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Barebacking vs. Safe Sex

February 11, 2013 Posted by suefairview


Here are the issues as I see them:

There is a workplace safety issue for the models. Models are able to choose whether they wish to work with condoms or not. Condoms have been shown to provide a large risk reduction of infection for HIV during anal intercourse.

Since we live in a free society, there will always be a demand for bb, which is alright for consenting adults who are in mongamous relationships or who are already HIV+. However, younger people and teens will want it to see bb and use it irresponsibly and that is a problem.

Models may choose to work on bb films, but have to live with the fact that they will influence or are even responisble for young people to have sex without condoms and become HIV+. Same for directors and studios of bb films.

It will be incredibly difficult to rid the system of bb films.

Fair View is a safe sex blog, and no bb films will ever be promoted here.

Safe sex is hot sex!

2011 GRABBY Nominees Illustrated!

March 15, 2011 Posted by suefairview

Congratulations to all of the GRABBY nominees for 2011! Here are a few I wanted to single out just for kicks!


Kennedy Carter


Samuel Colt

Race Cooper

Conner Habib

Adam Killian

Wilfried Knight

Angelo Marconi


Tommy Defendi

Adam Killian

Kyle King

Wilfried Knight

Matthew Rus h


Ricky Sinz, Brutal 1 & 2, Raging Stallion Studios


Adrenaline, Dominic Pacifico, Spencer Reed, Alexsander Freitas, Mustang

Brutal 1, Jason Adonis,Trent Diesel and Spencer Reed, Raging Stallion Studios

Costa Brava, Lucas Fox, Marco Salgueiro and Alex Marte, Kristen Bjorn


Samuel Colt/Crotch Rocket-Mustang

Conner Habib/Raising The Bar-Channel 1 Releasing

Adam Killian/Raising The Bar-Channel 1 Releasing

Angelo Marconi/Brutal 1 & 2-Raging Stallion Studios

Diesel Washington/Getting Levi’s Johnson-Jet Set Men

Bren Wyson/Brutal 1 &2-Raging Stallion Studios


Austin Wilde,Angelo Marconi, Antonio Biaggi, RJ Danvers, David Dirdam and Tony Aziz. Tales Of The Arabian Nights 2/Raging Stallion Studios


Bruno Bond/Steve Cruz, Hot Sex/Raging Stallion Studios

Kristen Bjorn, Horns of Plenty 1/Kristen Bjorn

Tony DiMarco, Brutal1&2/Raging Stallion Studios


Austin Wilde,Angelo Marconi, Antonio Biaggi, RJ Danvers, David Dirdam and Tony Aziz, Tales Of The Arabian Nights 2/Raging Stallion Studios


Arab Heat/Raging Stallion Studios [Bruno Bond!!! Eeep!]

Brutal 1&2/Raging Stallion Studios


Steamworks/Raging Stallion Studios


Arab Heat pt.3, Adam Killian and Francesco D’Macho, Raging Stallion Studios

Tales of the Arabian Nights pt 2, Aybars and Steve Cruz, Raging Stallion Studios

Costa Brava, Marco Salgueiro,Alex Marte and Lucas Fox, Kristen Bjorn


Kristen Bjorn, Costa Brava/Kristen Bjorn

Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, Attraction/Raging Stallion Studios

Steven Scarborough, Loading Zone/Hot House Entertainment

Tony DiMarco, Brutal 1&2/Raging Stallion Studios


Night Maneuvers, Raging Stallion Studios


Thirst, [Stag Homme Studios #5], Raging Stallion Studios


Hard Friction Edge, Volume 1:Fresh Meat, Raging Stallion Studios


Tony DiMarco, Brutal 1&2/Raging Stallion Studios



Attraction/Raging Stallion Studios

Brutal 1&2/Raging Stallion Studios

Costa Brava/Kristen Bjorn


Attraction/Raging Stallion Studios


Angelo Marconi

Craig Reynolds

Vince Ferelli


Joe Oppedisano

Kent Taylor


Angelo Marconi and Brenn Wyson, Brutal 1/Raging Stallion Studios




Dean Monroe

Steve Cruz

Francois Sagat

Pornstar Birthday Party – Dec 11

December 6, 2010 Posted by suefairview

Sam Colt says:

Join Race Cooper, Chris Porter and Samuel Colt for a “Pornstar Birthday Party” – Saturday December 11, 2010 at The Lookout in San Francisco, CA starting 10:30pm until late! DJ Chi Chi LaRue and hosted by Sister Roma – Special appearances by Francois Sagat, Alessio Romero, Spencer Reed, Tony Aziz, Wilfried Knight and a gaggle of other porn stars.

Sometimes I wish I lived in San Francisco! But if I did, would I ever get any sleep?

Logan McCree: Me, Myself and You – 4: Reviewed

November 29, 2010 Posted by suefairview

I have often wondered what men are thinking about when they jack off. Logan McCree answers this burning question in “Me, Myself and You, part 4“. He tells us quite straight forward that he is jerking off to this guy on the internet that he saw last night, with a huge and beautiful cock that loves his boyfriend to cum on his face and invites Logan to have sex with them and cum on his face too. Then he shows us on his laptop this guy’s cock as he is shooting really far. Um yeah! I was satisfied with that answer! Hot! Then he let’s us in on a secret, that is going to be an upcoming three-some on LOGANMCCREE.TV! I think it comes out this week!

