Hot guys wear SLICK IT UP!

July 27, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Feast your eyes!


1656380_10151917703701976_301296238_n 10260026_577712999007916_681082127183190404_n 10301364_780136615371225_1840110477915537153_n 10334424_10204104209348110_1709259742436213597_n 10354172_10152534774056350_1646012478903899342_n 10369211_10204102971437163_8840460590425289427_n 10390952_10204104046944050_2668778083953389891_n 10392474_10152175447426976_2605970561478147151_n 10402551_10204104192027677_3140736542970817176_n 10406462_10204104047144055_7503520695988565784_n 10407979_10152199192136976_2474193990476253056_n 10433936_10204104280989901_3944935214580660343_n 10440134_10204104046704044_3707201627681456545_n 10441288_752181524840595_7305948953070299706_n 10462623_10152138018451976_8087344576112497702_n 10487427_10204104281669918_2309711491861775480_n 10488180_10152173169736976_6882914079428269111_n 10491118_10152179173761976_7791436550293752524_n 10492597_10152177423096976_7727881825384014218_n 10511213_10152200542746976_2144102467527147104_n


David Mason Chlopecki and Wine Naiz photographed by Exterface.



The v-taper suit in Berlin.



Chase jumps in Canada!



Gladiator pants:

net1 net2 net3 net4

Nik Ripley dances up a storm in SIU in Zurich!


Gender-bending Pavel Petel rocks both red and black full body suits and the Slick Sling! Make-up by Sergey Ostrikov.

pavelblack1 pavelblack2 pavelblack3 pavelblack4 pavelred1 pavelred2 pavelred3 pavelslicksling

The inimitable François Sagat seems to wear SIU where ever he goes! With David in this classic shot by Tim Palen.


sagat1 sagat2 sagat4 sagat5



snake1 snake2 snake3

The Slick Tuxedo:

tux1 tux2

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Rub a dub dub, Dato in TUB RUB!

July 26, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Yikes! What could be better than this new, longer haired Dato Foland in Men At Play’s TUB RUB! I am loving Dato’s new sultry look!

You come home from a long day at the office and you walk in on your flat mate, Dato Foland no less, laying in the tub, ripped, bronzed, wet and foamy, in the throws of a private jerk off session, what do you do?…..well exactly! Youre not going to let that opportunity pass you by, you want to be in on this ‘private’ moment too.

And that’s just what suited business man Axel Brooks decides in the self same situation. He reaches into the water for a tug of that beautiful Russian cock and in response Dato tugs on Axels tie pulling him in close for a kiss. As Axels shirt and pants begin to get wet Dato strips him down , pushes him over the bath and rims him ready for a good long hard fucking. Two masculine body beautifuls wet and shiny and fucking till they shoot over each other – now we all just need to find the right flatmate to make this fantasy come true ( or just watch TubRub on, it’s the next best thing)

10364072_675059332587387_163637434935472191_n 10457857_669195809840406_2083147123557607207_n tubrub1 tubrub2 tubrub3 tubrub4 tubrub5 tubrub6 tubrub7

See the free XXX preview here.

Rogan Richards Update

July 23, 2014 Posted by suefairview

By the time you will be reading this, Rogan will be in the UK. Here are some photos to fill your Rogan need:


Rogan as a younger man is coming along in his bodybuilding.

545583_184779854974650_1776417463_n 1544298_584934674959164_8500404401912023225_n10155403_554552807997351_1765128359778534311_n

I don’t know who took the first photo, but it is glorious! The second photo is by The last photo is by Gun.


Rogan with Lucas DJ Flamfly at Madrid Pride.


Rogan and Dato Foland. More photos are below:

10305414_576124215840210_2393110376096226004_n 10363901_587936741325624_2122545366113403366_n 10369209_643889199040559_1710508034639261172_n


Lucas photographed by Rogan.


I’m sorry, but this pose is damn impressive!

10427281_569703926482239_8989842156180263416_n 10454322_579536925498939_6722168653250427065_n


Lucas as photographed by Rogan for White Walls Madrid.

10463953_571861886266443_3407123561093944675_n 10482245_574227066029925_6739858354646178884_n 10487500_576124172506881_3824131689122166323_n


10492264_576124119173553_5853426845497441074_n 10511312_579701112149187_1232258908935485059_n 10518644_581617098624255_9160725234488641708_n rogancock roganlucasThe photo with Arnold Schwarzenegger is from a gym in Cologne, Germany.

Ray Han is taking a break from porn!

July 22, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Per Ray Han‘s facebook account:

Taking a temporary break from porn. School is coming and I have new project in my life. Looking for a part time or a job, so if you know something let me know.

We will certainly miss Ray’s many contributions in porn, but most of all, I wish him well in his new life.

Here he is posing after a workout:

ray0 ray1


YUM! Playing the boot-licking slave; notice how his ass stands out!


Some more intimate poses.

ray4 ray5

Swimming – I bet he is naked!


Being eaten alive by Boomer Banks!


Ray poses with his porn crush, Jesse Santana.


Pavel Petel & Pedro Andreas Updates!

July 20, 2014 Posted by suefairview

pavel pavelcock

Favorite Russian hunk Pavel Petel is keeping busy and posting new naked photos to his tumblr blog!

pedro pedro1

Mr. Hotness himself, Pedro Andreas is staying in shape and getting “bigger’! Rumor has it that he will be doing porn again soon! Stay tuned here to learn all about his new projects. BTW – he mentioned to me that the twitter account “Pedro Andreas” is not him and is a fake.