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Logan McCree does IML and more!!!!

June 3, 2015 Posted by suefairview

Logan McCree attended International Mr. Leather and the Grabbys. He met up with some folks:

colbyjansonlevicarterLogan with Colby Jansen, Levi Carter and Diesel Washington.

Logan poses with David Benjamin:

CGRBmwaU8AEf8Qw davidbenjamin

BTS photos:


Finally some time off:


Logan and Dirk Caber in the who wore the kilt best contest:


It seems to me that both of these gentlemen are into kink so why not have them both together in a fetish film????

Here are more Logan photos:

20414_10206712303224860_2687574117329440125_n 21989_829643430422751_4617094125964898960_n 10320608_819823091404785_3979638382754964559_n 10577209_818799571507137_5833414016199564367_n 11040179_348923111982660_6787744045733520651_n 11070610_829643180422776_6848374368043874707_n 11230227_10152662510296442_2078910703021842689_n 11257168_679618522172033_6234438012419989561_n

LOGAN MCCREE & BOOMER BANKS to shoot for Raging Stallion!

May 27, 2015 Posted by suefairview


Logan and Boomer just met at the Grabbys and now they are going to be shooting for Raging Stallion, directed by the one and only Steve Cruz!!!! YIPES! This is going to be a good one!



May 26, 2015 Posted by suefairview


Yipes! Dive into Summer with Slick It Up! That is the bubblebutt of Slick It Up designer David Mason Chlopecki in the Thumper suit. Um, take a number!!!

Have you seen the all new Puppy suit????

puppy puppy2

It follows the ever popular Kitty suit and shorts11120558_10152770833846976_616704194781301913_n:

kitty kitty2

Artist Benoît Prévot has designed two new t-shirts! They are the T-Rex and the Sexecutioner:

sexecutioner sexecutioner2 trex trex2

At the Grabbys recently, Diesel Washington was sporting his SIU with Grabby Winner Steve Cruz and a fetching young man:

11267056_10153252229681291_2234879996192135865_n CF3fBkYUIAAaNpI

Okie dokie guys – here are your HOT GUYS WEAR SLICK IT UP:

22303_10152743539341976_9194092429458139938_n 10389968_10152794090341976_6840324052039785066_n  10858449_10152804907746976_8021153840143857041_n 10949719_10152757043056976_2652869676676436582_n 10982921_10206716959345227_430856417163250439_n 11069628_10152745425616976_5376586403084618141_n 11092125_10152779823596976_6579167421776342263_n 11149325_10152747298371976_8585643234840773168_n 11150709_10152923731822865_3526401326709361860_n 11159543_10152751078571976_5757839875071890847_n 11159961_10152745425551976_7313486534797699970_n 11159997_10152789818911976_1196840347003667911_n 11169887_10152754667696976_4513999017467841941_n 11174990_10152754765611976_6882790852875421783_n 11188238_10152770840386976_3715046464994287554_n 11188270_10152749491706976_743441468248503780_n11263090_10152782976461976_4918292459652555562_n11258066_10152801029986976_245498496453482106_n11246586_10152799561211976_7509088230327036642_n11225168_10152809673396976_3770668228159110146_n11205136_10152803319696976_3800677367284485479_n11204863_841502042603651_3836764259672255392_n11203096_10152775099761976_4009672122960459702_n11188238_10152770840386976_3715046464994287554_n11174990_10152754765611976_6882790852875421783_n11169887_10152754667696976_4513999017467841941_n11159997_10152789818911976_1196840347003667911_n11159961_10152745425551976_7313486534797699970_n11159543_10152751078571976_5757839875071890847_n11150709_10152923731822865_3526401326709361860_n11149325_10152747298371976_8585643234840773168_n11092125_10152779823596976_6579167421776342263_n11069628_10152745425616976_5376586403084618141_n10982921_10206716959345227_430856417163250439_n10949719_10152757043056976_2652869676676436582_n10858449_10152804907746976_8021153840143857041_n10426544_10152792072971976_416217458198195409_n10389968_10152794090341976_6840324052039785066_n 11203096_10152775099761976_4009672122960459702_n 11204863_841502042603651_3836764259672255392_n 11205136_10152803319696976_3800677367284485479_n 11225168_10152809673396976_3770668228159110146_n  11258066_10152801029986976_245498496453482106_n 11269095_10152784361256976_5504862882517236882_n 11351395_10152804419971976_3424133683732116960_nGet all these looks and more at Slick It Up!

2015 Grabby Award Winners!

May 24, 2015 Posted by suefairview


Director Steve Cruz won a Grabby for Best Screneplay for Raging Stallion Studio’s THE TOURIST.

See the full list of winners and many, many photos at Queer Me Now.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Just some guys; Holiday Edition!

December 27, 2014 Posted by suefairview

20702_659117264198639_283151208142925893_n 1004550_684591128323309_119023800550838142_n 1978852_753519801401191_1110869242820014456_n adam alexf2 alexf3 alexm alexm2 bulroggabby chase colbyvincent damien dave diegowagner diegowagner2 diegowagnerflextim dirk2 dirk3 dirktony do eliad2 eliadcohen filipe francesco francois francoiskick frandam hans jayroberts johnhazzard johnonthpotty lucasharry matt paddy pavel pavel2 pedro rogan rogan3 rogan4 spencer steve tonyorion hansb tyler zackhardt10570476_10153398136751124_7340034641524472826_n

Notes: 3 insanely hot men; Play Santa with Adam Champ; Alexsander Freitas is here to celebrate; as is Alex Marte; Bulrog Ludovic and Gabriel Dahech posed for Exterface; Chase Hostler as a centaur; Colby Keller and Vincent under the tree; Damien Crosse‘s arm pit [yum]; David Mason Chlopecki without a stitch of SIU on!; 3 photos of Diego Lauzen and Wagner Vitoria da Silva, in the last one they are with Flex Extremmo and Tim Kruger; newly engaged Dirk Caber in the holiday spirit in 2 photos and with pals who include Tony Orion “under the covers”; DO wears a crown; Eliad Cohen with pals in 2 photos; turquoise waters and Filipe – a dream come true; Francesco; François Sagat as “ginger” and his newest Kick Sagat creation for the holidays; Francesco & Damien have moved to Barcelona!; Hans Berlin with pals; Jay Roberts working it!; Johnny Hazzard as a Santa’s helper and YIKES!; Lucas DJ Flamefly and Harry Louis; Matt as photographed by Simon Barnes; a peek down Paddy O’Brian’s pants makes me sweaty; 2 photos of Pavel Petel as Santa and yes, I want to sit on his lap; Pedro Andreas with his current bf; 3 photos of Rogan Richards, in the final one he has a helpful elf; Spencer Reed lookin’ good!; a quite dapper Steve Cruz; Tony Orion looking risque; Hans Berlin on crutches because of foot surgeries, wishes us all the best of the season and LOVE; a woofy-looking Tyler; archer Zach Hardt photographed by Michael Stokes; Aaron Cobbett‘s shot of a “bulgy” elf, that we would love to know better!