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Stag Homme Studio’s Stag TV Season 2, Episode 4: Wir Sind Berliner Reviewed

December 21, 2012 Posted by suefairview

Stag TV – Episode 4 Wir Sind Berliner (We’re Berliners)

To celebrate 4 years since we started Stag Homme Studios we are bringing back original episodes of our popular series Stag TV. This is how it all started, sexy, funny, raunchy show perspective of how our lives used to be while traveling around the globe and starting our first business in the adult industry. These episodes where users favorites and each one is unique and original.

In this, Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho take you backstage to the Hustaball party in Berlin and filming their XXX-feature for STAGHOMME.COM. There are so many gay porn stars in these videos; Ricky Sinz, Ross Hurston, Steve Cruz, Darius Falke, Pistol Pete and even Visconti Triplets!

Stag TV takes you to the land of beer, sausages and Darius Falke. But there’s a lot more Hustlaball than Oktoberfest going on here. We’ll take you backstage to the filming of our XXX-Feature “Armed” starring Pistol Pete as well as backstage to the legendary Hustlaball party. This episode features a filthy erotic performance between Ricky Sinz, Ross Hurston and Steve Cruz as well as appearances by loads more of familiar faces. Stag TV is your VIP access.


There are two parts to Episode 4 of WIR SIND BERLINER and in 2008 we were shown part 1, in this offering, both parts are available. These hilarious Stag TV episodes are one of the reasons that Stag Homme is worth watching, especially if one enjoys seeing behind the scenes action and hijinks; these guys are really funny. Plus, you get to see so many porn stars, as mentioned in the above introduction. No where else on the planet is there in existence a production like Stag TV, that is both humorous and pornographic, as well as with high production quality. I REALLY enjoyed this film, and you will too. I took a few screen captures, but when I saw the ones that Toni of ATTEMPTED ENTERTAINMENT took, I felt mine were very inadequate! If you think that my review is glowing, than go read Doug’s at A PLACE IN THE SUN. For what it is worth, here are my pathetic screen captures:

wirsindberlinerviscontiHighly, highly recommended. See the free XXX preview here.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

September 27, 2012 Posted by suefairview

This is a video from a “How I roll” campaign made in 2008 that is relevant today as we all struggle to keep the number of new cases of HIV down. Find out more here.


Just some guys 11

December 12, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Über hot, bearded daddies Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond are the sweetest guys you will ever meet! Read Steve’s interview with Cybersocket magazine here!

The question is “What if François Sagat had hair?”

This is a bodybuilder that Dave tried to hire as a Slick It Up model, but it didn’t work out.

Jonathan Agassi and Damien Crosse shooting a Lucas film in Ibiza.

Angelo Peterson and Colton Ford.

Go-go boy Chase.

Dave Mason in custom Slick It Up for a commercial shoot in Miami.

Adam: One of the gods from Gods Amongst Men.

Another jaw-dropper from Gods Amongst Men

Kennedy Carter and his hot bf on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico [more photos at his blog].

Chris Porter being followed by Kennedy Carter, looks like at Folsom.

Pedro Andreas rims Marco Blaze.

Ross Hurston sits by a pool looking stunning as usual. Photo courtesy of Metro Dystopia.

Spencer Reed in Sektor 9.

Andy in his SIU assassin’s hood and arm guard.

Pavel Petel dressed as a Playboy Bunny.

Hot new blog: Impressive Instants

October 27, 2011 Posted by suefairview

See more at Impressive Instants!

Just some guys…

August 1, 2011 Posted by suefairview


Bruno Bond & Ty LeBoeuf

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