François Sagat: the best butt on the planet

February 19, 2015 Posted by suefairview

Recently, François Sagat turned exhibitionist on twitter and really, that is the true way to get my attention. I could not help but post some of his luscious photos:

62668_701588429959106_3181780919414761248_n sagatass sagatass2 sagatback sagatback2 sagatbutt sagatcan sagatready


Here are more photos, some shots taken by Exterface and in some François is wearing his clothing line, KICK*SAGAT

1454685_912523415454557_169317001682378297_n 1513720_912521195454779_5531913994255831868_n 1544500_901443666562532_2836529876185150379_n 1546410_701588389959110_23902094326384667_n 1549406_903507226356176_3642259282115232430_n 10247402_914247008615531_5272560111027417831_n 10373615_903216913051874_7495949670122471798_n 10425110_697838427000773_2714469009994670633_n 10426075_911145598925672_6607744017332511710_n 10599289_903216929718539_6447430184814126383_n 10801742_701588409959108_8168442365583675799_n 10847556_918260218214210_4023201022761501336_o 10923776_900679599972272_2623617213010079577_n 10978636_917661281607437_7179374767064117969_n 11000662_919271171446448_4984774683525852911_n B8UDI6NCMAAo8Pk bernardwilhelm gilgrim sagatdad sagatnu sagatpapi. International Sales On Line!

February 18, 2015 Posted by suefairview

From Dionisio Heiderscheid: International Sales On Line!
Ventas en Argentina en Red Market Argentina
ATTITUDE …if u dont have it, Buy it!

1525669_10152512965881442_4214546256751183974_n 10926171_10152512966086442_5135576307419728116_o 10983438_10152512966316442_3526287052172324474_o 10987693_10152512966201442_7568478219721807411_o 10996692_10152512965816442_4193556703462710054_n

Alexsander Freitas at the FIT EXPO!!!

February 16, 2015 Posted by suefairview

As a former competitive bodybuilder and trainer, Alexsander Freitas attended THE FIT EXPO [a bodybuilding convention] in LA recently. Here are some photos from there:


On the way to the Expo!

10983388_1404013196568859_3388925045084880548_n alexronniecoleman

Alex got to meet his bodybuilding idol, Ronnie Coleman and got an autographed card!

Here is Alex with the Kali Muscle guys:


Amazing how when you meet Alex, he is big. But these guys are ENORMOUS!

Some of the women at the Expo:

10427361_1403881296582049_3003371841631279356_n 10959676_1403940976576081_6480039106504876732_n 10989207_1403903213246524_8068623389426397457_n

The first woman is as big as Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Here are some photos of Alex when he was younger:

10260020_1404192619884250_2688621683457262138_n alex

Alex was pretty back then, but I prefer him bearded and hairy like he is now. Woof!

SUPAFLEX 2015 with Rogan Richards!

February 16, 2015 Posted by suefairview


I’m not sure I understand what “SUPAFLEX” is, but I do know that I find Rogan Richards and his bf Lucas DJ Flamefly adorable and hot!


Rogan has shared two erotic writings that give a tantalizing glimpse of his private life: BOOM BOOM and SUPAFLEX2015. Here is the vimeo:


Here is your Rogan Richards “it’s ALL About the Flex!”:

11106_707346622717968_5441619018496248753_n 18266_10153014688485586_5391292161849866321_n 1476001_706936239425673_8307460231386704176_n 1782041_697196647066299_669983854643924987_n 1798235_693815990737698_7733717977844218305_n 1919630_10152552487310586_4085389621732296088_n 1969240_697198647066099_6223542244968560169_n 10406977_702292496556714_5330176262202231734_n 10410184_708075102645120_8012665441280514742_n 10500342_705723759546921_139924242566884801_n 10685476_703374519781845_6738428242507864476_n 10686807_693815977404366_5773029537275224479_n 10689500_693917567394207_6284944702919062884_n 10915281_695815040537793_2206138300488919494_n 10920917_696639603788670_3281404943828256930_n 10922561_693815954071035_2747832062235865097_n 10926465_705724629546834_7241661429577880910_n 10934047_708073125978651_7075593191695348238_n 10941919_448692158612524_1046117560585333705_n 10952589_703515203101110_271247999286985468_n 10955592_706252206160743_6104781091271711415_n 10968509_702191776566786_8017464202941217446_n 10984301_704791759640121_4854571020921227090_n 10994428_708540085931955_8987415844114552040_n 10998898_708570855928878_2777352635045473296_n ass cock fullback hairyfullback

Grrr! Woof!

Bored? Watch SPARTACUS for all of the beefcake!

February 15, 2015 Posted by suefairview


Netflix is now streaming SPARTACUS, all 4 seasons [Gods of the Arena, Blood and Sand, Vengence and War of the Damned]! Stars include: Andy Whifield [RIP] as Spartacus, Manu Bennet as Crixus, Daniel Feuerriegel as Agron, Liam MacIntyre Spartacus, Pana Hema Taylor as Nasir, Dustin Clare as Gannicus, Christian Antidormi as Tiberius Crassus, Todd Lasance as Caeser, and many others! In season 1, Thracians Spartacus and wife are captured as slaves by the Romans and sold to the ludus of Batiatus. There, Spartacus learns to be a gladiator and his wife is murdered in a conspiracy by Batiatus. At the end of the season, the gladiators take over the ludus, killing all of their Roman captors. Full season 1 summary here. Here are the summaries for season 2, season 3, and season 4.

WARNING: This is a terribly gory series. You have been warned!

Now, what you have all been waiting for; the photos!

First off is Manu Bennet as the gladiator Crixus. Yikes this man is hot and does not shy away from the full frontal, as we saw in season 1.

5120 4926433 manu bennett naked nude shirtless 5 manu bennett naked nude shirtless 6 Manu-Bennett-11

Lucretia, played by Lucy Lawless forces Crixus to cut his hair, so she won’t be sleeping with a beast. [What is wrong with his being a beast???] I was very suprised to find photos of Manu in a harness.

Also not camera shy is Dustin Clare as Gannicus:

Dustin Clare 04 dustinback

The lovers, Nasim and Agron get their clothes off as well:

gaylovers spartacus-vengeance-206-04

New characters are introduced in season 4, and I was impressed with all of the bare derriers. Firstly, Christian Antidormi as Tiberius Licinius Crassus, who has a really cute bubble-butt:

Christian_Antidormi_Looker christian_antidormi_naked_nude_shirtless_5.jpg_480_480_0_64000_0_1_0 christian antidormi nude spartacus war of the damned Simon Merrells nude spartacus war of the damned

And finally, Todd Lasance as Julius Caesar, who is eventually raped by Tiberius:

todd lasance naked nude shirtless 2 todd lasance nude spartacus war of the damnedmaxresdefault

Well, that ought to cure your boredom!