Anyhow, back to the solo session. So Logan is sitting there in his hotel room in San Francisco, it looks like the same one he had sex with Tony Aziz in, you know, the white one. It’s pretty snazzy. I can tell because the pictures over the bed are the same. And he tells us that he didn’t cum last night because he was saving it all for us this morning, but that he had plenty of pre-cum. So he squeezes his dick and out it comes again! Pretty little drops of clear pre-cum, which he uses to lube his cock.

Let me just say right here, that Logan does have a very nice tool there. Not as nice as Pedro Andreas’, which in my opinion is the prettiest cock in the whole wide world, but damn nice all the same. What I don’t understand is why Logan got left off of both of the Raging Stallion Calendars. [???] That said, let me talk about Logan’s cock. The head gets all purplish and I love it’s shape which is quite broad when he is über excited. Looks like it would feel very nice going in. It doesn’t have the pretty venation in the shaft that Pedro’s does, but it is long and smooth and the top side is adorned with beautiful tattoos. The head has cleaner definition at the junction than Pedro’s.

The best thing of all is that the camera close-ups are so CLOSE in this solo, that you feel like you could just reach out your tongue and lick off the pre-cum! Actually I was thinking about taking his whole cock in my mouth when Logan said “I would love to have one of you guys here to give me a blow job!” WOW! Oh! So they do know how close the close-ups are and the effect on the viewer! His cock head filled the entire screen!

Oh yeah, you get a good look at his meat! For sure! And, you get just as nice a look a the cum shot too. Copious amounts of milky white cum spill all over the boxer shorts that were the target! Some get on Logan’s well manicured hands too. He has such manly hands. Then he pushes his foreskin forward to clean himself off a bit. I could listen to his voice all day. He said something in closing, I don’t remember what it was though. I was still staring into his brown eyes. I am in lust with someone new.

This was a very satisfying solo, because it included the viewer as much as possible, without the viewer actually being there.

Highly recommended.

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LOGANMCCREE.TV- Tony Aziz: Reviewed

November 23, 2010 Posted by suefairview

I first met Tony Aziz on my trip out to San Francisco for the GayVN Awards and Folsom Street Fair. He is really very sweet and has an innate manly sexuality that did not come across to me in his films prior to meeting him, but I’m not sure why that was. So, I was eager to see his work with Logan McCree. What follows is a review of Tony Aziz and Logan McCree together as filmed by their producer, Bolko Moore, in the Castro.

I suppose they got together in a motel room, that was largely white and pleasing looking. It seemed as if someone shot off a starter’s pistol and Tony was just all over Logan, kissing him, devouring him, and undressing him. It was so hot! I have never seen Tony so focused or motivated. [I never noticed his winged scarab tattoo on a sun (Khepri) in the middle of his back. I wonder if it is new?] Logan gives as good as he gets, sucking on Tony’s cock, while tapping on his balls, a technique which I have never seen before. Then he lifts up on Tony’s legs and flips him onto the bed for some rimming. Logan teases Tony with his bare cock head and Tony obviously really wants to be fucked. Tony rims Logan and slaps his ass. Tony gets on top of Logan, who puts both hands on Tony’s ass and his fingers in Tony’s hole and teases him with his bare cock again. Then Logan dons a condom and lubes it up. They joke about the brand,which seems to be Logan’s. Meanwhile, Tony is moaning with need. Tony mounts Logan in a cowboy position and posts, then falls onto Logan and begins armpit licking. They switch to doggy style and that really sets Tony to moaning. He says “It feels so good – you got me close to coming.” Logan replies “Don’t worry, I’ll slow down.” He does, but eventually stops, and stands up. Whereupon, Tony rims him a bit, pushing his bearded chin up against Logan’s balls and ass. Then they revert to the missionary position and after a while, Logan speeds up purposefully. Tony cums first with a nice shot up to his own nipples. Then Logan pulls out, removes the condom and jerks off to shoot all over Tony’s hand and right up to Tony’s shoulder. It’s a huge milky load, very nice and copious! The men hug tightly and kiss; Logan licks the sweat off from Tony’s brow and forehead. They then share it in a kiss. They continue to hug and seem to share a manly connection.

Sorry to give you the “blow-by-blow”, but I feel it was necessary, to convey the difference in Logan’s approach to porn from other studios’. This is the first film I have seen Tony in where I really like him and find him to be a turn on. That is really saying a lot. Tony holds his focus here on what he is doing more than I have seen before. Perhaps it is because Logan demands his full attention at all times with his direct eye contact and communication or could it be that Logan is just such a turn on all by himself, that one cannot think of anything else while being fucked by him? Previously, when I have seen Tony, sex on film seemed a casual affair for him. Kind of take it or leave it. So that was how I felt about his performance too. This was entirely different for both of us I think. He cared and so did I. There were no distractions, just Tony, me and Logan. It worked out fabulously!

Here are some of the positives that this film has in common with the last film I reviewed. Again, Logan mixes up the program by inserting a surprise rim job in the middle of the fucking, which was totally hot! He also shows the donning of the condom in a nod to safe sex. Then there is the fondness that Logan shows for his scene partner, Tony, when he licks the sweat off him at the end and gives him a power hug, almost as if he would like to never let go. Doesn’t that make sense when two men have done something so intimate together?

Logan really must bring out the best in his scene partners if he can get a performance out of Tony Aziz like this! This is very impressive in an adult entertainer. Sure, you can be hot in and of yourself, but to have this effect on a scene partner is another talent entirely and will bode very well for the future of  LOGANMCCREE.TV!

Highly recommended.

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