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Just some guys fucking 2…

June 7, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Alexsander Freitas poses for Gazelle simply Paulo NYC

armondgay-porn-fisting-warehouse-fists-Byron-Saint-Armond-Rizzo-schoneseelen-7 armondporn-gay-twink-anal-fisting-handball-Warehouse-Fists-Byron-Saint-Armond-Rizzo-@-Fetish-Force armondrizzo

Armond Rizzo fists Byron Saint at the Fisting Warehouse. Armond also seems to enjoy the silks!

bondage bondage2

Bondage photos from Arnaud Leather Amsterdam.


Go-go boy Chase Hostler can slam dunk!!!!

colby Colby-Keller-Fucks-Dillon-Rossi-CockyBoys-5 colbyLast-Call-Part-2-Colby-Keller-Paul-Wagner

Colby Keller hides in a hole in a tree. Colby fucks Dillon Rossi at CockyBoys and flip fucks with Paul Wagner at


Damien Crosse and Logan Vaughn massage fuck for DominicFord.

datodamiengoran datodiego Dato-Foland-Fucks-Axel-Brooks-3 datogoran datogym

Busy Dato Foland has an onsgtage threesome with Damien and Goran, fucks Wagner Victoria for Stag Homme, fucks Axel Brooks for, gives Goran the rod for, and poses naked.


Topher Dimaggio poses with a snake!


Draven Torres has been competing in bodybuilding and doesn’t he look great!

francois francoispalRetired adult entertainer François Sagat poses by himself and with a friend. Go and vote for your favorite movie of Sagat’s here.


Hans Berlin has been toning up and it shows!

paddy paddygoran paddygoran2 paddygoran3 Paddy-OBrian-Bottoms-For-Alex-Brando-Muscle-Gay-Porn-Stars

Paddy O’Brian as a hot priest, fucking Goran for, and getting fucked by Alex Brando.


Gorgeous stud-muffin Pavel Petel poses naked.

pedro pedro2

Pedro Andreas with his big chest hanging out and in a selfie. Pedro has just opened a new twitter account!

rayhan raysantana

Ray Han is ready for your pleasure and tweeted a photo of himself and porn crush Jessie Santana.

rogan3Hugo-Vergari-Rogan-Richards-Gay-Porn-3 rogan4Hugo-Vergari-Rogan-Richards-Gay-Porn-7 rogandiwali roganleather

Muscle beast Rogan Richards fucks Hugo Vergari for TimTales, wishes a Happy Diwalli to all of his Indian fans, and models in leather for Kevin D Hoover.

samuel samuelass

Woof! It is Samuel Colt! And here Samuel blows Boomer Banks:


sethfornea sethforneafrontal

For all of you ginger lovers, Seth Fornea is now working for Colt Studios.


Steve Cruz stars in Focus/Refocus and in one of the best of all time orgies with Francesco D’Macho, Damien Crosse, Wilfriedn Knight and Angelo Marconi. See a great interview of Steve at the Falcon Studio’s blog.


One of my all-time favorite Tom of Finland drawings!

Some photos are from Queer Me Now.

Stag Homme Studio Presents FOCUS THE STORY BEGINS

May 1, 2014 Posted by suefairview


Angelo Marconi, Francesco D’Macho, Steve Cruz, Wilfred Knight, Damien Crosse, Cole Streets. A massive orgy as only Team Raging Stallion can film–this scene features six of the world’s top sexperformers in an extended fuck fest that results in the biggest overthe-top set of all oral cum shots we have ever filmed. This scene was responsible for Focus winning the award for Best Picture of the Year!

Starring Steve Cruz, Angelo Marconi, Wilfried Knight, Damien Crosse, Cole Streets and Francesco D’Macho


This scene was previously reviewed, however in retrospect this has to be the best choreographed and directed orgy I have ever seen in porn because it all looks so natural. Not only that, but it stars the greatest names in porn in recent history. If one was to list their combined awards and accolades it would take many, many pages. Here we have 49 minutes of the best multiperson sex put on film; these guys are the experts, sit back and enjoy watching them do what they do best. They are truly amazing. As mentioned, the cum shots are incredible in that not only are they oral, but all bukakke. Here is my review from December 12, 2009:

…I just loved the orgy scene, but how could one not? An über gorgeous Francesco D’Macho politely shows Joe [Cole Streets] into the stylish mansion where the A-gays play. Damien Crosse has his arrogant “bugger off peasant” face on that he wears so well as he turns away to kiss Angelo Marconi. Francesco goes back to the couch and resumes kissing Wilfried Knight. Dario Stefano (played by Steve Cruz) enters in a black robe and sheds it dramatically to reveal his black brief underwear with red serpent designs as he joins Damien and Angelo. The orgy is so well choreographed and shot; I challenge you to find a hotter one! Everyone does everyone [even “the Chihuahua's fuckin' the Great Dane,” I love that quote from Steve’s blog!] and everyone cums at least twice! There are two bukakke scenes; one where everyone cums on Damien’s face and the last where Francesco is the cum whore. After it is all over and Joe has dutifully filmed the entire thing, keeping his cock in his pants the whole time, Francesco invites him to dump his load into the pile on his chest already. Joe quickly agrees and it takes him all of two seconds to do it!…

I am very pleased that Stag Homme chose to repackage this wonderful scene from Raging Stallion Studios.

