Damien Crosse NAKED!!!!!!!

January 15, 2015 Posted by suefairview

10392503_770038776421228_3194651341864157532_n 10897099_770034993088273_8486022469845886356_n 10924823_769835733108199_616816380002628436_n damienThese masterful black and white photos of Damien Crosse were taken by Valero Rioja.

Recently, Damien has been in South America. Here he is with hotties on the beach in Rio:


Yikes!!!! I singed myself on these photos!

Neon Candy Swim Shorts at SIU

January 14, 2015 Posted by suefairview

10393579_10152543206771976_1879749850843010536_n 10425497_10152543210571976_5618662462487742178_n 10599699_10152552843021976_3130856306273428270_n

Neon Candy Swim Shorts available only at SlickItUp.com Made of four way stretch spandex with back zip pocket and gold plated toggles. Made in NYC, shipped globally.
Photo by Marco Ovando

Rogan Richards in XXX Show is VERY HOT!

January 13, 2015 Posted by suefairview


“It sends me crazy and I pick him up off the chair and sit down on it thrusting him down on my lap so now his back is facing the audience. My hands reach down to his firm bubble butt and squeeze. I grip the underwear and that’s when the costume malfunction happens, or rather when big ‘ol alpha daddy He Man becomes She Ra.”

Read the rest at Rogan Richards’ blog.

Here is your Rogan Photo overload:

1620586_682277458558218_7064117740750466724_n 1798299_677259045726726_2396856537824570905_n 1978703_672395749546389_3842122212914316722_n 10171300_676715862447711_3989224819179347049_n 10305335_674073766045254_9135236852487742061_n 10308308_680516712067626_8615423053049217436_n 10336605_681904308595533_5545643557649279104_n 10364197_681964528589511_8223188134130516541_n 10403660_683366115116019_8712039383385822256_n 10422399_680060348779929_3935333560405040338_n 10425524_675658825886748_6592404440898702928_n 10464152_10152939969065586_6603663978774752992_n 10676146_683275685125062_1206817409525474554_n 10847890_681922615260369_4452046841141173878_n 10849808_675973035855327_4151321365409819703_n 10850093_676059762513321_3541130375221938147_n 10881593_683984185054212_6877608469673408361_n 10885384_686413261477971_1411959811054770143_n 10891633_690041931115104_7406525725086813839_n 10891686_683984231720874_8606638022368299456_n 10906144_440735426074864_1383652184291514836_n 10917420_691209357665028_5019816642461011628_n 10924820_692340157551948_7661848455160113004_n

Be sure to check out Rogan’s sexy videos on his facebook. My fav is drunk seXXX dreams.

Nevada considers tighter rules after porn actor infected with HIV

January 12, 2015 Posted by suefairview

An adult movie shoot in Nevada that ended with two male actors infected with HIV has state and local health officials considering more stringent safety regulations for pornographic film productions, including mandatory use of condoms.

Health officials are looking at whether more specific and stringent rules are needed for the porn industry, which has grown in Nevada since 2012. That’s when Los Angeles County began requiring adult movie performers to wear condoms during filming, prompting a sharp decline in porn production in what long has been the industry’s capital city.

Read the rest of the story here.

2 male porn performers test positive for HIV

January 11, 2015 Posted by suefairview

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Two adult film actors have contracted HIV, with one most likely infecting the other during unprotected sex at a film shoot in Nevada where testing was less stringent than industry standards, officials said.

Read the full story here.

This story was actually reported last year, on Dec. 30, 2014, but it is so depressing, predictable, and preventable that I have held off on reporting it.

There is a huge market/demand for raw-sex that drives the industry into making unsafe choices. Many, many dollars are quite an incentive to go condomless. Over time, more companies are moving to unsafe sex to satisfy customers who get off on the risk. Some industry leaders have been known to think that the safe-sex market is going away and the future is condomless.

If you were an adult entertainer faced with the choice of making $400 – $600 per scene for safe sex OR making $1500 to $2000 per scene with travel and amenities plus medical care, what would you choose? If one has limited marketable skills and/or lives in a third-world country, the choice is obvious. In my opinion, this is very exploitative on the part of the companies.

Yes, it is true that some raw-sex companies are doing rigorous testing. But I wonder how much they pay attention to the results of the testing? I hear that they are not. Also, there are many smaller companies who are not complying with any testing.

Are raw-sex companies sero-sorting adult entertainers? I think that they are not, based on what I have heard, and this is proven by the news report above.

Furthermore, are any companies being very careful about issues relating to raw sex and potential new infection; I fear that they are not.

So, if you were a HIV- actor performing unsafe sex, how do you protect yourself? I would hope that you are taking Truvada [or a similar medication]; though this particular use is not approved by the FDA. But I see young men, many of whom I have met in person, in raw-sex roles and I worry for them. I really want to help, but I feel that I have failed them in this mission.

My blog was dedicated to promoting safe-sex and is a safe-sex only blog. Though unpopular, I supported legislation to insure safe sex practices. This legislation was tabled in California. As I have seen more and more companies and people having raw-sex I have become very depressed. This is why I have backed away from doing reviews. Please understand, that I have dedicated my life to fighting the spread of HIV [and to finding a cure in the past]. I am afraid I have lost this battle.

The cost will be extremely high. We will see more people getting infected on porn shoots in the future if no legislation is enacted.

But, I cannot fight what the public wants to see and what the public thinks is hot. I have no fight left in me; I am sorry.

Here is more information from Dirk Caber‘s blog: