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Just some guys 42…

November 17, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: Harry Louis wasted no time returning to porn after his breakup with Marc Jacobs, here with Ashley Ryder for UKNaked Men; Samuel Colt poses for Matt Spike in London; Marc Dylan looking quite fit; Colby Keller and Will Wikle; Pedro Andreas dyed his hair blue; Johnny Hazzard relaxes in a pool; Steve Cruz gets in touch with his inner gurl; Adam Champ as Little Red Riding Hood, is looking for his Big Bad Wolf; François Sagat modeling; Pavel Petel as the glittery space man; Angel Rock and Ray Han with a friend; Angel and Ray in the hot tub; Angel nude; Angel free-balling at the Miami Airport; Ray at a club; Ben Cohen in his altogether; Jimmy Durano; Fabulous cameraman Leo Forte; Adam Killian on a roof top; Liam Magnusson fucks Ray Han; Rogan Richards kisses Martin Mazza who he has been collaboration with in Madrid; Eggs in a pan; Hans Berlin in Sydney, Australia; Hans fucks someone for UKNaked Men; Hans on a nude beach in Australia; Dirk Caber with his brand new whip, a gift from Jesse Jackman; Jesse and Dirk at home in bed together; Jessy Ares in a waterfall in Costa Rica; Jimmy Fanz; D.O. with a black and white horse; D.O. is perfection in this photo by Justin Monroe; Kellan Lutz at a game; Marcus Ruhl looks stunning all dressed up; Marcus looking hot getting plowed by Angel Rock; a close-up of Paddy O’Brian’s precum; Paddy in an athletic move with Theo Reid; Spencer Reed at Hustlaball; Cobly Keller cleansing the area of spirits; Dave Mason shows off his body; Ryan Rose at Hustlaball; Ty Roderick; Zeb Atlas.

Zeb Atlas has TWO NEW WEB SITES!

November 15, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Oh boy! Zeb has a membership site where you can join and see his films, photo sets and live cams, plus previews for non-members at The other site is a Tumblr blog with photos of Zeb. Both are on my sidebar. Here are some photos from the tumblr blog:

tumblr_inline_mw9s9wmGoj1r3m9ce tumblr_mvlbzyDIVd1r7llzeo1_1280

Just some guys 36…

April 21, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Notes: François Sagat is posing again; Pedro Andreas’ puppy is growing up; Rogan Richards and his life-mate Tommy did Room Service in London when they were there; Dirk Caber, bf to Jessie Jackman; Nick Moretti and his dog Cynder; Zeb Atlas and his ugly beard [what was he thinking???]; style icon Dave Mason with sweet treats; Pedro Andreas as Tarzan; Benji, Francesco’s puppy; ginger Seth Fornea has a blog; Francesco & Damien; Adam Killian posing for Fahrenheit; Diesel Wasington cookin’ up somethin’; a meal with Damien can turn into this; Angelo Marconi shows his assets; Paddy O’Brian fucks Donato Reyes; Jake Genesis with Brazilian buddies; Marcus Ruhl in front of a mirror; see Tom Wolfe and Draven Torres LIVE next weekend in Cleveland [I guess Tom is retiring?]; Lucio Saints has his cock out in the snow; Jus who is Jake Genesis fucking?; Colton Ford looks pretty damn good for a man in his fifties; Samuel Colt and fiancée Chris Porter were in Germany where they met up with the director Strongboli [Love Addiction] and his husband; Jimmy Durano shows his other assets; Leo Domenico and Tomas Brand go-go dance; Marcus is all tied up; an extremely furry Bruno Bond is all ready for us; a lovely photo of Jay Roberts; Junior Stellano parts his cheeks; Adam Killian rims a costar in “Hole”; Paddy gives us a glimpse of his tool; Alexsander Freitas in his younger days; Jimmy Durano’s puppy Ollie has captured my heart; Trenton Ducati warms up the stripper pole; Race Cooper poses for Kevin Hoover; Spencer Reed finds a chair that suits him on his honeymoon in Dubai; Alexsander is in Brazil with good friend Gazelle Paulo, who is wearing one of Alex’s shirts; Marcus in the Caribbean sun; Vito Gallo looking fine; Ollie begging for ice cream [I would give him some]; Diesel working hard on Hard Wire; Trey Turner naked; Tate Ryder taking a fist for the first time; Angelo Pethyrotis and Colton kissing; Bruno Kinght zipping off to his bf’s house; Bryan Cole reading the emergency instructions at his hotel; Diesel gets into character; Diesel with Leo Forte as they work the scene in Naked Swords’ Hooker Stories film; Dirk recently landed a gig with Mr. S Leather; D.O. modeling; Draven posing in all of his extreme cuteness and hotness; Samuel’s puppies Bacon & Eggs; Goran treats with a coati mundi in Iguacu; Colby Keller is all restrained and ready for you to do with whatever you want; this is exactly what I want Trenton to do to me!; Diego Vena and D.O. at Cocktails with the Stars [photo by Tball]; Diego [photo by Tball]; Jessy Ares poses for Sold Out Clothing; Junior Stellano’s new puppy; Ollie using Landon Conrad as a chair; Diesel manhandles Pierre Fitch; Robin Sanchez has packed on the muscle; Rogan and Angelo in Colton’s “Let me live again” video; Jesse Santana at Playtime; Angelo naked; Steve Cruz as a cub in 1994; an awesome photo of Trenton; Trey screwing around; a close-up of Trey’s cock; hot as fuck and still in Russia – it is Pavel Petel!