Highly, highly recommended. See the full feature here.


Men At Play’s THE GAME

January 11, 2014 Posted by suefairview

From Men At Play:

Understandably there are bound to be conflicting views about this weeks video co-starring the late Wilfried Knight, so we just wanted to express our feelings about the film.

‘The Game’ was filmed in late 2012 and was scheduled to be released in early 2013, however after Wilfried’s tragic passing in March 13 we felt it wasn’t appropriate to release this scene, so the project was shelved.

We have thought about this long and hard and at times even considered not releasing this movie. But in doing so we would be adding strength to the argument that porn is something disrespectful or shameful and clearly we don’t believe this to be true. As those who work in the industry can tell you, we do this with great pride in our work – whether its in front or behind the cameras. And we know first hand that Wilfried was very proud of the work he did with Menatplay. This was his chosen career and he did it with great professionalism and charm.

So its in this sentiment, and always with the utmost respect to Wilfried that we present to you ‘The Game’.

We hope Wilfried’s fans will enjoy seeing him on film once again.


thegameissac1 thegamejake1 thegamemorgan1 thegamesam1 thegamewilf1game
Basically, after a soccer win, the players thank the coach by taking advantage of him! Ha! Even more humorous given that the coach is Jake Genesis!
Watch the free XXX preview here.
Rest in peace Wilfried.

Wilfried Knight has died.

March 11, 2013 Posted by suefairview

426548_10101554778009263_2089728653_nPorn Star Wilfried Knight has died and right now the cause is unknown. Wilf was quite upset over his partner’s recent suicide that can be read about here.

Wilfried made over 20 films for Lucas Entertainment and Raging Stallion Studios. He was awarded Performer of the Year at the 2010 GayVNs, Best Performer US at the 2010 Hustlaball Awards, and Best Versatile Performer at the 2011 Grabbys. He was also a breast cancer survivor. He held a Master of Chinese Medicine.

I met Wilfried at the 2010 GayVNs, when I was invited to sit with his group up front. I was there when he won for Performer of the Year and then in his limo when we went to the after party, and skipped ahead of the entire line to enter the club first. He was a very real person; down to earth. He got such joy from that night. His costume was Jesus Christ.

wilfriedcloseup I truly wish he could rise from the dead. RIP Wilfried.

Just some guys 34…

March 11, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: Alex Marte & Landon Conrad BTS of RSS Military themed movie – notice how much bigger Alex’s fist is than Landon’s; a hottie found by François Sagat; Adam Killilan laughs it up with pals; Adam Champ in children’s underwear; Alexsander Freitas in an earlier photo; heartbreaker Alexsander when he was younger; Angelos Pethyerotis’ cakes; Angel Rock; Bryce Star and his pup; Damien Crosse vacationing at Caracassone, France; Damien at Caracassone; Dean Monroe showing his assets; Diesel Washington smiling; Draven Torres and Stephen Ponce; Draven seems deliriously happy, maybe because he is color coordinated; Dylan Roberts has something sticking out of his shorts; Francesco D’Macho con la famiglia, The classic Sagat fitness ball photo, now a gif; Sagat in the bathroom; Goran posing; though Jake Genesis and Seth Knight have been an item, Jake has taken off to Brazil with Diego and Wagner as part of his GTFO plan; next four photos Jake and Seth; next three photos are of Jessy Ares; Junior Stallano and Spencer Reed pose together; Leo Forte is still cute behind the lights; Liam Magnusson works out; Logan Vaughn flexes; Martin Mazza with rubber ducky; Diesel O’Green, Lucio Saints, and Milos Zambo pose together; Nick Moretti shares tongue with his stinky pup Cynder; Paddy O’Brian and Martin Mazza pose together; hottie Paulo; hot as fuck, but still in Russia, Pavel Petel [two photos, make-up by Sergey Ostrikov]; Pedro Andreas trys on new swim trunks; A very pretty horsie that Sagat found at a fair; Rogan Richards poses for Inseam, photo from Roids N Rants [that Rogan really got around while in the US!]; younger Rogan with his precious puppy, whose tag he still wears, was just stunning!; Rogan has participated in a video for Colton Ford’s new music video shot by Marco Ovando that will issue this week; Samuel Colt posing back; front; hottie Sean Duran; Spencer Reed out at a party in Berlin; Tate Ryder taking Amtrak from San Diego to LA; Tate pissing; Tomas Brand poses with Donato Reyes; Tomas Brand in a suit; Topher DiMaggio in Sold Out Clothing; Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Durano were both at the GLBT Expo at the Javits Center in NYC where they posed together; Trenton went “old school” and rode a mechanical bull [he used to be a bull rider in the rodeo]; Durano took his turn on the bull also; Colton Ford’s photo from his upcoming video; Vito Gallo clowns around the Lucas headquarters with his dick out of his pants; then terrorizes the other employees [too funny!]; Wilfried Knight with his pitbull daughter.