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Barebacking vs. Safe Sex

February 11, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Here are the issues as I see them:

There is a workplace safety issue for the models. Models are able to choose whether they wish to work with condoms or not. Condoms have been shown to provide a large risk reduction of infection for HIV during anal intercourse.

Since we live in a free society, there will always be a demand for bb, which is alright for consenting adults who are in mongamous relationships or who are already HIV+. However, younger people and teens will want it to see bb and use it irresponsibly and that is a problem.

Models may choose to work on bb films, but have to live with the fact that they will influence or are even responisble for young people to have sex without condoms and become HIV+. Same for directors and studios of bb films.

It will be incredibly difficult to rid the system of bb films.

Fair View is a safe sex blog, and no bb films will ever be promoted here.

Safe sex is hot sex!

Raging Stallion’s ANIMUS Reviewed

August 14, 2011 Posted by suefairview

ANIMUS, from Raging Stallion Studios, was directed, videographed, and edited by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond. The film stars Men of the Year 2011 Adam Champ and D.O., Damien Crosse, Jason Adonis, Rusty Stevens, Logan Scott, Man of the Year 2006 Remy Delaine, and Brock Keller.

“Animus is a no-holds barred exploration of hot leather club sex.  Real men clad in leather and jeans come together for serious rough and intense man-on-man action. Harnesses, leather jackets, jock straps are the order of the day as these animalistic studs give it gritty and rough.  Aggressive tops with huge cocks and hot holed eager bottoms all pay tribute to classic leather and denim action. Body hair, muscles, tattoos and a huge helping of male libido energize every second of this explosive movie.”


The film opens with a sexy Logan Scott lounging with his leather motorcycle jacket open to reveal his erection. He also wears leather boots and a belt, all à la Tom of Finland and quite hot! Into this scenario, walks Adam Champ, furry muscle stud, wearing a leather motorcycle cap, leather harness, and button-fly blue jeans, opened to expose the root of his thick member. He licks his thumb pad, and seductively runs it around one nipple on his densely furred chest. His hand continues into his pants. [Gasp!] They kiss and we get our first iconic moment of this film. [Gasp!] Let me just say here how hot all of this is – REALLY HOT! It is not just the guys, though of themselves they certainly are hot, but it is the set also, and the costuming! Everything working together just makes this so fucking hot – and all they have done so far is kiss! But my blood is pumping, and I am primed for more!

Adam grabs Logan’s ass and pulls him closer. I just love that move! I love when it is done to me and seeing it in films! So romantic and such a turn-on! Adam then puts his fingers in Logan’s crack and gives him a slap. They exchange blow jobs and Adam reaches down to finger Logan’s hole and Logan plays with Adam’s foreskin. Adam rims Logan, which was well done as was the camera work. Adam doggy-fucks Logan and not only was the penetration shown, but it was intense! Bot men reacted to it with groans and I felt it viscerally myself! Adam then goes on to plow Logan really fast, hanging on to his belt for leverage, with both men groaning with pleasure. They switch to missionary and again Adam fucks him with rapidity until he has to pull out to cum buckets! Logan also cums and they kiss. This scene should be nominated for awards, it was that stellar. What a hot scene!

Only the lower half of Damien Crosse’s über sexy face shows beneath the gray hoodie he wears, as he takes long drags on a cig and jerks off. Into the frame walks a tall and fit Jason Adonis, wearing Nikes, arm bands, and a black jock who stands before him, flexing his firm glutes. Damien raises his hood to get a better look. He licks his lips. Jason walks over and tosses the cig from Damien’s lips. He would like to smoke Damien’s bone! LOL! When it is Damien’s turn, he uses all of his 30 Loads of Facials experience on Jason, whose reaction is just sublime to watch! At one point, Damien seems to expect Jason to cum just from the blow job! Jason rims Damien, using the “long lick” technique and we get a nice view of Damien’s hole. Jason doggie fucks Damien, who makes his usual noise. Jason fucks Damien in the reverse cowboy position, with Damien moving. Jason offers the reach-around. Damien is getting quite a workout, and it is very hot to watch! Damien positions himself with his ass in the air on the arm of the black leather couch and Jason fucks down into it in a missionary style. This seemed a great position and maximized pleasure for both of them. Again, Jason offered the reach-around and Damien cums onto his own pecs. Jason’s shot arcs over Damien’s head onto the couch. A memorable scene as well, this one is a keeper!

