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Raging Stallion Studio’s THE TOURIST Reviewed

October 15, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Rogan Richards is The Tourist, a lost and bewildered traveler wandering the streets of Madrid, and this is his story, seen through the lens of multiple award-winning director Steve Cruz. As Rogan tries to get his bearings, fate puts him in the crosshairs of pimp, hustler, and all-around bad boy Abraham Al Malek. Speaking in his native Spanish, Abraham plies Rogan with a heavy come on, finally seducing him with two English words: “Fuck Me!” Little does Rogan know that he is about to be captured and made into Abraham’s plaything. Two of Abraham’s hustlers, Dario Beck and Donato Reyes, pick up a john, Alessio Veneziano, and bring him back to the pimp’s flat for a three way thick with fur, spit and cum. Paco swings by to have some fun with Abraham, but they’re interrupted by Rogan’s cries for help. Abraham sends Paco in to silence Rogan, but a sexual spark ignites when Paco and Rogan lock eyes for the first time. Abraham diverts his attention to Bruno Boni, who pays the pimp with both cash and sex. After Bruno and Abraham unload, Abraham drifts off to sleep… until he’s awakened by The Tourist himself. Lose yourself in the shadowy, seductive world of the Tourist’s journey.


Rogan Richards drives THE TOURIST with his intensity and passion. In the first scene, he brings the heat and intensity to Abraham Al Malek with his powerfucking; Rogan shows that he is a fuck machine! In Rogan’s next scene with Paco, there is palpable electric chemistry that lights both men with sexual passion. It’s as if Paco knows all of Rogan’s buttons and keeps pushing them. I loved when they punched each other in the pecs and abs! What a hot fucking scene!

The three-some with Dario Beck, Donato Reyes, and Alessio Veneziano was a bit slower paced, but still had hot hairy men having a wonderful time with each other. The final scene featuring Bruno Boni and Abraham had some very pretty oral cum shots.

I adored the plot of THE TOURIST and thought that Rogan was able to carry it off with admirable acting skills. The twist at the end was killer! What fun!

I really must commend the video skills of Steve Cruz. Each sexual act was filmed from as many as 4 – 5 angles, which is just incredible! The close-ups left nothing to be desired – one gets one’s fill of gaping assholes and furry bottoms! In the three-some, the composition of the men was astounding and unique in at least one shot. The quality of videography in THE TOURIST surpasses that of industry standards and was quite excellent.

The location in Madrid, Spain was terrific and I enjoyed seeing the details of the apartment on camera, such as the domed brick ceiling and the satin bedspread and pillows, as well as the outside shots of the city.

The music was terrible; couldn’t a Spanish guitar be used even for a few seconds????

Direction and editing were fabulous. THE TOURIST was a very enjoyable movie with all bearded, manly men fucking like crazy!

Highly, highly recommended.

See the free XXX preview here.

Rogan-Richards-Fucks-Abraham-Al-Malek-The-Tourist RSS118_SA_8110 The-Tourist-1 The-Tourist-2 The-Tourist-3 The-Tourist-4 The-Tourist-5 The-Tourist-6 The-Tourist-7 The-Tourist-8 The-Tourist-9 The-Tourist-10 The-Tourist-11

Bonus Review:

One of the bonus scenes is from HEAT OF THE MOMENT and stars Pedro Andreas and Petter Fill. Notably, this scene is great because we get to see Pedro with his boyfriend of the time. You can tell that Pedro is in love as he savors Petter’s cock and because he allows Petter to top him. At one time while Petter is fucking Pedro, he hangs from the pergola; what a couple of beautiful men they are, certainly a feast for the eyes! HEAT OF THE MOMENT is a highly recommended bonus scene from a terrific movie shot entirely in South America!

22381_001 22381_002 22381_003

Rogan Richards UPDATE!!!!

October 10, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Rogan Richards has been traveling all over Europe and posting hot photos!!!!! Here are some:


This is Lucas DJ Flamefly lonely at home, missing Rogan!


That is some serious nipple-play!


Rogan models clear pants from They supply all of his gear.

10533454_632642153521749_1127738127902209631_n hamburg

Yukifish is a toy shop in Hamburg, Germany. Where ever Rogan visits he always has to find a shop that has MOTU and Kid Robot.

How did I miss this ass shot from the Madonna shoot?


More random photos:

10622897_632667053519259_5333461364258683562_n 10626832_632187466900551_6809802291465472098_n 10660373_634488420003789_4854037191112479292_n 10671486_628649797254318_6425461597182735510_n 10703977_633150873470877_8358322463947173455_n

See more full frontal photos at Rogan’s blog.

NOW FOR THE BIG SURPRISE! A new Rogan video:

Rogan Richards: the Flex travels the globe!

September 22, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Rogan has been to Mykonos, Greece; Rome and Milan, Italy; Ireland, United Kingdom; and Barcelona and Madrid, Spain. He was in Mykonos with DJFlamefly and in Ireland with Diesel O’Green.

11275_610469779072320_7417975995250392795_n 13949_624622570990374_4947494880306984889_n 542905_287967737989194_2079954160_n 1604846_622568107862487_2641802159822265534_n 10169175_617340791718552_2796723373636285747_n 10288740_617340761718555_1111959157109972491_n 10304704_681929361903209_287383002823386871_n 10360210_10152635194335586_3308352065432566963_n 10393798_10152639250330586_9084639146164795311_n 10408535_627986073987357_3575037249117269843_n 10413322_614549248664373_4015536399645529679_n 10440720_614548535331111_3731168047298290792_n 10527833_626281407491157_4620032989297144364_n 10557335_617034428415855_2674854786874511604_n 10565065_609437435842221_4406223183348901597_n 10570286_613332165452748_2414562100673722131_n 10583869_607994889319809_2744016278409322728_n 10603498_10152635194515586_3651982369430440824_n 10609441_614549245331040_7630378140473203218_n 10620021_626802120772419_7462422104132338677_o 10622777_623646814421283_8526823300772148389_n 10625122_10152619182955586_9108471942520735387_n 10626786_610470189072279_4877366831560724358_n 10635858_622241527895145_6059415381028068192_n 10640991_614548261997805_1382424918470161968_n 10645237_614465695339395_3664945061554827528_n 10653507_617341048385193_5527007546715040740_n 10665988_626281130824518_6558276859165356934_n 10671417_681929365236542_1717565923589521790_n 10671449_614548231997808_1314224273284398249_n 10676137_618619808257317_3318301595013995753_n 10676295_627988957320402_6022914987692364589_n 10686937_623451607774137_4474986165387854627_n 10710642_681880571908088_956751079040253912_n BxbFsmSIMAAECSs BxclFoNIAAAPMxw Bxep7DxCUAAI7LC

Here is a clip of Rogan when he was in his twenties:

Read about how Rogan was nearly arrested in Rome!


Just some guys 48…

September 2, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Black is beautiful!

Next 2 photos are from photographer Michael Stokes and from Arnaud Leather Amsterdam:

10550826_752279908164201_2150754274420176322_n 10620774_553197608145886_5136333595799016072_n

Adam Killian and Marco Millia in the boys room:


Alexsander Freitas!

alex alex2

Alex Marte:


Aram photographed by Michael Stokes:


Armond Rizzo [5 photos!]

arm1 arm2 arm3 arm4 arm5

The buns of straight go-go boy Bryce Adonis:


Casey Williams:


Chase Hostler enjoying his vacay!


Hot construction worker spotted by C Scott Smith:

con1 con2 con3

Damien Crosse on a beach in Israel:


“Gay Porn Outtakes; Dato Foland & Marcel Gassion on set of Dirty Rascals”

David Avila and two hotties:


As if we could just run into them on the beach: Diego Lauzen and Wagner Victoria


Topher Dimaggio [2 photos]:

dimaggio dimaggio2

Jesse Jackman, Dirk Caber, Vic Rocco and John Galt:


Two photos of Dirk and his sousaphone.

dirk3 dirkass

Eliad Cohen ran into Damien Crosse


Eliad Cohen:


Felipe looks mighty yummy!


Goran works out his legs:


Harry Louis is tring to decide whether to re-enter the porn world:


Hiram is a model introduced by Brenton:


Jesse Jackman finally cleans up his act:


Jessie Colter and Ryan Rose canoodling.


Young Mr. JR Bronson:


Junior Stellano:


Mario and Michael:

mario michael

Who Michael Sam will play for is the big question now UPDATE: Sam will play for the Dallas Cowboys!


Another stunning photo from Michael Stokes:


Pedro Andreas is currently working for XCam [photo by Jackson Photographix; also find Pedro on twitter: @PEDROANDREASXXX]!

pedro pedro2

Raciel Castro in 2 amazing photos:

raciel racielcastro

Rafael and Raymond certainly are pretty!

rafael raymond

Rogan Richards with DJ Flamefly is in the first photo and when he was younger.

rogn rogan

Ruso Madrid vacations in Malaga:

ruso ruso1

François Sagat: ” SOMEONE ELSE ” ( for TÊTU ) and Hades – Flashback – Franck Glénisson photo exhibition

sagat sagat2

Scott is causing me to drool:


Sean Zevran and Boomer Banks:


Serge and Steve – Yikes!

serge steve

I think I like Pavel Petel in glitter!


Ty Roderick


Tony Orion:

well wellingtonnascimento



Rogan Richards ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

August 24, 2014 Posted by suefairview

I think the ice bucket challenge is silly. Just write out a check to donate to ALS and pass on the rocks. Patrick Stewart feels the same way:


But has he got to ruin that fine Scotch with rocks??????

Anyhow, this video of Rogan Richards doing the ice bucket challenge with Wampa is WORTH viewing IMHO.


I sure hope all this money helps to find a treatment or cure for ALS, because it is a horrible disease and there is a tremendous unmet patient need.