Sorry for not posting the links, if not on my sidebar, google them!

Just some guys 33…

February 23, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Angel Rock is a bit wet, D.O. posing, twice, Dave Mason opens for RoomService NYC and shows that SIU can be worn on the outside, WTF? with Steve Cruz and Sister Roma, Rogan Richards and Dirk Caber have fun in a sling, Pedro Andreas in a hoodie, Spencer Reed spreads someone’s ass, Adam Killian fucks Vito Gallo, Paddy chats with Benjamin Godre, Angelo Petheryotis in a mirror shot, Ty Roderick gives it to somebody up the ass, Marc Dylan blows Tommy Defendi, a final group shot in Costa Rica, Junior Stellano rides a bike, Spencer Reed models, see Damien Crosse and Lucio Saints LIVE!, Landon Conrad with a very short haircut!, Pavel Petel rules in PINK!, Jessy Ares models, Vito in his altogether, Alex Marte is Cupid, Lucio and David Avila, Jake Genesis and bf Seth Knight in bed, BTS with Dean Monroe, Marcus Ruhl and Race Cooper, Marcus, Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse with Lucio’s cum on their faces, Martin Mazza, Jake Genesis, Ty Roderick, Jesse Jackman, Vito, Adam and Adam’s bf, Alex Marte and Jessy Ares working their corner, Zeb Atlas posing, Martin Mazza with Lucio Saints and David Avila, Paddy works with the heavy bag, a close-up of Paddy, Mark Dylan with antlers, sexy Leo Forte wows in a kilt, Jake Genesis in a Hello Kitty tank, Alex Marte and Jessy Ares, Rogan Richards off to a gay wedding, BTS at the cover shoot for ADDICTED with Damien and Goran and Donato Reyes, b&w of Benjamin, Cristobal from Hard Wire by Diesel Washington, Donny Wright has been in the news lately, Darve Torres has a new cut for a new movie, Carlo Masi and Adam Champ, Colby Keller have volunteered to give Donny a hand with his recent troubles, Landon’s shoe closet, Liam Magnusson as the Arrow, Liam in a tanning booth, an older photo of Pedro naked, Dave Mason wearing a hat he made for himself for a friend’s wedding, still hot as fuck and still in Russia, Samuel Colt, Topher Dimaggio looking fine, is Bryce Star bottoming or topping for Hot House???

Just some guys 32…

February 6, 2013 Posted by suefairview

Brenton has his first lesson on the German Wheel; Dean Monroe at Room Service; You have the window seat and your seat mate is hot as fuck and still from Russia; Nick Moretti snuggles with his stinky pup, Cynder; Rogan Richards works out, among other things, to stay warm in Winter [See him in CT: details here]; Adam Champ in the nude; Pedro Andreas winks at you; Room Service opens in NYC next Wednesday; The ever amazing and wonderful, Trenton Ducati; Spencer Reed and his BF are to be wed in Germany on April 5th. Congratulations!; Francesco D’Macho and Lucio Saints; Adam Killian with Landon Conrad‘s bf; Bryce Star is sleepy; Alexsander Freitas models one of his new BlingBling hats™. Doesn’t he look like a king in it?; Donato Reyes, Paddy O’Brian and Martin Mazza celebrate finishing a shoot with the Alter Sin folks in Madrid;Tate Ryder nude; Angelo Petheryotis and bf Colton Ford, heat up Miami; Landon enjoyed watching his bf’s pain when bf got a new tatt; François recently made a new friend; Cal Skye is so cute in this photo; Damien Crosse at a party. He recently quit smoking – way to go Damien!!!; Samuel Colt poses nude to keep up with the twitter crowd; Isaac Jones at Room Service; Brent Everett‘s cock; Damien poses in the nude to celebrate his new twitter account; Saturday, Zeb Atlas will be LIVE at the Adonis Lounge in NYC; Leo Forte snags a ride on Jed Athens; Jake Genesis grabs some John Tegan ass in Costa Rica; Liam Magnuson poses in American football gear; Marc Dylan flexes for the camera; THE END! LOL! No, really it is Tate Ryder’s end. His rear end to be correct. He and Trenton are moving to San Diego from Seattle.