Rusty Stevens was wearing arm bands, and a black jock, while Logan Scott wore a harness and a white jock. Both were wearing leather combat boots on the bondage bed. Boots on the bed???? Really? They swapped blow jobs, while Logan was blowing Rusty, Rusty held Logan’s arm behind his back. Rusty rimmed Logan frantically and slapped his ass with both hands. Logan looked back at Rusty as if bored or wondering what was going on. Rusty grunted like an animal. Rusty fucked Logan doggie style over the end of the bed, grabbing the harness for leverage. Rusty seemed to be putting quite a lot of effort into this scene, sweating profusely and at times raging like a bull. His chest blushed with lust and Logan’s ass was red from the slapping. Rusty pounded Logan’s ass in missionary as well, until they both came. It was interesting to compare Logan’s reactions to Rusty to his reactions with Adam. Logan’s reactions to Rusty were far more tepid and reserved than they were with Adam, where he seemed quite moved [almost like a virgin!]. He had to have known that Rusty was working so hard, and Logan’s lack of reaction certainly detracted from the scene. It causes me to wonder if there is any “animus” between the two men. [hardy, har, har...] In any case, again this was just not that good pairing for Rusty. Though he worked very hard, the scene fell flat. It takes two to make a scene work.

We open the final scene with DO, who wears leather arm bands and wrist-lets with combat boots, kissing Remy Delaine who is leather vested and capped. They are being watched by Brock Keller who wears leather boots, button-fly jeans with leather suspenders, leather gloves, and Ray Ban aviator sunglasses. DO pushes Remy to the floor to blow him and fucks his face rhythmically, which was is always hot to see! Meanwhile, Brock unbuttons his fly to play with his sizable erection. DO gets on his knees to reciprocate, and by this time, Brock is naked but for the gloves. DO doggie fucks Remy and penetration is slow and shown. Remy backs onto DO’s erection as if DO’s size might be an issue for him. Once they get going, Remy says “Yeah, give it to me!” and DO calmly does. Remy cums a short time later after only one position [and no rimming] followed by Brock, whose load geysers out of him! DO also cums. This is really the most sedate I have ever seen DO. He looks fabulous, as always, but his panache and ferocity have ebbed in this film. Maybe he was tired? I appreciate the presence of Brock as the voyeur aspect of Steve Cruz films. And wow, what a cum shot Brock had!

ANIMUS has terrific visuals and costuming; the men look great! Kudos to the directors for putting this great concept together and realizing it in film! I found the first two scenes to be quite hot, especially the one with Adam Champ and Logan Scott. The film flounders a bit in scene 3, though Rusty Stevens gave it his all, and could not quite recover in the final scene with a sedate seeming DO. [If you really love Rusty Stevens, you may find my review all wet.] The camera work was wonderful for industry standards. However, this film is still a keeper for the first two scenes, which will be legendary. Adam Champ and Damien Crosse are at their best here and that makes this DVD worth the purchase price! Even if DO is off a bit, he still looks great! So you get him too! What a deal!

Highly, highly recommended.

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ANIMUS new from Raging Stallion

July 20, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond

Animus is a no-holds barred exploration of hot leather club sex.  Real men clad in leather and jeans come together for serious rough and intense man-on-man action. Harnesses, leather jackets, jock straps are the order of the day as these animalistic studs give it gritty and rough.  Aggressive tops with huge cocks and hot holed eager bottoms all pay tribute to classic leather and denim action. Body hair, muscles, tattoos and a huge helping of male libido energize every second of this explosive movie.

Scene 1 – Adam Champ and Logan Scott

Scene 2 – Jason Adonis and Damien Crosse

Scene 3 – Logan Scott and Rusty Stevens

Scene 4 – Remy Delaine, D.O. and Brock Keller

Hoo boy! Another joint by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond with Adam Champ, DO and Damien Cross! I cannot wait to see this one! *grin*

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Giants Part 1 & 2 Summary Review

June 2, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Giants parts 1 & 2 was probably the most difficult review I have ever done. Seeing this extremely enjoyable film was like going to an art show, where the first piece was the ceiling at the Sistine Chapel, and other pieces included some Picasso’s, which are still masterpieces, and then a few other known artists. But how does one write reviews after seeing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? What does one say after seeing the Sistine Chapel? Wow is just not going to cut it.

The scene that I am equating with Michelangelo’s masterpiece is that of Francesco D’Macho and D.O.. I saw it and was stopped in my tracks. I could go no further. I watched it again to make sure of what I was seeing and it was true; it was the best damn porn I had seen in my life. I had seen heaven on earth and did not want to go further.

Could anyone blame me? But I did continue. To my way of thinking, the Picasso scenes were those that starred Logan McCree with Wilfried Knight and in part 2 with D.O.. Also good were Francesco’s scenes in part 2 with Rusty Stevens and David V, as well as the Damien Crosse 3-way with Tommy Defendi and Donny Wright.

In all, the film continued with strong performances by almost all of the actors and reliably hot sex in the majority of scenes. What else could one ask? Kudos go to the directors, Steve Cruz and Chris Ward. The cinematography afforded all of the desired views from a one camera perspective [no split screens] and the quality was excellent. The film’s theme of industry “Giants” creating spectacularly memorable scenes was most definitely achieved in this film. Ergo, this film is certainly a must have for any serious collector and moreover for anyone who wishes to own or see some damn fine porn.

Highly, highly recommended.

