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The wait is over!!!! Rogan Richards‘ website is now active and includes hot, steamy videos just waiting for you to join! Sign up for XXX content here!

HAPPY 2016! Here are some hunks for you to celebrate with!

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Happy Holidays from ROGAN RICHARDS!

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Rogan says:

Take a look at last years XXXMAS with SKIPPY BAXTER and me! Shot by DAMO The Dark Room at my BLOG PAGE NOW!
GOTO for the naughty pixxx!

For real!

If you missed any of the ask Rogan series with Skippy Baxter, here are parts 2 and 3:

Here is your dose of drool-worthy images of Rogan Richards:

BEEF: it’s what’s for dinner

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Chew on this!


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Swimwear marked down 50% at SIU!

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Dave says:

“Im posting this early because I know we’re going to sell out of most.. We have never done a sale and we won’t again until this time next year so don’t get used to it. Our office in Manhattan is teeny and we need the room for our new merchandise…so take advantage of us… We like it;)”

The very next day:

All swimwear marked down over 50% and is now only 40.00$ while supplies last. One week only, then prices go back up. We started the sale yesterday and have already sold through half our stock so act fast because sizing are now limited! Made in New York City, shipped globally.

Here are some more SIU ads plus “Hot guys wear Slick It Up“:

[Artwork for the Beast of a Bottom tee is by Benoît Prévot.]