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The New GOLD TEE from Slick It Up!

January 5, 2014 Posted by suefairview

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Meet the new face, and horn, and hoof, of Slick It Up! The new GOLD tee available NOW. Shot by Tim Palen.

Hot guys wear Slick It Up…

September 11, 2013 Posted by suefairview


“Give yourself permission to be fabulous!”

Notes: Its SHOWTIME! in the new Slick Tuxedo; on the street in the new limited edition “Marco Ovando” suit; someone tell Kelly that the suit is not to be worn around his neck; the Platinum Star Hoodie makes any occasion special; even the country fair!; out walking the dog in your SIU; Slick It Up Instanbul!; Dave modeling the Executive Realness tank; the “Cakes” tee shirt; Dave out getting sun in Mykonos in the Python shorts; François Sagat doing a promo for the movie “You’re Next” in the Slick Tuxedo; more Platinum Star Hoodie!; a dash of SIU makes you date ready in an instant!; Platinum Star Hoodie makes this pool party!; Sagat models the Vented Leatherette Shorts; Dave models the Yellow Neon Meat Hat; the Gold King Hoodie making a special evening; the all new Macho Hoodie is modeled by Sagat; the Neon Blue Meat Hat is modeled by Dave; Chase wears an Athletic Mesh Hood; these old SIU ads were shot by Aaron Cobbet with a willing and photogenic snake; Dave in the Yellow Neon Meat Hat, b/w photo; a guy in an SIU harness; Dave modeling the Vented Leatherette Jacket; another Aaron Cobbett shot of the friendly snake on Dave’s Leather-Look Spandex hooded head; two shots of Bulrog, who wears his SIU and Trophy Pony proudly and well; two shots of a drag show that uses SIU for costumes; a hottie from Fire Island who pairs SIU Gladiator Pants and Guantlets with his own lace top for a very sexy combo; same hottie in the Viper Suit [get a load of that bubble butt!]; in the next three photos, Dave poses in a costume of his own design for The Hunger Games, Catching Fire promos, photographed by Tim Palen [these ads were run nationwide on billboards to promote the movies]; the rear view of the Macho Hoodie; a SIU enthusiast in the Meat Shirt, back and; front; a closer shot of Sagat modeling the Vented Leatherette Shorts; SIU made the villian in this skit and the next two shots; yes, that is Tate Ryder being naughty at an Airport by unzipping his SIU pants; the Hardbody tee looks sweet on this guy; the Scorpio Suit [YIKES!]; the Gel Jacket in blue with the Mirror Swim Suit; Dave at a party stuns in a custom designed outfit; the Electric Leopard Shorts; two shots of the limited edition “Marco Ovando” swimsuit; two shots of Dave wearing a Neon Blue tank; the “Butch Queen” tee; and the “This is what I look like…” tee; SIU Neon Hats ad.

Get all of these looks at Slick It Up or Trophy Pony.

Slick It Up Sale!

March 21, 2013 Posted by suefairview

228994_10151327294336976_2126457990_nOnly at Slick It Up

The new Double Zip Unitard at Slick It Up photographed by Tim Palen

February 27, 2013 Posted by suefairview

SiU-1222SIU SiU-1232SIU SiU-1004341SIU SiU-1004350SIU SiU-1004357SIUThe new Double Zip Unitard is just awesome and so comfortable and exactly what every guy can use as it cuts in JUST above our love handles so it gives you the best V-taper possible. It also has a crotch and ass zip which just make it fun as well as sexy. Its great on its own or paired with the Aktiv Top! Pick it up now at Slick It Up. Click on Tim Palen to see more of his amazing work too!


February 17, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Video by Tim Palen