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Giants Part 2 Reviewed

May 27, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Giants, Part 2” continues a sizzling sexual adventure through a sun-soaked, passion-filled vineyard. Follow ten hardbodied vintners as they satisfy their erotic needs under the sun and through the twilight into the night. A fine vintage with excellent body, tight corkage guaranteed to whet your appetite for an inspired frenzy of fucking.


The first scene was so hot, that it spoiled me for the rest of the film! It began with D.O. and Logan McCree naked on a wooden bench in the blue and white bedroom. After they kiss deeply, D.O. blows Logan, who lifts his hips in ecstasy with each rise of D.O.’s mouth. When D.O. stands afterwards, there is a glistening strand of precum extending from his dickhead to his belly. After a bit of soixante-neuf on the bench, which made me dizzy, they move to the bed where Logan rides D.O. cowboy, slowly descending on D.O.’s tantalizing cock. They get a wonderful rhythm going and in between thrusts, Logan’s ass is wide open and the camera captures all of it. I almost came! That is how much of a turn on it was. Again, this scene is what “Giants” is all about; two huge stars turning out some of the best performances ever. But that was not all, there was more rimming in the doggie position on the edge of the bed after which Logan backed onto D.O.’s rod. They finished up in the missionary position and Logan came with cries of pleasure while D.O. sprayed his shot over Logan’s body. I felt totally spoiled and just wanted to stop watching right here. I was sated. Done. Over. I had watched four superbly hot scenes so far. I was on overload. There couldn’t be any more…

Wrong oh naïve one! Next up was the threesome with Damien Crosse, Donny Wright, and Tommy Defendi on the porch. The best moments of this 3-way for me were when the three beautiful boys were kissing, when Donny and Tommy were blowing Damien [who is too handsome for words these days; it should be illegal] ultimately giving him the attention he deserves, and when Damien shows off his “30 loads of facials” skills by blowing both of them [I love when Tommy gets selfish and grabs Damien's mouth for his own!], and finally the tag team fucking of Tommy at the end. I seem to have developed a penchant for tag team fucking, and I must say I really enjoyed it in this scene. This is one of those you really have to see it for yourself kind of things. I promise you will just love it!

Well, that must be it though, right? No more really hot scenes? Right? Hey, they didn’t call it “Giants” for nothing!!! Next up, two more scenes with Francesco D’Macho!

Vintners Rusty Stevens and Francesco are walking down the rows of wine grapes selecting fruits. “What a hot day…” says Rusty, as Francesco roughly steals a kiss. Francesco gently forces Rusty to the ground, where Rusty knows what is expected and blows Francesco. Francesco lifts the front of his shirt over his head, exposing that manly chest! [Woof! Oh yeah, we all would Rusty! I'm right there with you, licking and sucking! Kneeling to my god! Hey, suck harder, its Francesco! Oh man, I'm wet!] Next thing, they are both naked on a gray blanket on a shady lawn kissing deeply. Francesco turns Rusty over and holds him tight, hugging him for all he is worth. [Yeah, this is exactly how my fantasy goes!!!] They hug for a good long time. [Oh yeah, hold me tight Francesco!] Francesco dons a condom. Francesco fucks Rusty in the doggie and missionary positions, which get Rusty blushing very nicely. Francesco asks Rusty in such a sweet voice to move and fuck him back. [I sure would have!!!] At the end, both men jerk off. Notably, Francesco’s cum shot lands in a bright white, picturesque streak across Rusty’s pecs! If, like me, you enjoy watching Francesco dominate someone and then fantasize about it, this scene is for you. In a way, Rusty was a good choice, because he is a challenge to dominate as he is typically a top himself. However, this was not a great scene for Rusty lovers, as he is not a top in it. I did not enjoy seeing him bottom since he was almost invisible; though I did kind of put myself in his role. He did the job and we should give him that. I still would like to see Rusty as more of a brutal top. I know he has it in him.

In the next scene, Aybars is up with Angelo Marconi. If you are an Aybars fan, you will like this scene. I’ve met Aybars and he is a nice but reticent guy with beautiful, long black hair. He rims and fucks Angelo for all he’s worth and Angelo gives his usual stellar performance, but it just didn’t work for me.

The final scene Francesco is paired with handsome twink David V. They are seated in bright red Adirondack chairs on the porch sharing some red wine. David stands in front of Francesco, bends over and kisses him. Francesco stands and David blows him. Francesco blows David and then rims him on the porch rail. We see that David has the cutest butt and hole! Francesco fucks that cute hole doggie style. Seeing them like that reminded me of a daddy and boy cartoon because of the larger size of the hairier Francesco compared to the smooth, smaller David. Francesco fucked David reverse cowboy on a plaid sleepingbag on the wooden floor of the porch. In a tremendous show of versatility, David fucked Francesco doggie style over one of the Adirondack chairs and then came on Francesco’s face and shoulder. I bet that is going on David’s resumé! What a scene! Its as if as a reward for doing this film, they toss their cutest boy with the prettiest and tightest hole to Francesco to play with, and we get to watch! Yay! I love that how that works out! Don’t you?

The summary will be in a separate post and will combine Giants parts 1 & 2.