears and I called him on it. He then spread the ice cream all over the top so that it could not be missed and gave me a ‘so there’ look. It was pretty funny.

Lucas was great company, with his down-to earth demeanor and great sense of humor. I can see why he caught Rogan Richards’ eye, as Lucas is one in a million and has star quality, all packaged in a manly, sensual and sexy body. Lucas is the catch of the day and I consider myself lucky to have spent even a short time with him. I hope we get to meet up again!

It was great to see you Lucas!


Bulrog Ludovic: Private Photos

September 20, 2015 Posted by suefairview

If you know me at all, you know that I am mostly into bodybuilders. However, “Bulrog” Ludovic Grauser is a terrific exception to this rule. Ludovic has a certain je ne sais quois going for him and has always had his own unique style that makes him a standout.

We already know him from his modeling campaigns for Slick It Up, shot by Exterface:

270757_10150315173651729_631311728_9154226_2963795_n bulroggabbyHere with Gabby Dahech

Ludovic celebrates Gay Pride in Madrid in the SIU psychic giraffe shorts [2014]:

bulrogwe Madridpride

Ludovic is also a serious musician, having just released his new title, COME BACK TO ME, which is available on his soundcloud.


Now, he has decided to share some intimate photos to show us just how wonderful he is naked:

IMG_3634 IMG_3651 IMG_3652

Of course, I was sold on him way before, and shots like this one only serve to solidify my interest:



Ludovic has told me that he wants to build his body to be bigger. I think he is perfect the way he is. Do let me know your thoughts on this matter.

Tony Orion is incredible in VIBIN with the Big Dipper

June 30, 2015 Posted by suefairview

Tony stars in VIBIN with the Big Dipper. Tony makes me drool; slurp!

Just some guys 50!!!!!!

October 9, 2014 Posted by suefairview

10553327_774394452618634_1093624791225150401_n aaronburghart armond bryce bulrog charlie diego diego1 hans harry harry2 hugo

Notes: Hottie!; Aaron Burghart; Armond Rizzo and JR Bronson; Bryce Adonis offers this inducement to try fishing [works for me!]; model Bulrog; Charlie; Diego Lauzen & Wagner Vitoria perform on stage; Diego poses; Hans Berlin at the beach; two photos of Harry Louis; and Hugo.

Jared Leto – I am in love with his hair!!!! Though others might find him attractive in different ways…

jaredanigif_enhanced-25103-1410296351-12 jared-letos-muscles-are-on-full-display-01 jared-letos-muscles-are-on-full-display-04 jared-leto-terry-richardson-fanny-pack__oPt

Notes: Lucas DJ Flamefly in bed; Medhi looking studly; two photos of Nick Jonas; Steve Cruz meditating; hot photo by Tarek.

lucas mehdi nick nickjonas steve tarek

Notes: Tony Orion looks trés adorable in this set of 7 photos:

tony2 tony3 tony4 tony5 tony6 tony7 tony8

Notes: Alex Marte; TWINS!; and Tyler

tony twins tyler


September 5, 2014 Posted by suefairview

He is so missed!