This post is for the Rogan Richards lovers!

August 18, 2014 Posted by suefairview

Pictured are Rogan Richards with DJ Flamefly and Diesel O’Green.

Rogan says:

check out a teaser for Stoke’ies new BOOK (i’ll b appearing in…)

Great guy and very talented. Massive upset that we couldn’t work together again this year in the USA…


Camp Mommy Report

August 17, 2014 Posted by suefairview

A good time was had by all on my week off at Camp Mommy.

There is a wonderful Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt trail that is 20 miles long:

IMG_0940 IMG_0941 IMG_0942

I rode from Old Bethpage to the Southern State and back. What a great trail!

We saw the Broadway play KINKY BOOTS and I loved it!

kinky-boots-03092013-4 show_kinkyboots

We were going to go to Jones Beach, but it was actually too cold or too wet!!!!

We survived the DELUGE and mom had about 8 inches [20.3 cm] of rain! The all time high rain was reached in Islip, where 13.27 [33.7 cm] inches fell.


Its always great to get together with mom!

The Phoenix Harness is NEON ORANGE!

August 17, 2014 Posted by suefairview

10480961_10152234396881976_6375533630232662468_n 10524318_10152237902361976_4184986735671668989_n 10574418_10152235440111976_1251094829379763644_n

David says:

Buying things makes you a better person. Except it doesn’t…but buying this will make you LOOK like a better person! So treat yourself to some citrusy accessories! Neon orange harnesses are the vitamin c of your wardrobe.. Without it you’ll suffer social scurvy!

Raging Stallion Studio’s UNDER MY SKIN Part 1 & 2 previews!

August 15, 2014 Posted by suefairview



Tony Dimarco and Steve Cruz. For these seven studs, the sting of a new tattoo is a thrill that can only be exceeded by a rough and raunchy pounding. Damien Crosse and Nick Cross discover what happens when two inked studs cross swords in a dark alley after dark. Christian Wilde and James Ryder repurpose the tattoo parlor’s chair to satisfy their sexual urges. Nick Cross, no stranger to the pain of the tattoo gun, gets pushed to his limits when he takes a ride on Boomer Banks’ massive cock. Trenton Ducati and Seven Dixon engage in animalistic fucking that ends in a blast of cum and sweat. You won’t believe the intensity when ink, muscle, and pheromones fuel the primal sex in ‘Under My Skin’.

See the free XXX preview here!

UnderMySkin1b UnderMySkin1c UnderMySkin1d UnderMySkin1e UnderMySkin1f UnderMySkin1g UnderMySkin1h UnderMySkin1i UnderMySkin1j UnderMySkin1k UnderMySkin1l



The sensation of penetration is indelible: once experienced, it changes the attitude of every man at his core. Relenting control gives way to a release unlike any other, just as enduring the sting of a tattoo machine penetrating beneath the skin yields a lifetime of gratification. In Under My Skin, Part 2, directors Tony Dimarco and Steve Cruz document spontaneous, anonymous, testosterone-drenched sex featuring nine horny studs for whom ink is an irresistible aphrodisiac. Draven Torres, FX Rijos and Derek Parker dive into a three-way fuck that thoroughly drains their balls. Jake Jammer speaks the dirty language of sex, urging bull-balled Ryan Patrix to fuck him harder and deeper. Beefy Damien Crosse and Seven Dixon lure each other with muscle and ink; who will take the bait? Boomer Banks, equipped with a massive ten-inch cock, utilizes a tattoo parlor�s reclining chair to pummel even deeper inside Cam Christouï’s eager hole, stimulating the tender, sensitive places no one else could reach. In these back alleys and tattoo parlors, making the first move is a sign of submission, but the men of Under My Skin, Part 2 seduce each other with offers impossible to refuse.

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Seven-Dixon-Damien-Crosse-Under-My-Skin-2 Trenton-Ducati-Fucks-Seven-DixonUnder-My-Skin-2a Under-My-Skin-2b Under-My-Skin-2c Under-My-Skin-2d Under-My-Skin-2e Under-My-Skin-2f Under-My-Skin-2g Under-My-Skin-2h Under-My-Skin-2i Under-My-Skin-2j

Falcon Studio’s STUNNERS Preview

August 14, 2014 Posted by suefairview



The stunning, jockstrapped studs of ‘Stunners’ are horned up, raring to flip-fuck and eat each other’s loads—mere words cannot do justice to these massive, powerful ejaculations. Director Nick Foxx shows every detail of the rough, connected, high-energy sex between nine stunning studs who don’t hold anything back. Adam Ramzi and Sean Zevran set the scene with a new take on cumswapping and orgasms that will rattle your speakers. Colt Rivers takes Andrew Stark’s lengthy cock deep and hard before eagerly lapping up Andrew’s load. Paul Wagner and Billy Santoro wrestle for dominance in a rough and raunchy flip fuck that leaves Billy’s face completely drenched by Paul’s incredible, multi-spurt cumshot. Sean Zevran and Josh Conners trade, spit, strokes, and cum in a passionate, steamy fuck session. Hairy Mike De Marko and smooth Nikko Russo prove that opposites do attract with a wet, sloppy pounding that ends with two massive loads. The irrepressible urge to fuck and be fucked fuels the thrilling, high-energy connections in ‘Stunners.’

See the free XXX preview here.

Colt-Rivers-Andrew-Stark-Stunners-1 Colt-Rivers-Andrew-Stark-Stunners-2 Colt-Rivers-Andrew-Stark-Stunners-3 Nikko-Russo-Mike-DeMarko-Stunner-1 Nikko-Russo-Mike-DeMarko-Stunner-2 Paul-Wagner-Billy-Santoro-Stunners-1 Paul-Wagner-Billy-Santoro-Stunners-2 Sean-Zevran-Adam-Ramzi-Fuck-1 Sean-Zevran-Adam-Ramzi-Fuck-4 Sean-Zevran-Fucks-Josh-Conners-Stunners Sean-Zevran-Josh-Conners-Stunners-1 Sean-Zevran-Josh-Conners-Stunners-2